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UK Trip

April 20 - 27, 2024
London - edinburgh

Hello UK Group, 

This is the page for your trip to the UK in April.  A place where you can find all the details and information you need for your trip. 


Note: As we continue to define the itinerary, I will add all details for you here. 

Please take a look and let me know if you have any questions.



EDINBURGH (April 20 - 22)

April 20, Saturday

  • Multiple - Arrivals in London

    ​Robert (Bob) Scott​, Melanie Pettus-Scott, Brett Traver, Christin Feldmann

    • 08:35 AM at LGW - AA 7014 (5 People) 

      • Lindsay Nash, Eric Miller, Kymberlee Russell, Tahai Diez, Michael Lloyd

    • 12:15 PM at LHR - DL5921 (4 People)

  • Travel to Edinburgh

    • Gatwick Group

      • From Gatwick Airport to King's Cross Station

        • 10:02 AM - Take local Southern train to London Victoria Station.

          • At London Victoria, switch to London Underground to King's Cross Station

        • 11:02 AM - Arrive at King's Cross Station​​

        • TICKETS: Collect your tickets from ticket machine at airport. You will need both your collection reference T9977GR6 and any credit or debit card with a magnetic strip.

          • This is a flexible Group ticket fare from the airport to London Zones 1-6. The group must travel together. 

          • If you arrive earlier or later than 10:02 AM you may take the next train.  No Restriction.  

      • From King's Cross Station to Edinburgh (UPDATED)

      • (Due to strikes, initial train was cancelled. These are new time/tickets). 
        • 12:18 PM - Take lumo Regional train to Edinburgh.  

        • TICKETS: Access your tickets here. Show themm when boarding. You can download if desired. Booking Reference:  24SP8MP8TV

        • These are Anytime Day tickets, which means you can take any other lumo trains that day.  Due to the strikes, there are less options, but you could take earlier or later trains.  See Schedules here.

      • Arrival in Edinburg

        • 4:42 PM - Scheduled arrival in Edinburgh.  Driver will be waiting outside with a sign.  They will wait for 15min after train arrival.

          • They have Lindsay's name and number for contact. 

          • Provider/Driver: Paul Kille with Silver Circle (+44 7525052360)​​​

    • LHR Group (Brett/Christin)

      • From LHR to King's Cross Station

        • You will also need to make your way to King's Cross Station, but you have the chance to do it via the Tube! London's famous underground.

        • After getting your luggage and going through customs, follow signs to the underground (the Tube), and proceed to take the Piccadilly Line. This line has multiple trains into the city each hour.   

        • Use your Oyster card to purchase tickets and ride the line to King's Cross (zone 1). ​

      • From King's Cross Station to Edinburgh (UPDATED)

      • (Due to strikes, initial train was cancelled. These are the new time/tickets)

        • 4:00 PM - Take LNER Regional train to Edinburgh.  

        • TICKETSAccess your tickets here. Show them when boarding. You can download if desired. Booking Reference: BR148738

          • These are semi-flexible tickets for 70 minutes. Which usually means you can take other LNER trains between 2:50 PM and 5:10 PM, but expect fewer choices this day.  If you need to make a change, go to this site to choose the new train.  This needs to be done before boarding train.

      • Arrival in Edinburg

        • 8:24 PM - Scheduled arrival in Edinburgh.  Driver will be waiting outside with a sign.  They will wait for 15min after train arrival.

          • ​They have Brett’s name and number for contact. 

          • Provider: MiniCabit (+441322251351)

      • Accommodation Check in. 

        • See Accommodation Information here​

        • Check in is after 4PM

​April 21, Sunday

  • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM - Walk of Edinburgh - 6 People

    • ​Original, hysterical and historical walking tour of Old Town. Led by a local, professional, stand-up comedian. Tour is 16+. Aim is to make you laugh while learning about Scotland and its incredible capital.

    • Meeting Point is Monkey Barrel Comedy Club (Here). This is about a 20min walk or 10min car ride.  Please plan accordingly.   

    • Your host will be Daniel (+44 7835567558)

  • 8:20 PM to 10:00 PM - Whiskey Tour - 7 People

    • Introduction to history, process, and tasting.  Takes place in a unique underground historical space in the heart of the Old Town of Edinburgh. Exclusive access, 4 whisky tastings from the major whisky producing regions. You would also hear anecdotes and facts about whiskey and its importance in the country.

    • Meeting Point is CoDE Pod Hostel - The Court (Here). This is about a 25min walk or 10min car ride.  Please plan accordingly.   

    • Your host will be James (+44 1315109380)

    • Note: If there are experienced whisky drinkers who want to try some rarer and more unusual whiskies, they do have an intermediate and high end option - just let them know upon arrival and they'll explain options.  

April 22, Monday

  • Free Morning

    • 11:00 AM - Check out from Apartment

      • You cannot leave your luggage at the apartment; I recommend heading to the station and leaving your bags there. They have "luggage drops". Cost would be around 6 pounds for 3 hours and up.  

    • 2:30 PM - Departures, Train to London ​

      • From Edinburgh Train Station to London's King's Cross Station​​

    • 2:30 PM - Take LNER Regional train to London

      • TICKETSAccess your tickets here. Show them when boarding. You can download if desired. Booking Reference: 24SL0S76ER

        • These are fixed flexible tickets.  No replacement. Please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before departure time. 

        • This is a 5-10 min drive from the apartment, or 20min walk

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LONDON (April 22 - 27)

April 22, Monday

  • 6:48 PM - Arrivals from Edinburgh at King's Cross Station

    • Transfer for the group to accommodation from the station

    • Driver will be waiting outside with a sign at 6:55 PM.  They will wait for 20min

      • They have Lindsay's name and number for contact. 

      • Your driver is Frank Martin (phone number: +442033718981)

      • If needed, Provider is Transfeero (+44 20 4586 9665). 

  • 7:00 PM - Check in to Apartment. See details here (here) 

  • 9:00 PM - Dinner reservation at Dishoom Shoreditch 

    • Location:​ 7 Boundary St, London E2 7JE (Here

    • Phone Number:  +442074209324

    • They will hold the table for 15 minutes.  The restaurant is a 20-30 min drive from the apartment, or 30 min on ​Public Transportation. Plan accordingly.

April 23, Tuesday

  • 10:00 AM  - River Cruise Hop On Hop Off  (24 Hr Pass)  - 9 People

    • City Cruises: 4 Piers (Boarding points) passing by at least 17 landmarks.

      • Please see timetables here

      • They start at 10am, every 40 min (for the most part)

      • Last rides are between 5-6pm, depending on the pier. 

      • Let me know if you would like to start at a different time.  

    • Start your journey at Westminster Pier (here) which is close to Big Ben. You can catch subway from Mornington Crescent Station to  Embankment Station (12 min) and then walk 10 min. 

    • These are your tickets for River Cruise. 

  • 12:00 PM - Tower of London and Crown Jewels - 7 People

    • You can get off at Tower Millennium Pier and walk to Tower of London, Main Entrance Gate.

    • These are your tickets for The Tower of London 

    • Once finished at the tower, remember you can continue to get on the River Cruise if desired, until the last scheduled ride that day. 

April 24, Wednesday

  • Nothing scheduled.  Let me know if you have something else booked, and we can add details here if desired.  

  • To those who are considering visit Costwolds this day, I found this very complete blog with recommendations and tips to travel there from London.

  • There is a lot of information, but you can find answers to a lot of questions there:​

    • What might be the best way to get there

    • What train and station to use ​

    • How to get around once you get there.

    • What might be the best villages and towns to visit based on your interests.

    • Note: Check out train prices and see if maybe splitting Ubers might be better options for the group 

April 25, Thursday

  • 4:30 PM - Champagne Tea at the Dorchester​ - 9 People

    • Be ready to indulge in this fancy and proper British tradition.  You are invited to attend tea The Promenade , inside The Dorchester

    • Your reservation number is 4HA34P8HU

    • Location: 53 Park Ln, London W1K 1QA (Here)

    • Phone Number: +44 20 7629 8888

    • Attire: Smart casual style at The Dorchester. Please refrain from wearing sportswear or caps

    • They will hold the table for 15 minutes. Please do let them know if you are running behind.  Plan accordingly.  On Car from the apartment is 20 minutes, and on ​Public Transportation is 40 Minutes.

April 26, Friday

  • 7:30 PM - Book Of Mormon

    • Be ready to enjoy one of the most acclaimed and popular broadway shows in history, at the Prince of Wales Theatre

    • Your order number is ARS49811

    • Location: Coventry St, London W1D 6AS, United Kingdom

    • Phone Number: +443444825151

    • Download e-tickets here

    • Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before, 7:15 PM. Plan accordingly.  On Car and Public Transportation from the apartment is about 20 minutes, 

  • For those interested in going to Cambridge on Train, check out these websites for train options:

    • ThamesLink

    • Great Northern

    • Note: These trains will get you to Cambridge central stations. From there, you can take public transportation or Taxis to get to your destination.

April 27, Saturday 

  • Multiple - Departures

    • 08:30 AM - First Group - Flying out of LGW

      • AA 7015 (British Airways) at 12:25 PM

        • Please be ready 10 minutes before. ​

        • Driver: ibrahim Khalif

        • Provider: Home James (+44 1737 371777)​

    • 11:00 AM - Second Group - Flying out of LHR

      • Virgin Air 129 at 2:30 PM

        • Please be ready 10 minutes before. ​

        • Driver: Ibrahim Nuur

        • Provider: APL (+44 7538989360)​

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Accommodation (April 20 - 22):  

  • Townhouse in Center of Edinburgh

  • Location: 6 Hillside Crescent, Edinburgh (Here)

  • Check-in Instructions: 

    • Check in is at 4PM - Check out is at 11AM

    • Access code is 1221 followed by the  ☑️ symbol  on the external keypad.

    • Wifi Code:  time2relax​

    • Additional information you will need will be in little photo frames around the house.

    • Hosts left you a little gift in the fridge.

    • Lights: "Please make sure to hit the switch nearest to the door on your exit" some lights are sensor operated so it is good to turn them off when no one is in the house.  Also, most lights are dimmable.

    • Heating: It is all controlled remotely - Do not touch any of the valves on the radiators - if you are cool there is a boost button behind the door on the wall of the downstairs loo. If this is not enough or you are too warm then please drop us a note  - no troubles.

    • Please reduce noise after 11pm. 

    • This is a non smoking house.

    • All rubbish from the house including recycling goes in the large black bin outside the front door - just to the right.

    • Contacts:

      • ​Jane - 07776200552

      • Gavin - 07776200553

    • "We are having trouble with the quooker tap. If you find this is not working - under the sink you will see a cylinder on top of this there is a button - press this off and on till a red light appears. We are awaiting an engineer. There is also a kettle to plug in - sorry for any convenience

  • 5 Rooms / 5.5 Baths :

    • Room 1: 1 Queen bed​

    • Room 2: 2 single beds

    • Room 3: 1 King bed

    • Room 4: 1 King Bed

    • Room 5: 1 King bed


Accommodation (April 22 - 27): 

  • Townhouse in the heart of Camden

  • Location: 91 Arlington Road London (Here)

  • Check-in Instructions: Closer to the date

    • Check in is at 4PM - Check out is at 10AM ferg

    • Key is in Lock box - Box code is 9124-  (right hand side of the door, bottom lock box). Once you are in, put key back in lock box.

      • There will be two 2 more sets of keys on the hooks in the hallway., to the left as you walk in

    • WIFI Name is VM9350586 and password is Qk6tfjrmdwrq

    • Rubbish: Please put general waste into the black bin liner provided. Please leave CLEAN recycling on the kitchen worktop or in a separate bag next to the bin. Recycling includes glass, paper and plastic.

    • This is a non smoking house.

    • Please reduce noise after 11pm

    • Contacts:

      • Aneel +447723722919 or

      • Katerina+447921249861

  • 5 Rooms / 4 Baths:

    • Room 1: 1 Double Bed 

    • Room 2: 1 Double Bed 

    • Room 3: 1 Double Bed 

    • Room 4: 1 King Bed

    • Room 5: 1 King bed



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  1. Accommodations for 7 nights

    • Edinburgh (Two nights)

    • London (Five nights)

  2. Private Transfers

    • One Transfer for the group of 5 to the apartment in Edinburgh from train station.

    • One transfer for the group of 2 to the apartment in Edinburgh from train station.

    • One transfer for the entire group from London train station to London Apartment

    • Two Transfers for the group to the airport from the apartment in London

  3. Trains

    • Train to Edinburgh for 7 people

      • 5 from LGW

      • 2 from LHR ​

    • Train to London for 9 people 

  4. Experiences in Edinburgh (Two)

    • Walking Tour

    • Whiskey Experience

  5. 4 Experiences in London (Four)

    • London Tower Visit 

    • Hop on/Hop off River Cruise

    • Tea at The Dorchester 

  6. Concierge Services

    • Assistance with logistics, and all reservations as requested.​

    • Trip web-page.


Thank you

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