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​Traveling hosted experiences and Curated trips

Ursula Hosting was founded with one goal in mind: connect people to different cultures and experiences through travel.  Our pop-up travel experiences and curated itineraries take travel beyond the double click of a screen by diving into what makes destinations unique: the people, the culture, the landscape, and the cuisine.


Ursula Hosting is committed to providing an inclusive environment for people from all walks of life to travel beyond their comfort zone to discover new cultures, new experiences and new versions of themselves. It is not about escaping, it is about experiencing.


We scout for locations that offer unique and exciting experiences, find beautiful and well located places where to stay, and curate activities our guests can truly enjoy.   



Traveling Hosted Experiences

The Ursula Hosting hosted experiences pop-up in select destinations throughout the year providing travelers from all over the world a safe place to unpack, unwind and discover new cultures.  


Our destinations have included Cartagena, Havana, Buenos Aires, Antigua Guatemala, and Mexico City. 

Our experiences usually include accommodation, local activities, local transportation, concierge services, breakfast, cocktail hours, and more. 


Curated Trips

Ursula Hosting also curates custom experience-driven itineraries upon request in any destination. These trips celebrate the best of the local culture including food, local artisans, culture, entertainment, adventure experience and more.  From where to stay to what to do, we would tailor the perfect trip for you based on your style and interests. 



Experience a unique hosting approach, explore exciting destinations, and join us as we travel the world and build a new traveling community.

Check our destinations , tell us when and how you would like to travel 

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Travel While Making Friends
Our hosted traveling experiences are the perfect way to explore the world and meet others who share your passion for traveling.
Destination Celebrations!
If you have a reason to celebrate, we will make sure you get the trip to go with it! We can curate the trip you want, when you want it.
Lake Surrounded By Volcanos?
All our destinations are fascinating and unique. Full of beauty, history, and fun things to do. We will make sure you enjoy them to max!
Local Experiences
We are always looking for new experiences. Cuban artist, Tony, hosted us for breakfast at his lovely house in Havana.
Best Local Cocktails
Our hosts find the best spots in town. We know our destinations. Ask Matt how good that piña colada was.
Do What You Want
Lauren wanted a beautiful beach, with all the amenities, at a low price, away from the masses. We knew just the right place. She seemed happy!
Nelson & Nestor (Hosts)
Our hosts explore destinations, learn about their culture, and prepare everything to welcome our guests or curate the perfect trip for those who rather travel on their own.
Magical Moments
Our biggest objective. Being able to offer our guests unforgettable moments in magical places.
Everyone is Welcome
Bring your friends, lover, or come by yourself; travel with your BFFs or with your family. We have a trips for everyone, and can curate one specific for you.
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