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Crete or sicily

May 2024

Hello friends, 

I have looked into the two final options for your second leg of the trip, and these are the findings I have for you so far. 

I hope this info helps you decide which destination would meet your desires for such special occasion.

Dates used: May 20 - 28, 2024 (8 nights)


Summary of key findings:

  • I looked at luxurious hotels/resorts with ocean front and pools.  

    • Crete has more options for this. More beaches.  Sicily has more hills. Not many beachfront resorts, but their views are impressive. 

    • More affordable 5-Star hotels can be found in Crete than in Sicily. Not many hotels fall under the desired budget, but there are some options. 

    • Let's have in mind resorts in Europe tend to be smaller, a bit more older, less "fuss" than we are used to hear in the US.

    • The larger and more Luxurious options are above desired budget. Starting at around $1000 more.

    • The options that could meet most of the needs (pool, beach, budget) are mostly 4 star hotels.  Still good service, but not "luxurious" per se.

  • Both have flights from Paris.

    • Crete has primarily one airport.  Flights with one stop. About 5.5 hours

    • Sicily has primarily two airports.  Flights with one stop. About 4.5 hours

  • Transportation in Island. I recommend renting a car so you can explore the islands. Different towns, ruins, different beaches, etc.

  • Price Differences

    • A lot of places include breakfast. Some offer all inclusive, or dinner and breakfast. 

    • Sea view increases the price, but I think it is worth it. 

The following estimates include:

  1. Round trip flights with carry ons and one checked bag

  2. 8 nights in a hotel

    • Either 4 stars or 5.  Pool, beachfront or private beach. 

  3. Rental Car for 8 days.

  4. Trip page. A page that will have all of the trip details.  Even those I don' t do for you can be added. 

  5. Activities not included yet. 


  1. Crete = $3,700 (more or less $400)

  2. Sicily = $3,900 (More or less $500)

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