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Rani in Cartagena

Aug 27 to sep 2

Hello Rani, 

Please find all details for your trip below. Let me know if you have any questions:

  • Saturday, Aug 27th

    • Arrival - you can grab a taxi at the airport, and give them the name of the hotel. 

      • Cost should be about 4-5 USD.   Please have cash ready. They won't take card payment. 

      • Uber doesn't work for pick up at the airport. 

      • If you need cash exchange some at one of the airports.  You can get some while exiting the terminal in Cartagena.  

      • I could also reserve a pick up for you.  But it would be about $25.

    • Hotel - Ananda

      • Reservation Number: 2821073037

      • Location: Calle del Cuartel #36-77,Cartagena de Indias

      • Taxi driver should know by the name, or name of the street.  If not, tell or show him the address.  

      • Hotel has your reservation by your name. It's been paid. 

  • Saturday to Tuesday, Aug 27th to 30th

    • You have plenty of time to walk the old town, try many of its restaurants, bars, shops, and more.  Simply relax, and enjoy it.   

    • Here you can find a small guide I created few years back.  There might be some changes post COVID, but the information is still valid for most of it.  

    • If you do want to do a tour, let me know. I would be happy to coordinate it for you. 

  • Tuesday, Aug 30th

    • Move to Coralina Island Resort

      • Reservation Number: YHNB-220622

      • 8:30 AM - You need to be at this time at Muelle (Pier)  de la Bodeguita.  Once there, tell them at the door you are traveling to Coralina Island.  They will tell you what "gate" to go to. 

      • Make sure to have your passport and personal information ready.

      • PS: Don't pay attention to people offering transportation.  You have this already paid.  Talk only to the security at the door and the Coralina Team members.  

      • La Bodeguita is located here.  Walk to the end of the pier, where there are gates to enter the boarding areas.  It is about a 10 minute walk from the hotel.  

  • Tuesday to Friday, Aug 30th to Sep 2nd

    • The ride from the pier to the island is about 50 minutes.  Once there, you will be taken care of by the staff in the island. ​

    • As mentioned, this is a beautiful area, calm, and very relaxing.  You can work with the hotel staff to coordinate activities, water sports, and visits to other islands. 

    • I recommend visiting the bioluminescent bay one of the nights, it is a beautiful experience.   Also visit Isla Grande.  There is small village there, it could be interesting to check it out.  

    • Yvonne, Matt and one of their friends will be there from the 31st.  Hopefully you all can coordinate together. It would make it easier.   

    • Breakfast is included, but the other meals are not.  They have a restaurant so you can eat there as needed.  You could also potentially go to other islands/hotels for lunch. Just need to coordinate with them transportation. 

  • Friday, Sep 2nd

    • Check out is at noon, but the shuttle back to the city is at 3PM.  They will let you use the facilities until then. 

      • Yvonne and Matt paid for a private shuttle earlier back to the city. They paid to have up to four people in it.  You could leave earlier if you want.  If not, enjoy the island a bit more, and be ready by 3PM to leave. ​

    • Once back in Cartagena, you are going to want to go to the house. Which willl be about a 7 minute walk.  The house is called Casa Pombo, and it is located at Calle del Arzobispado (carrera 5), #34-14

    • You can ask at the Ananda hotel if they could hold one of your bags while you travel. You could pick it up after your arrival.  They are less than a 5 minute walk away.  ​

Let me know if you have any questions.  +1 (305) 282-1727

Thank you


Ananda Hotel Boutique - $980

  • Accommodation for 2 people (1 person is $180 less)

  • Included:

    • Breakfast, free cancellation until August 23rd. 

  • This is one of the most beautiful hotels in the city.  Known for being one of the best and most exclusive. 

  • Located in the heart of the old town. 

  • Outdoor pool, spa, and rooftop.

  • I was able to get a special rate.  This package goes for $1250.

Santa Teresa Hotel - $900-950

  • Accommodation for 2

  • Included:

    • Breakfast included.  

    • Not refundable.

  • This one is one of the staples in the city. Classic, elegant, and simply beautiful.

  • located in the historic center, close to the wall.

  • Biggest rooftop wall in the city, restaurants, and bars in premases. 

  • I was able to get a special rate.  This is rate is $1080.


Hotel Coralina Island - $700 

  • Accommodation for 2. King room garden view.

  • Included:

    • Breakfast

    • Not refundable.   (Refundable for $100 more)

    • Transportation to/from island

  • This one is one of my favorites.  They have exclusivity in a small island. it is gorgeous. The water is ridiculously beautiful

  • Water activities can arranged with them, massages, as well as rides to other islands and attractions near by.

  • You can purchase meals and drinks are the hotel restaurant/bar.  They offer an all meal plan. You can also coordinate rides to other island/hotels. 

  • Vibe is calm, exclusive.

Gente de Mar - $598 

  • Accommodation for 2. Double room with garden view.

  • Included:

    • Breakfast

    • Cancellation until July 30th

    • Transportation to/from Island

    • Transportation from Cartagena on boat (8:30 AM check-in at pier).  

  • This one is very popular. It is larger, and located in a larger island (Isla Grande)

  • One of the pluses is that this island is larger, has a small village where local live, and you can explore the island.   You can also coordinate water activities, massages, and rides to other places. 

  • You can purchase meals and drinks are the hotel restaurant/bar.  You can also venture into the small village for local choices (A bit primitive).  You can also coordinate rides to other island/hotels. 

  • Vibe is more chilled, and touristy.   

  • Note:  There is a smaller room available for $80 less