​Ursula Hosting, 2019

Seven nights in cuba!

Six people - January  

Hello Again Patty 

I am excited to present to you a high-level plan for your 7-night trip to Cuba.  This plan shows options and suggestions for you to consider based on our conversation. 

Please take a look and let me know what you think.  You decide what the final program would look like. We can add, and change things until you are satisfied, and as long as we are able to meet the government's requirements  


Again, thank you for the opportunity to present to you what traveling with Ursula Hosting could be like. 

Let me know if you have any questions or comments


In summary, our package would include all of the following: 


  • 7 night accommodations in Cuba​ for 6 people

    • 4 nights in Havana​

    • 3 nights in Viñales/Pinar del Rio

  • Airport pick up and drop off in Havana

    • Up to 3 roundtrip services​

  • A total of 6 activities and experiences

    • Havana

      • Walking Tour of Old Town

      • Dinner with locals/cooking class

      • Cruise the city in a convertible

    • Viñales/Pinar del Rio

      • Health Care System Experience

      • Tobacco Experience​

  • Roundtrip transportation to Viñales/Pinar del Rio from Havana

  • Breakfast in all locations

    • breakfast would be served in guest houses (Bed & Breakfasts)​

  • Personalized concierge services from now and throughout the trip. We know the city and can recommend and help with reservations at restaurants, shows, additional activities, and setting up transportation as desired. 

  • Your own local host. Someone who you can contact and access locally to help you and guide you as needed. He will welcome you and go over the plan when you arrive, and will also be available to assist during the duration of your trip.

  • Assistance exchanging money at the best rate possible when you land.

  • All required paperwork to meet US restrictions on travel to Cuba

    • We prepare documentation with the explanation of how your trip meets the requirements of the Support for the Cuban People category of the General License. ​

    • We will ask you to use these documents to annotate additional information about your trip. 

  • A cell phone you can use to contact our local agent whenever is needed. We include $20 CUC credit (About $22.5 USD) 

  • We also provide you with 2 hours of WiFi access for each guest (cards) 


  • I am recommending entire small guesthouses or BnB's for your accommodation. These places are good options to experience the warmth of the Cuban people, obtain good service, and accommodations for a good price.   

    • I always offer options centrally located, with high ratings, and with all the amenities necessary to have a very comfortable stay (AC, Hot Water, cleaning service, breakfast, etc.)

    • Private room with private bathroom.

    • I am including photos of some of the ones I usually work with. Once we have confirmed dates I will confirm availability and show you actual options. 

    • NOTE: We can also look into just private rooms if you prefer instead of entire private houses.  The options I am looking into could accommodate more guests if the group is larger than 6 (Maybe 8 to 10).  Price would just increase to reflect cost of activities for additional people. 


Havana (See photos here) 

  • Capital and larges city.  A lot of parks, museum, and main landmarks. Including the famous Old Havana (colonial area), Revolution Museum, Malecon, Hotel Nacional, and many more.

  • There are also a lot of restaurants, bars, and cafes, art galleries, and music venues and cabarets. 


 Viñales/Pinar Del Rio Area (See photos here) 

  • This is a Unesco Site. Small country town 4 hours from Havana.  Known for its natural beauty, breathtaking views, valleys, caves, farming landscape, and outdoor layback atmosphere.   

  • It is smaller than Havana, but has a cute small town center, with a good amount of restaurants, cafes, music venues, and outdoor activities.  Tobacco fields are popular in the area.  

  • This city has become more popular in the last years, and it is perfect example of small entrepreneurship in Cuba.

​Possible Itinerary


I am including a mix of activities that will allow you to experience the beauty, the history, culture, traditions, flavors, music, and the people of Cuba. In addition,  I am including the new experience around the health care system in the country as requested.  I hope you like it:

Day One - Night One

  • Airport Pick up​ -

    • Upon arrival our host will help with check-in, provide all necessary instructions, and help get you situated.

  • Early Afternoon - Once Upon the Time - Our old town experience.  Walk the streets of Old Habana with one of our favorite guides. Learn about history, best places to explore, visit the main plazas and site, and much more.  Route can be influenced by any particular requests you might have.

  • Lunch/ Dinner - We will recommend and make reservations in good restaurants for you. Also, recommend places where you can go for a drink and live music.

Day Two 

  • Morning - Revolution Museum - Meet our guide for a very educational tour. Listen to the revolution story as Cubans are told, ask questions, and feel free to have a discussion about this hot topic with our guide.  In addition, the museum is one of the prettiest buildings in Havana, the old presidential palace.

  • Lunch/ Dinner - We will recommend and make reservations in a nice restaurant for you. Also, recommend places where you can go for a drink and live music after. 

Day Three

  • Afternoon - Cooking Class / Dinner with locals  - Spend few hours with local women who love to meet and host visitors. Enjoy chatting, getting to know each other and while learning some delicious recipes, sipping some drinks, and eating delicious food!

  • Lunch - We will recommend and make reservations in a nice restaurant for you. Also, recommend places where you can go for a drink and live music that night

Day Four 

  • Afternoon - Classic Riding - Enjoy the beauty of Habana onboard a beautiful convertible American Classic car. This is experience is led by our favorite and most wanted guide. He knows about history and fun facts.  He will take you to multiple points of interest and some of his favorites spots too. Route will include Chinese neighborhood, Colon Cemetery, Miramar, Vedado, John Lennon Park, and more.  

  • Lunch/ Dinner - We will recommend and make reservations in a nice restaurant for you. Also, recommend places where you can go for a drink and live music after. 

Day Five

  • Early afternoon Drive to Viñales/Pinar  - Depart for your 2 hour drive on a private car. You can decide the time and also any additional stops you might  want to do. 

  • Get to Viñales/Pinar and settle in. Enjoy the evening walking the town and grabbing dinner. 


Day Six

  • HealthCare System Experience - Visit one of the small and family run medical centers in the  area. Learned from the doctors about the day to day operations, how things work, and about their limitations and uniqueness.  

  • Free evening to explore on your own the town.  There is a lot happening and your hosts will make sure you have an enjoyable time.

Day Seven - Night Seven 

  • Country Living - Walking tour to a Tobacco farm, where you can learn about the process of growing, and producing tobacco (Drying, rolling). enjoy lunch on us and relax getting to know the country life style in Cuba.  

    • We can also make this one a horseback riding experience.  You can see more of the area. 

  • Free afternoon to explore on your own the town. 

Day Eight 

  • Departure to Havana Airport - We will determine the time of departure based on your flight schedule. 

Some Additional Options for Activities.

You could change the ones I am recommending for these, or add them as additional activity.

Some of these require additional cost (e.g. Day trips)

  • Day trips

    • to Varadero - Beautiful and famous beach resort town (2 hour drive)

    • to Soroa - Terrazas - Eco tourism, Hiking, waterfalls. 

    • Bahia de Cochinos (Pig Bay) - important historic sites (failed CIA(US) invasion site), beach. 

  • Beach day - transportation to a beautiful beach just 45 min away from the city. There, you could relax, order lunch and drinks.

  • Tropicana Cabaret Show or Parisian Cabaret Show - Famous Cuban Shows. Think old Vegas, but Cuban style. 

  • Dance Classes - Classes with locals

    • We can also plan a night out dancing salsa as an additional activity. ​

  • Hemingway Tour - Visit places where the famous author lived, hung out, and got inspired.

  • Art Day - Visit community art projects, and private galleries and studios of new and hot artists.

  • Castle/fortress tour - Explore one of the largest forts in the Americas. Beautiful architecture and amazing views. 

  • Fishing or Scuba diving.

  • Visit to tobacco factory or rum distillery.

  • We can combine, edit, and create other experiences if you have other interests/desires in mind.  


  • This is itinerary is a recommendation based on your input. We can add or remove activities as desired. We can also coordinate other experiences is you share with us any other specific interests. 

Estimated Cost - Proposal 

  • The estimated cost for the above plan, for 6 people, in a private house is $5099.  

  • If we were to just reserve rooms (3) in guest houses, instead of your own private house, the cost of the plan would be: $4499

  • Please Note:

    • These prices are estimates. Final price can only be confirmed until we have final dates, number of guests and rooms, and confirm availability of places.

    • These prices include a local host. Some who would be available for questions and last minute requests. He would also welcome you and make sure you get settled in. He might accompany you in some of the activities but is not officially part of them, and you would be more independent.  Another option is to have me as a full time host.  As a full time host, I would be with the group the entire time, serve as guide for some activities, and also make sure everything goes smoothly from beginning to end, take you to places, share with you my knowledge an expertise throughout the trip, etc. I love doing this, if schedules allow, and I'd just increase the cost to cover basic expenses.   For this group, the additional cost for me as a full time host would be around $100 per person. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 



Enjoy some photos from previous clients below: