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The lgbt cuban experience

Cuba might be known as not friendly when it comes to the LGBT community, but the truth is that I found more acceptance and equality here than other places. There are actually laws in Cuba that have promoted opportunities to business that cater to LGBT patrons and have a diversity agenda. Here we share some of the most known options for nightlife with some comments based on our own experience.


Things to note:

  • Habana has a late gay night

  • Most gay establishments have a show that starts at 1AM and ends around 2:30 AM. Dancing doesn’t begin until after.

  • Prostitution is a big part of their nightlife. Always ask when you start talking to someone, don’t be afraid. It is better to have an awkward moment at the bar than in the morning ;)

  • You can coordinate taxi with Jaime to get to these places. But you most likely need to negotiate your way back. Don’t over pay. No taxi ride should be more than 15 CUC. Start negotiating at 7 CUC.


Cabaret Las Vegas

Infanta # 104, Between 25 y 27, in Vedado. Tel: (53) 7-870-7939; Open everyday between 10 pm to 4 am

  • This is the house of the drag queen scene (transformismo) in Cuba.

  • There is always a show that begins around 1 AM with drag queens, kasakys (Dancers in heels), singers, and sometimes comedians.

  • A table can be reserved for the show with a bottle of rum and mixers starting at $15.

  • This is perhaps the oldest gay bar in the city. The place might seem a little “sketchy”, but it’s not.  just make sure to be careful with your belongings and who you talk to.

  • Prostitution is very visible in this bar. Almost all, if not all, younger and good looking guys here are for hire.

  • Cover is 3 CUC. Single drinks are around 2 to 3 CUC


Proyecto Divino, at Café Cantante.

This is the basement of Teatro Nacional.

Paseo and  39, in Vedado across Plaza De La Revolucion. Only Saturdays, between 10pm to 6am.


  • This is the largest gay night in Habana.

  • It also has a show that starts around 1 AM and lasts until 2:30AM.

  • A big dance night begins after the show

  • Their show is similar to the one at LAs Vegas, but it is bigger and in some ways better.

  • After the show dancers come to the stage to dance. They are very good looking. It is worth the wait. In addition, everyone starts dancing then

  • Long lines can form, but you can pay a little to the door guy if you don’t want to wait in line

  • Tables can be reserved starting at 45 CUC.  The reservation process is not very organized.

  • Cover is usually 10 CUC for foreigners. This does not count towards a table if you wish to reserve one. Single drinks are around 2 to 3 CUC

  • Prostitution is not as common, but it happens here as well


Café Amor o Carabalí

Calle 23 between M and O, in Vedado. Gay Nights are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Open from 11pm to 5am.

  • Younger crowd

  • The building is not appealing. Facilities are not in the best shape.

  • It’s the only place with two ambiances. The one downstairs caters more to dancing, but it is also the smoking area.

  • They also have a show. 1 to 2:30 AM

  • Cover is between 3 to 5 CUC. Drinks are usually 2CUC.

  • Prostitution is not too common


El bar La Esencia

Between  Línea and Calzada, in Vedado. Open between 10pm and 3am.  Gay night is Monday


  • One of the nicest gay bars in Havana

  • There is more of a mix crowd here

  • It is a little more upscale compared to the previous bars.

  • Just like all the others, there is also a show.


King Bar

Calle 23 between F and E, in Vedado.


  • This is technically not a gay bar, but it very diverse, open minded.

  • Really good cocktails and dancing

  • No show here!!! Woot woot

  • But since it is open to a larger type of crowd, in certain nights they might make people wait to get in, or pretend that you need to have an invitation or be on a guest list.  Which is the down side of the bar


Mi Cayito

  • Beautiful Gay beach. located at the end of the Santa Maria beach strand.

  • It is very laid back but with good service. You can rent a bed and an umbrella. As well as order drinks and food.  Just need to bring your own towel

  • Lunch menu is grilled lobster, shrimp, and fish. As well as chicken sandwiches.  

  • There is always someone who can take you drink and food orders. They keep your tap and you pay at the end.  The guys’ names are Ernesto and Reinaldo. There is always one of them working. Tell them Nelson, the Colombian/American, sent you ;)

  • We can coordinate taxi, round trip, if it’s not already included in your package. Talk to Jaime about it.

  • It mostly gets crowded on weekends after noon.

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