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Family trip in Cuba
(jun 22 - Jul 06, 2024)  


This is your itinerary for your trip to Cuba.  Here, you can find all the information you will need while visiting the pearl of the Caribbean.  Please take a look and let me know if you have any questions.  


Thank you for working with us to coordinate your trip to Cuba.  The impact your trip will have on those involved in your trip is the support they need as they try to be more independent and build a new Cuba. 

  1. Accommodation and Cities to be visited

  2. Itinerary

  3. Additional information


In summary, our package includes all of the following: 


  • 14 nights with accommodations in Cuba

    • 5 nights in Havana

    • 4 nights in Varadero

    • 5 nights in Trinidad

  • Private Transfers

    • La Habana Airport to Apartment

    • La Habana to Varadero

    • Varadero to Trinidad

    • Trinidad to Santa Clara airport

  • Guided Tours and Activities

    • 3 Guided City Tours in Havana

      • (Visits landmarks, Hotel Nacional, art galleries, museums, music venues, plazas, different parts of the city, etc.

    • Private viewing of dancing company

      • With transportation included

    • Lunch with local family

      • With transportation included

    • Sunset ride on convertible car ride

    • Guided walk through colonial Trinidad

    • Local country experience in Trinidad

      • Check out farms, waterfalls, etc.

  • Concierge Services

    • Personalized concierge services from now and throughout the trip. We know the city and can recommend and help with reservations at restaurants, shows, additional activities, and setting up transportation as desired. 

    • Webpage with all details you need.

    • Documentation to support/meet US travel requirements. 

    • Reservations for dinners as requested/suggested.

    • Meeting Cuban people who will be supported by your visit. Independent providers and entrepreneurs who work with within the community to provide services and assistance.  

    • Assistance exchanging money at the best rate possible.

Not Included:

  • Taxis and additional transportation for evenings if not listed in the plan. 

  • Meals, except for those mentioned in the plan.

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  • Private Apartment in Old Havana

    • Address: Avenida Bélgica # 471 e/ Teniente Rey y Muralla (Here)

    • Contact: Isabel or Adnan

    • Phone Number: +53 52919875

    • Two bedrooms - Two baths

    • Breakfast can be requested for an additional cost  

  • Beach House in Varadero 

    • Address: Avenida Playa, número 4303, Havana (Here)

    • Contact: Angelica

    • Phone Number: +53 5 2773807

    • Three bedrooms - Three baths

    • Breakfast can be requested for an additional cost. 

  • House in Old Town in Trinidad

    • Address: Calle Santa Ana #579, Trinidad (Here)

    • Contact: Pancho or Yasmina

    • Phone Number: +34 641502491

    • Two bedrooms - Two baths

    • Breakfast can be requested for an additional cost 

      • ​$6 for adults, and $3 for the girls 

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Havana (See photos here) 

  • Capital and larges city.  A lot of parks, museum, and main landmarks. Including the famous Old Havana (colonial area), Revolution Museum, Malecon, Hotel Nacional, and many more.

  • There are also a lot of restaurants, bars, and cafes, art galleries, and music venues and cabarets. 


Varadero (See photos here) 

  • Known for its breathtaking beaches, Varadero has been popular for decades.  Laid back, but vibrant. This peninsula has a lot of natural beauty to offer    

Trinidad (See photos here)

  • Trinidad is known for its colonial old town and cobblestone streets.

  • Its neo-baroque main square, Plaza Mayor, is surrounded by grand colonial buildings.

  • Museo Romántico, in the restored Palacio Brunet mansion, and Museo de Arquitectura Colonial display relics from the town’s sugar-producing era

​Confirmed Itinerary

June 22nd, Saturday

  • 3:15 PM - Pick up in La Habana Airport.  

    • Driver and guide will meet you at arrivals. He will have a sign with your name on it. 

    • They will welcome you and take you to your accommodations.  Your guide will offer you tips, and will help with whatever you need.

    • Guide's contact information will be added before the trip. 

  • 4:30 PM -  Expected arrival to your accommodation.    ​

  • Once you are settled in, or guide will give you a short tour of the area, show you around, and help you familiarize with the area.  

    • Feel free to ask them any questions you might have. ​

    • The house host will also be available for questions, show you where the closest markets, are, etc.  

  • Dinners in Havana - we can work together to make reservations as desired for this and all nights. We can do it in advance (recommended), but also as needed once you are there, working with your guide.   

June 23rd, Sunday

  • Free Day

  • 7:00 PM - Sunset Ride on a convertible classic American car. Be ready for a ride to never forget. You will be taken around the city to see its beauty. We would like to end the ride at a nice restaurant called La Guarida.  Let me know if this is ok with you. 

    • You can catch a taxi from the restaurant back home. Door man can help.   


June 24th, Monday

  • 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM - City tour - Tailored to you. We could show you more of old town, or different parts of the city, take you to a queer artist studio, and maybe stop at the Hotel Nacional for a drink. 

  • In this day, we will do the School Company experience. Come see a dance company as they practice. This experience is very special, and I think the girls would love it

    • You can make stops along the way for lunch, refreshments, etc. ​

June 25th, Tuesday

  • Free Day - Explore Old town more on your own. A lot to see and explore in the area.  

June 26, Wednesday

  • 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM - City Tour - Let's continue to explore the city. Take you to see other parts, including Fusterlandia, which is a great art installation with social impact.   

  • In Between we will also take you to Baracoa Fishing Village, where you will have an amazing lunch with local family - Best meal you will have! They are the parents of a friend, and love to host visitors.  A great experience. Family oriented ;) 

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June 27, Thursday

  • Free morning - Explore more on your own

  • Noon - Travel to Varadero (2.5 hrs) - Check in.  Driver will be waiting for you outside. Please be ready. 

    • Contact information will be available some days before the trip. ​

  • Check in to house in Varadero

  • Free Afternoon. Relax and enjoy the beach! 

June 28 - 30, Friday to Sunday

  • Free Time. Relax and enjoy the beach! 

  • Private Boat Experience - Two Options

    • First option are the small catamarans that will be right outside the house, on the beach. As mentioned, cost might be around 40-50 USD.

    • The other option are a private boat from the marina. I heard back from them and their option is: private sail, with swim stops long corals, as well as swim with dolphins.  Drinks and snacks included onboard, as well as lunch on one of the beaches you will visit.   All that is included for $830 USD. 

      • We can negotiate cheaper rate if paid in cash at the Marina​

      • The house hostess can help arrange transportation to and from the marina.  

July 1, Monday

  • 10:00 AM - Travel to Trinidad (4 hrs)  This is a longer drive.  We can make stops for lunch and drive through another town on the way there to make the ride easier on everyone.

  • Check-in to house in Trinidad.

  • Free afternoon to relax and enjoy Trinidad 

July 2, Tuesday

  • 09:30 AM Walking tour - Best way to get to know the area, the culture, history, landmarks. Be ready to have a lovely and very educational walk in Trinidad. 

    • Your guide will be Betty Leidy (+ 53 54911803). She is an experienced guide. An independent entrepreneur who loves to show her beautiful hometown to visitors. She also loves dancing any kind of music, but salsa is her passion. She also enjoyes outdoor activities and the beach.  She can be a great adviser for additional activities you might want to do while in Trinidad.  

July 3, Wednesday

  • Free Day - Perhaps check out the local beach. 

July 4, Thursday

  • 09:30 AM Local country experience in TrinidadCheck out the  farm live style, waterfalls, and more.

    • Guide information will be available before the trip.​

July 5, Friday

  • Free Day - One last day to take in the beauty oof Cuba, do last minute shopping, and pack. 

July 6, Saturday

  • 10:30 AM - Departures. Your private transfer will be ready to take you to Santa Clara to catch your 2:40 PM flight with American Airlines (2724)

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Additional Information

  • "Visa" or Travel Card: You will need to pay for the "Cuba Travel Card" at the airport. Please check with your airline as they are responsible for that.  They usually sell them on a counter next to the check-in counter. 

  • Online Form: You are required to fill this form before checking into your flight.  This is a Cuban government requirement.  You will get a QR code via email afterwards, which you are required to show upon entering Cuba. 

  • Money ExchangeYour guide will assist with money exchange as needed, as well as guidance on how to connect to the network  in Cuba.

  • Money: 

    • We recommend you to budget about $150 USD per day.  This should be enough for meals, drinks. and tips.

    • Please bring cash as US debit or credit cards don't work in Cuba.

    • Sometimes vendors and providers will accept dollars, and might giving better exchange rates than banks and ATMs.  In some cases the difference is 1 Euro/USD = 120 pesos (Official rate) vs 180 pesos (Rate offered by vendors/service providers)

    • We are currently recommending not to exchange all of your cash up front, as more and more restaurants are now accepting USD/Euros as payment.  Nevertheless, It is good to have some exchange to use at stores and vendors.

    • Please work with your guides to exchange money as needed.  Do not exchange at the airport or ATMs. Work with your guide. 

  • Network Connectivity:

    • You can't download apps once in Cuba. Make sure you download all the apps you need (i.e. Whatsapp, La Nave, VPN)  in advance. 

      • La Nave is like the Uber of Cuba. Although the guide will help with this, it would be helpful to download, just in case.  

      • Google Maps file on Havana, Varadero, and Trinidad are also a good download to have prior to the trip. ​That way you can access them while offline.

    • You can purchase a SIM card for your phone to access the Cuban ​network.  The guide can help with this.  Note: iPhones do not work for this.

    • You should have access to wifi at hotels and some accommodations.

    • Keep also in mind American banks don't let you access their apps while in Cuba. Do all your bank arrangements accordingly.

  • Tips, meals, and the meal of your guide (should you choose to invite them to join you) are not included in the cost.  

  • Schedule: Please confirm with the guides times for dinner and activities in advance throughout the week.  Sometimes schedules have to change.   


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Please let me know if you have any questions. 




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