Things to Consider Before you Travel

Updated: May 27, 2020

You have already made the decision to travel and picked a place to visit. You are either contacting us to plan your trip or you are making your own travel arrangements. You are ready to purchase flights... well let me highlight some important FYI's you should know before purchasing any tickets:

1. U.S. State Department still has a level 4 #Advisory on travel: Do Not Travel. This means US Citizens are asked to return and avoid traveling abroad at this moment because services to US citizens abroad are limited and not guaranteed at this moment. Please read more about this on the US State Department page.

2. There are multiple U.S. #embassies and consulates with limited services to U.S. citizens abroad, as many diplomatic and consular personnel have left their posts. Please contact the embassy in the country you want to visit and confirm what you can expect and not expect from them in an emergency situation.

3. Travelers face health screenings in most international airports and many countries are demanding 14-day #quarantine upon arrival. This is in addition to only allow legal residents to enter right now. Please confirm guidelines and restrictions before planning to visit any international destination right now.

4. American citizens and lawful permanent residents returning to the U.S. from "high-risk areas" will be redirected to one of 13 approved airports first. These travelers should expect "enhanced airport #screening," according to the U.S. State Department. Make sure to visit their page for the latest information on this proclamation that has been in effect since March.