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Havana, Cuba, is a city with history and reality like no where else in the world. Known once as the pearl of the Spanish Kingdom, Havana offers a chance to appreciate beauty and life in a very unique way.


This city has a lively art and night scenes, rich history, beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, music everywhere, and some of the happiest people we have met.  Prepare yourself to learn about their history, move those hips, relax, ride classic convertible cars, and most importantly, exceed expectations.  

Let us curate you a package that suits your travel style or come explore it during one of our hosted experiences.  Our packages are personalized and could include private guides, accommodation, activities, transfers, and our unique hosting and concierge services. All you need to do is pack. 

Some of the experiences include, but are not limited to city tours, history tours, art and educational experiences, beach days, day trips to places like Varadero and Viñales, tobacco experiences, lunch with local family, cooking and dancing classes, nightlife, shows, classic car tours, and much more. (See a short Reel about our travels to Cuba Here)

For accommodations, we have options based on budget and travel style and could be from boutique hotels to private apartments. You choose!


When can I travel?  You tell us when, how, and with who you would like to travel and we will curate the perfect plan for you. We will coordinate all details and provide you with all the information you need. Our guides and hosts are ready to welcome you. 

Note for American citizens and residents: Travel to Cuba is legal under specific regulations (licenses).  We make sure our clients meet all requirements and we provide all the necessary documentation.

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