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Argentina with ursula hosting

Jan 16 - Jan 31

(jan 12 update)

Hello Robin, 

This is an updated version of the plan I have created for you. A document with details and information you will need during your trip.  As we continue to finalize activities and services, I will continue to update and add details. 

Still, as a living document, we can still add, remove, and edit items until you are fully satisfied. Please take a look and let me know what you think. 



Updated to reflect latest information as of Jan 12, 2020.


  • 11 Nights in Buenos Aires (Jan 16 - Jan 20 / Jan 22 - Jan 26 / Jan 28 - Jan 31) - Mio Hotel 

    • Av. Pres. Manuel Quintana 465, C1129 CABA, Argentina ​(+54 11 5295-8500)

    • Deluxe Room

    • Centrally located, small boutique hotel, gay friendly, modern but with local flair, trendy

    • Compared with the Patios Hotel in San Telmo, Mio is a 5-start hotel in the heart of the city. A beautiful area full of character, restaurants, and cafes. Close to many landmarks, and  also very safe.  Closer to areas like Palermo.  ​​​​

  • 2 Nights in Iguazu (Jan 20 - Jan 22) -  LOI Suites

    • Selva Iryapú s/n, N3370 Puerto Iguazú, Misiones, Argentina (+54 3757 49-8300)

    • Superior Studio

    • Located only 15 min away from the waterfalls. This hotel is immersed in the subtropical jungle of Iryapú.

    • Reservation made under Robin Thomas Cooper Adair.

    • Reference: ARGmjixmta3m-2211072​

  • 2 Nights in Mendoza (Jan 26 - Jan 28) - Lares de Chacras or El Encuentro en Chacras 

    • Larrea 1266, M5505 Chacras de Coria, Mendoza, Argentina

    • Classic Room

    • Located in beautiful Chacras de Coria.  Close to the town center, near restaurants, shops, and galleries. Also very . close to  wineries, and 15 min away from Mendoza center.  

    • Reservation made under Robin Thomas Cooper Adair.

    • Reservation number: 34128​

  • Flights in Aerolineas Argentinas. Carry one and  one checked bag included  

    • Reservation code IVVQIQ (Please sea reservation attachments for all details)

      • Round trip BA to  Iguazu - Jan 20 - Jan 22

      • Round trip BA to Mendoza  -  Jan 26 - Jan 28

  • Airport Transportation

    • Private round trip shuttlse in Buenos Aires. We will come and wait for you with a sign, and pick you up from the hotel when it is time for your departure. 

      • Jan 16, Jan 20, Jan 22,  Jan 26, Jan 28, Jan 31​

    • Private round trip shuttle in Mendoza

    • Private Round trip shuttle in Iguazu

  • Breakfast  

    • Included in all hotels

  • Activities/Experiences (All Included) - With Dates:


Buenos Aires​ (Thursday  Jan 16 -  Monday Jan 20) 

  • Thursday Jan 16 - Arrival​​ - Juan, your main driver while in Buenos Aires, will be  picking you up. He will be waiting outside of customs when you come out with your bags.  He will have a sign with your names on.  ​

    • Juan Lopez (Driver): +54 9 11 5726-5395

  • Friday Jan 17 - Morning  - City Tour North Zone - Private guided walk of Recoletta Area. One of the most beautiful . and with more landmarks, (included tour of the Recoleta cemetery (Evita)​

    • Time: 09:00 - Sebastian, your guide, will come looking for you at the hotel at this time, please be ready at the lobby if possible. ​ This activity is usually 6.5 hours, including a stop for lunch as you desire.  You can talk to Sebastian if you would like it to be shorter. He will explain your options when you meet. ​​

    • Sebastian (Buenos Aires Guide): +54 9 11 2632-5799

  • Friday Jan 17 - Evening - Exclusive Wine Experience - This is one not many get to do. Have your own private wine tasting inside the famous Casa de los Ezeiza.  This is after the house closes to the public. Only you and your hosts will be in the house.  An experience like no other, tasting excellent wines, hosted by wine experts in BA.  You get to try 5 different wines. NOTE: Sebastian will be answer questions and provide additional information about this experience if desired.   

    • Location: Pasaje de la defensa (Casa Ezeiza) is a classic place in San Telmo.  One of the most visited places during the day, it closes its doors for visitors in the evening, but you will have the chance to be one of the few with access at night for this experience.  

    • Time: 19:00 -Please arrive at 7PM.  Your host will be Silvia,  the owner of Orsogna Wines.  Please knock at the door (hard) if it's closed, as the place is big. If the door is open then come in and look for Orsogna Wines.   If someone asks, just inform them you are there for the wine experience. ​This experience usually lasts 1.5 to 2 hours. 

    • Address: Defensa 1179, C1065 AAU, Buenos Aires, Argentina​

    • Sebastian (Buenos Aires Guide): +54 9 11 2632-5799

  • Saturday Jan 18 - Evening   Dinner and Tango Show at one of the most iconic tanguerias of the city.  Dinner will be served first. I chose for you the Best option for menu. You will have options for your main dish, a complimentary drink and a bottle of wine with your meal.

    • Location: Esquina Homero Manzi  

    • Time: 20:30 to 21:00 (Recommended time): I recommend not arriving later than 9PM so  you can enjoy your dinner without rushing.  Show starts usually at 10:15 and lasts approximately 80min. 

    • Address: Av. San Juan 3601, C1233ABG CABA​


  • Sunday Jan 19 - Morning - History/Culture Walking Tour - Private guided walk of Telmo, The beautiful old town area of Buenos Aires. Learn about history and fun facts of the city. Learn why makes Buenos Aires so unique.  I recommended Sunday because there is a beautiful antique street market on Sundays.  I hope you enjoy it.  This tour usually lasts 3-4 hours. 

    • Location: Monumento Fuente a Don Pedro de Mendoza.  Located in Parque Lezama.

    • Time: 11:00 AM. Nicolas, your guide will meet you at the Monument, in the corner of the park (Av Brazil with Defensa) 

    • Address: Defensa 1527, C1143AAH CABA, Argentina


  • Monday Jan 20  - Flight to Iguazu ​​(14:05)

    • Time: 12:00 - Juan will come pick you up at the hotel​


Iguazu (Monday Jan 20 - Tuesday Jan 21) 

  • Monday Jan 20 - Arrival Your shuttle will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign.  


  • Tuesday Jan  21 - Private tour of national Iguazu Park. Spend the day discovering and admiring this natural wonder.  You have chosen entry the park in the Brazilian Side. This tour should be approx 4-5 hours.  You can take your time exploring as well. Eduardo has been at the park for over 19 years, nobody is better than him to give this tour.   You are in good hands.  

    • ​​Time: 08:00 Eduardo, your guide, will come looking for you at the hotel. Please be ready at the lobby at this time. 


  • ​Wednesday Jan 22 -  Flight to Buenos Aires (14:10)

    • Time: Noon -  Your shuttle will be ready at this time.  

Buenos Aires (Tuesday Jan 22 - Sunday Jan 26)

  • Wednesday Jan 22 - Return from iguazu. Juan will be waiting for you at the airport. 

  • Wednesday Jan 22 - Queer Tango -  Meet Alfredo, your experience host, at his place.  He uses his space to teach the basic about Tango history and moves. ,  where Alfredo will teach you and show you. Tango basics From there head out to Queer Tango, where you can put some of those moves to practice! ​

    • Location: Sarmiento 722 entre Maipú y Esmeralda (Location has been updated as more people signed up and a bigger space was needed)

    • Time: 20:00 - Recommend living  not later than 19:30 as traffic can still be particularly heavy at this time of the day. Luckily you will be going against traffic.  This experience usually last 3 hours, but you can stay at Queer Tango as long as you want. Up to  you.  

  • Thursday Jan 23 -  Morning - Street Art and Urban Experience - Explore another area of the city with an arty mindset.  Your guide is a local art curator who loves to show street art and galleries to visitors. Visit would include visit to the botanical garden and photography tips throughout the experience.  

    • Time: 10:00 -  Florencia,  your  guide, will. come  get you at the hotel to take you to Palermo Soho.  This experience lasts approximately 3 -  3.5 hours 


  • Friday Jan. 24 - Teatro Colon - Guided Tour.  Guided tour of the majestic Teatro Colon. The Buenos Aires Jewel.

    • Reference Number - 598809 

    • Time: 10:00 - Please plan to arrive 15 min before. It should be between 10-20 min cab ride from the hotel. 

    • Address: Cerrito 628, C1010 CABA Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • Saturday Jan 25 - Morning and afternoon - Navigate in El Tigre (Delta of Parana River) - This is another great experience. It takes all day .  Privately cruise the canals of the Parana Delta while admiring the views of the area, and sipping drinks as part of experience.  Private transportation, captain, drinks, and snacks onboard are included.

    • Time: 10:00 - Andres, your captain and host, will come get you at the hotel. Please ne ready for a day of fun under the sun! Don't forget your sun block​. This experience can last up to 5PM. Coordinate with Andres if. you want to come back earlier. 


  • Saturday Jan 25 - Evening - Gay Night Tour - Our social butterfly, Brian, will be hosting you tonight. ​​ Brian will come get you at the hotel and take you out for a fun night! Dinner and show will be included.

    • Time: 21:00​ - ...


  • Sunday Jan 26. - Flight to Mendoza (17:20)

    • Time: 15:30 - Juan will come pick you up at the hotel​

Mendoza (Sunday . Jan 26 to Tuesday Jan 28) 

  • Sunday Jan 26- Evening - Arrival in Mendoza. Daiana, local host, will come pick you up at the airport.


  • Monday Jan 27 - The Day wine tasting experience. Visit some of the best wineries, taste amazing wine and explore this beautiful area. This experience would include transportation, private experience, all tasting (Three wineries) , and an inclusive lunch. 

    • Time: 09:00 - Daiana will come pick. you up at the hotel. This experience lasts approximately 5 hours. 

    • You can spend the rest of your time enjoying the wine country on your own or we can plan other activities (Mountain tour, more wine tasting) 


  • Tuesday Jan 28 - Departure back to BA (18:10)

    • Time: 15:30 -  Daiana will be picking you up at the hotel. 


Buenos Aires (Tuesday Jan . 28 - Friday Jan 31) 

  • Tuesday Jan. 28  -  Arrival in BA.  Juan will be waiting for you at the airport.  

  • ​​​Wednesday Jan  29 - All Day - Colonia, Uruguay - Let's take the ferry to the beautiful colonial town of Colonia. Just an hour ride away. This town is preserved like few towns in the Americas.  It is colorful, beautiful, and full of history.  Ferry, and private guide included. Sebastian will be your guide again for the day.  Please remember to bring your passport, as this is an international trip.  The tour is private.

    • Time: 6:30 AM (08:10 AM Ferry) -  Sebastian will meet you at the hotel to travel together to the station.  Coordinate with Sebastian before this date. The return Ferry will be at 17:00 from Colonia. 

    • Location:  Meet at hotel to travel to BuqueBus Puerto Madero Station 


  • Thursday Jan 30 - Free​​ Day


  • Friday Jan 31- Flight to London (11:30)

    • Time: 08:00 - Juan will come pick you at the hotel. ​​​Let me or Juan know if you would like a different time. 

Additional Things to schedule: Polo Match


I can also recommend and plan other activities, if you have something particular in mind.  For instance:

  • Bike tour of the Natural reserve within the city

  • Cooking class

  • List of recommendations for things to do and places to visit during your visit will be included on the final plan. ​​​

  • Full concierge services -  Before and throughout the trip (reservations, suggestions, etc)

    • Additional Activities - Help with additional activities you might be interested in while in any of the destinations. Including suggestions for things to do during free time.   

    • Nights out/shows - Plan nights out, provide suggestions for bars and local night life, and more as requested. I will add names of gay  and gay friendly bars and clubs to the final plan. 

      • I would look for and suggest options for Opera, ballet, and Polo, and similar events throughout your stay.  We would provide concierge services without ​additional cost: Search, recommend, and make reservations. 

    • Lunch/Dinners -  Suggestions and reservations to some of the best restaurants in town, as desired. 

    • Transportation - I would help organize as needed.  

  • Guides and Drivers Contact Information:

  1. Juan Lopez (Driver): +54 9 11 5726-5395

  2. Sebastian (Buenos Aires Guide): +54 9 11 2632-5799

  3. Nicolas (History/San Telmo Guide): +54 9 11 4407-8099 

  4. Eduardo (Iguazu Guide): +55 45 9131-4169

  5. Alfredo (Queer Tango Experience Host): +5491158683164

  6. Florencia (Street Art / Palermo Guide): +54 9 11 3803-5551

  7. Andres (Tigre Cruising Captain/Host):+54 9 11 2515-2211

  8. Brian (Gay Night Experience Host):+54 9 11 2284-6222

  9. Daiana. (Mendoza Hostess/Guide): +54 9 261 609-8063

  • Photo of Nico, who you will meet at Lezama Park, Jan 19 (History Tour)

  • Location of activities that do not include Transportation

Pasaje de la Defensa
Pasaje de la Defensa

Exclusive Wine Experience Defensa 1179 (Entre San Juan y Plaza Dorrego)

press to zoom
Esquina Homero Manzi
Esquina Homero Manzi

Dinner Tango Show Av. San Juan 3601 (San Juan y Boedo)

press to zoom
Teatro Colon
Teatro Colon

press to zoom
Pasaje de la Defensa
Pasaje de la Defensa

Exclusive Wine Experience Defensa 1179 (Entre San Juan y Plaza Dorrego)

press to zoom

There are many options for things to explore on. your own,  Places you can visit after our tours if you  are in the area,  or during your free days:

  • El Ateneo Library

  • Colon Theater 

  • Recoleta Cemetery 

  • The Obelisk of Buenos Aires

  • Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

  • Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires MALBA

  • Museo de Arte Moderno de BA (MACBA)

  • Basilica del Santisimo Sacramento

  • Plaza de Mayo

  • Plaza Serrano Square

  • El Rosedal Park

  • Porto Madero 

  • Reserva Natural (rent Bikes)

  • Evita Peron Museum

  • El Caminito (Boca) - Very Touristic, but still has some charm. 

  • Dinner  Reservations to be l listed here: TBD

  • Restaurants: Check out my list of recommended restaurants on. google maps: HERE

  • Most of the gay bars and clubs will be closer to Palermo, but that's just a short drive away.  Near the hotel, there are some cocktail bars, and not too. far a well known Live jazz bar called Notorious.  Check it out if you like live music.



Buenos Aires  -  Hotel Mio

Iguazu - Loi Suites Iguazu. 

Mendoza - Lares de Chacras

The Cost

The estimated cost of this packages with everything outlined above included is:


  • $5526 USD - Added Queer Tango Experience

    • Paid:​​ $2545

    • Remaining Balance: $2981 

    • New Remaining Balance (Plus Colon Theater Guided Visit)​ = $3018

    • All Paid


  • This estimate is total for both, not individual cost

  • ACTIVITIES - Current amount allows you to experience each city main attractions and culture, while still enjoying plenty of time to unwind, relax, and explore on your own. 

  • Overall, we can continue to update the package as desired, and price would be updated accordingly.

  • ​It is still an estimate because certain prices might change between now when you are ready to confirm (flights, hotel)

  • Our packages do not include insurance. 

NEXT STEP : Pay remaining balance by Jan 15.   

Let me know if there are any questions, comments, decisions.  


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