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Quinn does Havana

october 18 - 21

Hello again, 

Based on your input we have the following itinerary and accommodations for you. Please take a look and let me know if you have any questions, comments, or requests.  


All our accommodations are located in central areas of the city. Either in Old Town, Centro Havana, or Vedado are all good locations depending on where you like to stay and what you like to do.  These are all privately owned and follow the rules and requirements of the US Government as it relates to travel to Cuba. 

Room w/ Private Bathroom in a small Bed and Breakfast - Centro Havana ($1219)

  • Very comfortable, and private, Bed n Breakfast in Centro Habana.

  • There are three levels, a large balcony, and nice terrace for you to enjoy during day time and night time as well. All rooms have AC and bathroom.  

    • I have reserved room with two beds (one double one single)​

    • There is also the option to reserve the second room on same level, so you two can have your own level.  I was able to negotiate a good price, please see below for pricing options.

  • One of my favorite things about  this place is how private it is.  I hope you enjoy that too.

  • The staff comes only in the mornings to do room cleaning and breakfast, and leave in the afternoon.

  • Breakfast is covered.  You can work with the staff when and where in the house you would like to eat. I . recommend the balcony. 

  • Here you are walking distance from Old Havana (10 minutes) and also Vedado (15 min along the Malecon). You are in the heart of it all.  It is a very safe neighborhood. Very representative of the city.  At first, you might be struck by how houses look, or the people hanging out in the streets, etc.  This way of living is the  reality for many in Cuba. Luckily residents can now earn extra money thanks to tourism, so you will run into other tourists in the area.  It is safe to walk around, and a total cultural experience to walk around. 

  • It is also only a couple of blocks from the famous Malecon, and near some of the best restaurants in the city like La Guarida, and Casa Miglis. La Guarida specially is famous; let us know if you would like a reservation. Either way, consider walking there to have a drink in their rooftop bar.  Also, check out Casa Miglis for dinner around 8-8:30 pm. They have really good life music. 



Day One - Thursday, Oct 18 

  • 01:35PM - Arrival

  • 2:30PM - Check in

  • 04:00PM -  Classic Riding. Enjoy the beauty of Habana onboard a beautiful convertible American Classic car. This is experience is led by our favorite and most wanted guide. He knows about history and fun facts.  He will take you to multiple points of interest and some of his favorite spots too. 

Day Two - Friday, Oct 19 

  • 08:30AM - Viñales. Breathtaking views, prehistoric sites, coffee/tobacco fields, organic farms, and other natural wonders made Viñales an UNESCO World Heritage site. Viñales is a complete paradise ready to welcome visitors, and what better way to explore it than on a horse.  Leave the house early in the morning, and be welcomed in Viñales by our local guide who will have your horses ready.  Some of the options are visiting coffee plantations, learn about beekeeping in the area, tobacco fields, swim in a local lake, ride near the famous mogotes, and more.  

Day Three, Saturday, Oct 20

  • 10:00AM - Beach Please. A favorite of our clients. We arrange transportation to one of the most beautiful beaches near Habana.  Only 40 minutes aways. We also provide you with tips on how to make it a fantastic day. 

  • 09:30PM - Tropicana Show. This is very unique show with a lot of Cuban flavor. We will arrange transportation to and from the show.  There are some options for this show:

    • Seating - There are three pricing brackets based on how distant you are from the stage. Difference in cost is only ​$10 per person between brackets. I recommend the closest one, but I am using the middle bracket for this cost estimate.   

    • Dinner - you can have a dinner and show, or just a show.  Dinner is not bad, and it adds to the experience. If you want a better meal we can recommend other places, or if you want to save money there are other options as well.  Cost per dinner is $22 per person. 


Day Four, Sunday, Oct 21

  • 10:00AM - Once Upon the Time.  Walk the streets of Old Habana with one of our favorite guides. Learn about history, best places to explore, and more.  Route can be influenced by any particular requests you might have. 

  • 03:15PM - Depart to Airport for 5:50PM flight. 

Nights out - We can recommend and help you prepare for a fun night out (e.g. Restaurants, Fabrica de Arte, Clubs, etc.)

 In summary, in addition to accommodation and activities, our package also includes:


  • Round trip Airport transportation in an American Classic Car

  • Breakfast 

  • Concierge services before and during your trip. We know the city and can recommend and help with reservations at restaurants, shows, and other things to do. We can also help setting up transportation. All of this can be planned in advance and pay through us so you don't have to worry about bringing extra cash to Cuba

  • Access to our local agent. Someone who is there to help you and guide you as needed. He will welcome you and go over your plan when you arrive, and will also be available to assist during the duration of your trip.

  • Assistance exchanging money at the best rate possible

  • All required paper work to meet US restrictions on travel to Cuba under the People to People Exchange category

  • Guides for the city as requested

  • A cell phone for you to use to contact our local agent whenever he is needed. We include $10 CUC credit. 

  • 2 WiFi cards so you can stay connected when you arrive. 

  • We leave in the apartment rum, and beers for you to enjoy during your stay


  • The total cost for accommodation (one room), activities and package as outlined is  $1349

    • This includes one room with two beds

    • This includes Tropicana Show with seating at second bracket pricing, transportation and a personal rum bottle.  

  • We have the opportunity to offer an additional room, which would give you your own floor to feel like an apartment, for only $105 more.

  • For the Tropicana Show 

    • Cost would be $20 less for third bracket seating

    • Cost would be $20 more for first bracket (closest to the stage)

    • Cost to add dinner before the show would be $20 more per person.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments after reviewing the package.  We are happy to work with you until we have the perfect package. 


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