I Am Ready to Travel, Are They? Part II

When can we travel again? What destinations are welcoming visitors? Is it safe to travel?

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I am ready to share a second update on destinations I have been following and travel overall. Many of you were interested in my last post on this topic. I hope this one is just as helpful

In summary, many places are about to open for tourism as I announced last time, few others have provided additional updates, airlines are starting to offer more options for flights, but still most destinations will remain out of reach for the majority of international travelers this summer, until further notice.

For US and most international travelers, the Caribbean and Mexico are the most welcoming destinations. Europe is about to reopen for European travelers and citizens, but not really for foreign travelers, with a few exceptions.

Greece is one of the first opening international borders.

I am happy to share the following updates, but still highlighting the importance of being responsible, informed, op