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I Am Ready to Travel, Are They? Part II

When can we travel again? What destinations are welcoming visitors? Is it safe to travel?

Check out Part I here

-- Things are constantly changing. Let us know if you have news, corrections, or updates to share. Help us stay up to date.

I am ready to share a second update on destinations I have been following and travel overall. Many of you were interested in my last post on this topic. I hope this one is just as helpful

In summary, many places are about to open for tourism as I announced last time, few others have provided additional updates, airlines are starting to offer more options for flights, but still most destinations will remain out of reach for the majority of international travelers this summer, until further notice.

For US and most international travelers, the Caribbean and Mexico are the most welcoming destinations. Europe is about to reopen for European travelers and citizens, but not really for foreign travelers, with a few exceptions.

Greece is one of the first opening international borders.

I am happy to share the following updates, but still highlighting the importance of being responsible, informed, open minded, and respectful of local laws when traveling.

Please continue to check local embassies pages for updates before making any travel decisions.

Some trends and tips worth sharing:

  • #COVID testing results and certificates are becoming a popular travel requirement. In most cases, less than 4-day old negative results are required, but testing at airports is also offered as a back up if results are not available. Please check official countries' travel pages for specific details.

  • Domestic travel will have the best summer! Road trips, camping, mountain cabins, and beaches are in high demand. Therefore, expect fewer options than normal for this time of the year, and not a lot of deals on house and car rentals.

  • More planning and less spontaneous travel. There are just too many things to consider and fewer options. Plan in advance.

  • Ask providers about their safety measures. Some airlines, like United are not enforcing distancing; most hotels are required to follow strict guidelines in order to sell rooms again: expect things like limited rooms services, more self service expectations, social distancing in lounging areas like pools, etc. These should be posted on their websites. Find out in advance. Don't let them surprise you.

  • Ask for flexible cancellation policies. Providers are offering better deals and flexibility when booking. The option to cancel or reschedule without fees should be on every traveler's top priorities.

  • Interactive maps are becoming available to show travel updates. Nevertheless, be aware of the last time information was updated as countries are updating deadlines and guidelines constantly. These tools are not updated daily, and there are many countries to track! This is a popular one right now by IATA

Ursula Hosting Destinations

#Colombia borders are scheduled to reopen in July, but specific #travelguidelines are yet to be announced. This and the fact that domestic travel is not yet restored makes us expect a later opening.

#Cuba has confirmed tourism will reopen late August. Most US airlines opened up bookings to Havana based on this schedule, and Cuban government is closely working with hospitality providers to guarantee health and safety Standards.

Cuba has been a good sample in the region for tracing and testing, which motivates us about travel possibilities in a near future.

#Mexico has embraced reopening more than its neighbors, and is already welcoming tourists. Although it is following a multi-phase approach to full capacity in restaurants, hotels, and attractions, tourists can expect a full experience.

Areas like Quintana Roo (Cancun, Tulum) have focused on meeting new global standards for health and safety. Nevertheless, Mexico's COVID numbers and reporting continue to be of concern.

#Argentina has a ban on all internal and international commercial flights until September. No new announcements have been made since last blog.

#Guatemala continues closed for travel but the government has announced reopening in the fall. Specifics are yet to be announced.

Other hot destinations to look into are Costa Rica and Chile which are expected to ease restrictions soon, and Caribbean countries. This region has some of the lowest numbers of reported cases and is one of the first ones opening international borders.

Other Destinations - Europe - Ban on #nonessential travel across the European Union by Europeans is sill in effect until June 15, 2020, with the exception of Italy which already started to welcome European tourists, and Spain which says on the contrary that it will not accept visitors until July 1st. Travel for Foreign nationals (Non-European citizens or residents) will start soon in certain countries as I shared in Part I, but additional updates have been announced since then, with more updates expected soon from some of the main destinations. Some to highlight are:

  • #Germany has announced travel restrictions for travelers outside of the EU through the end of August.

  • The #UK. #Ireland and #Portugal are the only countries welcoming flights from the US at this moment. But Ireland and the UK have a strong 14 day quarantine upon arrival in place, and Portugal is only welcoming travelers with EU passports.

This summer will be a different one. Governments, service providers, and travelers around the globe will be testing their risk levels and hoping for the best. Let's make sure we all have a great season while being safe, smart, and optimistic!

NOTE: Travel guidelines and policies continue to changing fast. For accurate and the latest information check out official travel and embassies sites, as well as the CDC and US Department of State Travel site

Check out my blogs about air travel and other things to consider before traveling during these COVID times.

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