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La habana - Trinidad - VAradero

January 23 - February 3

Good day, 

I would like to present to you a high-level program for your 13-day trip based on the input you have provided.  If you choose to travel with, I will continue to add details and finalize the itinerary until it is 100% complete.  


All these are recommendations and options. You decide what the final program will look like.  Again, thank you for the opportunity to present to you what traveling with Ursula Hosting could be like. 

Let me know if you have any questions.


In summary, our package includes: 


  • 5 night accommodation in Havana 

  • 2 night accommodation in Trinidad 

  • 4 night accommodation in Varadero in an all-inclusive resort

  • Airport pick up and drop off

  • 10 activities in Havana

    • Including Tropicana tickets - First row.

  • 2 activities in Trinidad

  • Day trip and tour in Viñales

  • Transportation to and from all restaurants we make reservations for you

  • Private transportation to Trinidad from Havana

    • with stop and tour in Cienfuegos

  • Private transportation to Varadero from Trinidad

  • Private transportation to Havana International Airport from Varadero

  • Breakfast

  • Wine, rum, and beers for you to enjoy during your stay in Havana

  • All meals and drinks in Varadero as part of the all-inclusive package. 

  • Concierge services before and during your trip. We know the city and can recommend and help with reservations at restaurants, shows, and setting up transportation. 

  • Access to your own local agent. Someone who is there to help you and guide you as needed. He will welcome you and go over your plan when you arrive, and will also be available to assist during the duration of your trip.

  • Assistance exchanging money at the best rate possible.

  • All required paperwork to meet US restrictions on travel to Cuba

  • A cell phone you can use to contact our local agent whenever he is needed. We include $40 CUC credit (About $37 USD) 

  • We also provide you with 5 WiFi cards (one hour each) so you can stay connected when you arrive. 


  • I am recommending a variety of types for accommodations during your stay.  Private apartments, hotels, and BnB's.  These are all  centrally located, and with all the amenities necessary to have a very comfortable stay.  Please take a look 


This is a map of old Havana. I wanted to let you know where the following options are located so you can make a more informed decision. 


Havana - Option Two - Private Apartment - 2 bed/2 bath 

  • Located right in the middle of Old Habana, on Obispo street.  This is above the main pedestrian street in the old town.  If you want to be in the middle of all the action, this is the place.  Very traditional. 

  • It is very cozy, and comfortable, and convenient.  It has one bedroom with a double bed, and a smaller bedroom area with a single bed. Each room with a bathroom. It also has a very cozy balcony. It is located in the third floor.

  • It is Close to multiple attractions, restaurants, and cafes, El Floridita, as well as residential areas where you can see how locals live.   

  • Breakfast is prepared and served everyday in the apartment.  

  • Guests like how convenient it is, the little details in the apartment, and also how attentive the owners are.  Being in the middle of a busy street means it can get a little noisy, but noise is not something guess  complain about.  It is a walk up, no elevator.  Small bathrooms.

Havana - Option Two - Private Apartment - 2 bed/2 bath 

  • Located in the heart of Old Habana, but in a less crowded street. A quieter area of Old Havana than Option One. Still surrounded by the charm and local beauty.  Near plazas and narrow old town streets.  

  • It is very comfortable, and updated.   Two bedrooms, two bath.  One double bed and one single bed.  It's located in the ground level, but it does have some stairs leading to the bedrooms. 

  • Breakfast is prepared and served everyday in the apartment.  

  • Guests like how comfortable and spacious it is. Guests also love how helpful and welcoming the house hosts are, always available to help.  


Trinidad Option oneCasa Particular (BnB) - Private bedroom with two beds and balcony

  • This is a casa particular.  A popular way of accommodations in Cuba.  Home owners have turned their homes or second homes into bed and breakfasts.  Only three rooms in the house. Hostess does not live in the house, only guests, which offers a lot of privacy. 

  • House is in great condition, rooms are very comfortable, and this house also offers WiFi, which as you might know it is not common in Cuba. You still need to use WiFi cards, but you wouldn't need to travel to a hot spot to access the internet. 

  • The house has a rooftop, as well as a open courtyard.

  • Breakfast is prepared and served everyday at the house. 

  • Located a short walk from the center and busiest areas of the town.  Close enough but also far enough to offer quieter nights, and the opportunity to see more how locals live. 

  • This one is one of my favorite and most trusted hosts in Cuba. Guests love the opportunity to interact with other guests (If just one room), how comfortable beds are, as well as how welcome and helpful staff and hostess are.  


All Inclusive Resort - Royalton Hicacos Resort & Spa - Adults Only

  • This one is perhaps the best of the all-inclusive resorts. It is always at the top of the lists. Multiple pools, beach access, many restaurants, bars, spa, etc.

  • Architecture is nice, beaches are beautiful, and the rooms are very comfortable.

  • I am recommending for you the Junior Suite Diamond Club room, which comes with exclusive offers available only for Diamond Club guests. Such as exclusive beach and pool areas, exclusive dinner and cocktails once a week, spa offers, Diamond launch with special services, á la carte meals in one of their restaurants,  etc.  We could look into the next down option suite if desired ($200 difference)  

  • Again, I must highlight that hotels in the Cuba can disappoint.  Decor and facilities might be outdated in some buildings, food quality varies often as well.  Guests do like the style of the hotel, and the service, which again can vary, but it is usually good. 

​Possible Itinerary

This is an example of what your itinerary could look like. Please take a look and let me know what you think. 

Day One - Wednesday, Jan 23rd

  • Airport Pick up​ - 2PM - Please send flight information 

    • On the way to the apartment, our driver will stop at the Revolution Plaza as requested, where you will be able to see the tributes to the three heroes of the Cuban Revolution. 

    • Upon arrival our host will help with check-in, provide all necessary instructions, and help get you situated.

  • 05:00 PM - Pick up to Hotel Nacional - Sunset cocktail. 

  • Dinner - La Guarida.  Perhaps the best restaurant in town. They have a lovely terrace with an amazing view where you could grab a drink before dinner.  The restaurant itself is gorgeous; an old large house in the heard of centro Havana.  

  • After Dinner - Recommend you check out El Sia kara, Piano Bar, for drink and live entertainment. Let your host know if you feel like doing this after dinner, so he arrange transportation.  You could walk home from here or request transportation as well. 

Day Two - Thursday, Jan 24th​​​ 

  • Morning -  Once Upon the Time - Our old town experience.  Walk the streets of Old Habana with one of our favorite guides. Learn about history, best places to explore, visit the main plazas and site, and much more.  Route can be influenced by any particular requests you might have.  This is a great way to see the touristic part and get to know the city from the start.

  • Lunch - Doña Eutimia

  • Afternoon - Art Day (Old Town) - Our guide will meet you right after lunch and take you to El Taller Experimental de Gráfica, and a couple of Art studios in Old Havana.  Ending at La Floridíta for a drink.

  • Dinner - Porto Habana in Vedado

  • After Dinner - La Zorra y El Cuervo for live music and cocktails. 

Day Three - Friday, Jan 25th 

  • Viñales - Breathtaking views, prehistoric sites,  tobacco fields, organic honey farms, and other natural wonders made Viñales not only an UNESCO World Heritage site, but also an example of how Cuba’s history began and how many are trying to carry its present into a better, more progressive future.  Our guide will take you to the main attractions. You will get the chance to tailor the route based on your preferences. 

  • Dinner - Al Carbon 

Day Four - Saturday, Jan 26th

  • Morning - Artsy Route -  We will take you to some of the most popular art projects in the city, like Fusterlandia or Callejon de Hamel, and a couple of artists' studios like the 331 Space. Our local art expert will share a bit about the realities of the local art scene and take you to see some of its best representatives. 

  • Lunch -  Del Frente

  • Afternoon - Hemingway's Route - Guided tour of some of the most famous spots frequented by this lauded author.  Cojimar, Ambos Mundos, his house museum, and or course La Bodeguita Del Medio. 

  • Dinner - Casa Miglis (Centro Havana) 

  • After Dinner - Tropicana - Famous Cabaret. 

Day Five - Sunday, Jan 27th

  • Morning - Classic Riding - Enjoy the beauty of Habana onboard a beautiful convertible American Classic car. This is experience is led by our favorite and most wanted guide. He knows about history and fun facts.  He will take you to multiple points of interest and some of his favorites spots too. Route will include Chinese neighborhood, Colon Cemetery, Miramar, Vedado, John Lennon Park, and more.  

  • Lunch - La Paila Fonda

  • Afternoon - Fortress tour - Let us take you to a tour of the famous Cabaña, one of the largest military fortresses in the Caribbean.  -

  • Dinner - Terra (Miramar)

  • After Dinner -  Check out Fabrica De Arte. Impressive space where art is alive.  Shows, concerts, art exhibits, dance classes, bars, fashion shows, plays, and more.  They change their programming every week.  You can navigate the place and its multiple spaces, as long as you want.  You will be able to call your host and let him know when you would like to be picked up.


Day Six - Monday. Jan 28th 

  • Morning - Departure to Trinidad around 8 AM 

    • First stop, Cienfuegos. One of the largest and most progressive cities in Cuba. Full of history and architecture gems. Our guide will accompany you and show you some of the main sites and attractions in the city. 

    • Lunch will be along the way.

  • Arrival in Trinidad early afternoon - Check in

  • Mid Afternoon - Walking tour of the center of the town. Walk the main streets and plazas with one or our local guides happy to show you her beautiful town. 

  • Dinner - Recommendations by local guide.

Day Seven - Tuesday, Jan 29th 

  • Morning  - We will pick you and continue to show you around beautiful Trinidad. Stops like the ruins of the old sugar mill, and Iznaga Tower. 

  • Lunch - Recommendations by local guide. 

  • Enjoy the rest of the day exploring the town, visiting museums, or shopping. Our local guide will make sure you have all the directions you need.  

Day Eight - Wednesday, Jan 30​st

  • Late Morning - Departure to Varadero 

Day Nine  - Thursday. Jan 31st

  • Varadero. Time to relax and enjoying the beauty of this famous beach

Day Ten - Friday, Feb 1st

  • Varadero. Time to relax and enjoying the beauty of this famous beach

Day Eleven - Saturday, Feb 2nd 

  • Varadero. Time to relax and enjoying the beauty of this famous beach

Day Twelve - Sunday, Feb 3rd

  • Departure - We will determine the time of departure based on your flight schedule. 

Note for Lunch - Dinner - We can recommend for you great places for lunch. Let us know and we will be happy to make a reservation if you would like everyday. This service is included in the price. 


  • This is itinerary is a recommendation based on your input. We can add or remove activities as desired. We can also coordinate other experiences is you share with us any other specific interests. 

  • Final schedule (Dates and times) will be determined once itinerary is approved and availability can then be confirmed in all places and with all guides. 

Estimated Cost - Proposal 

We can offer all the accommodations, activities and services listed on this page, for the following cost:


  • $ 5,469 (Habana Option One)

  • $ 5,599 (Habana Option Two)

NOTE: Final cost will change once we change the number of nights. 

Cost can change as we continue to finalize the schedule, and activities you desire.  As mentioned before, we can add or remove activities as you desire. 


Please let me know if you have any questions. 




Options Presented, Not Selected 

Havana - Option One - Private Apartment - 2 bedrooms - Amazing View 

NOTE: This apartment is in fact located in the heart of everything.  You can walk into Old Habana, as well as into Centro Habana;  both neighborhoods are as real as it gets.  This is close to the Revolution Museum, and also in the middle of residential areas where you can see a more authentic way of living.  

  • Located right between Habana Vieja and Centro Havana. This apartment is located in one of the best ares in the city. With views of the bay and the fortresses.  

  • It is beautiful, very convenient, and close to many attractions.   It is near major museums, the famous "malecom", great restaurants, bars, shops, and other attractions.

  • It is in one of the most prestigious and best maintained apartment buildings in the city. It has a 24/7 doorman.

  • Elegant and sleek, 2 bedroom/1 bath, plenty of space.  A lot of natural lights, large bathroom. 

  • Breakfast is prepared and served everyday in the apartment.  

  • This one is another one of my favorites places in the city  Guests love the view, how convenient is for walking, how safe it is, and its proximity to major sites.

Havana - Option Three - Private Apartment - 2 bed/1 bath 

  • Located in Old Habana, closer to the seaport.  A quieter area of Old Havana, away from the busiest touristic streets but still surrounded by local beauty, near plazas and narrow old town streets.  

  • It is very cozy, and comfortable, and bright.  It has two bedrooms, with a double bed each, one bath, balconies in each room, and the apartment has been upgraded.  Located in a third floor.   

  • Breakfast is prepared and served everyday in the apartment.  

  • Guests like how comfortable and full of light it is, the views, and the area.  On the other side, t is a walk up, no elevator.  

Trinidad Option Three - Hotel in center of town (4 Stars) - Iberostar Grand Trinidad 

  • Classic and elegant hotel.  It is one of the few 4-star hotels in Trinidad.  Perhaps the nicest left with room at this moment. (only one room)

  • It has a bar, restaurant, and breakfast buffet.  Rooms are spacious. Room available is a standard room, with two beds.

  • Just the previous option, this hotel is located a short walk from the center of the town, main plaza, restaurants, and cafes.  

  • Although one of the best hotels in the city, I must highlight that hotels in the Cuba can disappoint. They are significantly more expensive, but conditions are not always the best.  Decor and facilities might be outdated, food quality varies often.  Guests do like the style of the hotel, location, and the service, which again can vary, but it is usually good. 

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