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Is travel to Cuba legal?


Travel to Cuba by US citizens and residents is legal if it falls under one of twelve travel categories identified by the US Government. The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has issued a general license for all travel under these categories, which means individuals interested in traveling to Cuba do not need to request any additional permission or license as long as they meet the requirements of one of these travel categories.


How does Ursula Hosting meet the US Government travel requirements?


Our trips fall under the Education category, subcategory b (People to People travel). Individuals can travel under the general license for this category if they engage in activities that enhance contact with the Cuban people, support civil society in Cuba, and promote the Cuban people’s independence from Cuban authorities.  In order to meet these requirements, we have curated activities, which we like to call “experiences”, that allow our guests to have direct contact with Cuban people and learn about their culture and realities — a truly educational and fun way to enhance relationships with the locals, support their society, and promote their progress.


As part of the requirements we must meet, we create a schedule for you to follow during your stay.  Unlike tour companies, we create this schedule based on the “experiences” our guests choose. We work with our guests to create these itineraries.


Didn’t the new administration change the rules and travel is now not authorized?


The new administration decided “individual” People to People travel is no longer authorized under the Education category; only “group” People to People travel is authorized.  Traveling with Ursula Hosting falls under the “group” type because we are a US-based organization, we plan itineraries, our events (“experiences”) are held in a group setting, and one of our representatives will be present at all “experiences” with our guests.


Do I need a Visa to travel to Cuba?


If you are a US citizen or resident traveling under the Education category, you don’t need a Visa, but you do need a Cuban Tourist Card, which is good for 30 days.  The way to purchase your Cuban Tourist Card is through the airline when checking in at the airport. The cost of these vary by airline, from $50 to $100. 


Visas, which require additional paperwork, might be necessary for other types of travel and for citizens of other countries.  We recommend this Wikipedia page for additional information if you believe any of these statements apply to you.


What do I need to travel?  


A couple of things to have in mind are:

  1. Airlines and third party vendors will ask the appropriate travel category is identified when airline tickets are purchased; remember to select People to People, or Educational is People to People is not listed.

  2. Travelers might be asked again to specify what category they are traveling under when checking-in at the airport.

  3. We will provide our guests with a trip schedule and additional information prior to their trip. We recommend guests print this or have it available on their personal devices in case they need to present it when going through immigration on the way back.

  4. Cuban Tourist Card (see previous question)


What do I need to have to re-enter the US?


Travelers are expected to have travel documents that justify their travel to Cuba.  Ursula Hosting provides trip schedules and additional information guests can show if asked at any point of their trip. These documents will satisfy any request for information.  Please note that the US government requires travelers to keep their travel documents for a period of 5 years and furnish them if asked to do so.  

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