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Havana, Cuba, is a city with history and reality like nowhere else in the world. Known once as the pearl of the Spanish Kingdom, Havana offers us a chance to appreciate beauty and life in a very unique way.


This city has lively art and night scenes, rich history, beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, music everywhere, and some of the happiest people we have met.  Prepare yourself to learn history, move those hips, relax, ride convertible cars, and most importantly, exceed expectations.  


Come explore it during our next pop-up hosted experience, or let us prepare you a package that suits your style. Our experiences include accommodation, activities, and our unique hosting and concierge services

Note: Travel to Cuba is authorized for American citizens under specific regulations. Ursula Hosting's experience meets these regulations under the Education - People to People Exchange Category. Read our FAQ below for additional information:


Frequently Asked Questions



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