​Ursula Hosting, 2019

My 40th! in Cartagena  

Feb 12-19, 2020

7 nights - 16 guests

Hello Everyone,  


The following is the plan for our days in Colombia and some helpful information you might need for now.  We will continue to add more as we get closer to the date. 

Take a look and let me know if you have any questions



Casa Fernandez de Madrid : Located in El Centro, with a large pool area, open spaces, rooftop, 8 rooms (13 beds), 9 baths


Scheduled activities for the week:

  • Wednesday - Walking tour  (Mid Afternoon- Sunset)​ - Introduction to the city. Guided walk of the town, main landmarks, and rooftops. We would taste local treats, do some bar hopping, and have drinks watching the sunset.   

    • This experience will include guide, treats along the way, and a round of drinks while watching the sunset  

  • TBD - Island hopping experience (9-5PM) - Cruise around the Rosario Islands, while enjoying drinks and ceviche.  Stopping for swimming, snorkeling, and partying.   This will be a day to remember.

    • This experience will include 42ft Speedboat, captain and assistant, ceviche, freshly made juices for cocktails, and waters.

  • TBD - Group Dinner at the House (8-10PM) - A night to dress up and celebrate together. Dinner and wine at the house, before going out. 

The rest of the time, everyone will be free to do and see what they want.  There are options for additional activities and services for those who would like to book in advance (i.e. Airport transfers, day pass at resorts). See list of additional options here



Contribution per person is $160 to help cover the cost of the Island Hopping experience and the walking tour in Old Town.   The dinner is a gift and a thank you for joining the celebration