Taste of Oaxaca

(3rd annual Traditional cooks festival)

September 19-22

Unique landscapes, rich traditions, delicious food, fun activities, delicious meals, private transportation.. We are introducing another incredible experience to our clients.  


This one is in beautiful Oaxaca, Mexico. A place known for its uniqueness and magic.  The land of mezcal, exquisite Mexican dishes, history and traditions like no other.

The town is celebrating their 3rd annual Traditional Cooks Festival, and we have teamed up with one of our local partners to promote it by offering the opportunity to be part of it. 

The best part, profits from this event will support local communities and their culture. Nothing like exploring beautiful places and helping local communities too! #feelgoodtravel

This experience includes:


  • Accommodations in boutique hotel in the beautiful old town (3 nights)

  • Cooking classes with professional and  traditional chefs

  • Access to all festival activities 

  • Trips to breathtaking Hierve el Agua and Monte Alban

  • Breakfast and Dinners

  • Private Transportation

  • Flexibility to explore on your own

  • That amazing feeling when exploring new cultures and helping others (priceless)   

The experience costs $1200, or $1000 if reserved within the next two weeks.  

Does it sound like something you want to do? Contact us and let's make it a reality

​Ursula Hosting, 2019