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gregory's celebration

Puerto Vallarta

July 1-5 (Thursday to monday)


I present to you the first version of a possible trip to Puerto Vallarta with Ursula Hosting.  

This plan is for 4 nights, 25 people.  As dates and number of guests get confirmed, totals would be updated as needed. 

For this plan, I am showing multiple options for accommodations, with the "One Party House, and One Non-Party House" model in mind, with a recommendation.

First I am listing the properties, and then showing you what a possible itinerary can look like. 

At the end, I am sharing possible costs based on the different scenarios.


Let me know. if you have any questions. We would make changes to this plan until you are 100% satisfied. 

Let's begin:


Gorgeous Villa/Home - 7-8 bdr -OPTION ONE A

  • Houses located near Zona Romantica. Near the ocean.  Perfect for big groups, parties, and a lot of privacy.

  • All with staff to cater to you.

  • You can walk to the town from some, or short Uber rides ($4) from others.

  • Some include bfast, others don't. But the cost would not be much, as you would only have to pay extra for the groceries (If not included)

Smaller Homes - 5 bdr/7 bedrooms - OPTION ONE B

  • Smaller but beautiful. Also stylish and near the town. Limited options.

  • We would just need to coordinate location, since it is not a town like Cartagena, and guests. would have to take uber to come join the other group. 

  • Breakfast as above. Either included, or not, but additional cost would be very reasonable. 

Cheap Option - Everyone Together  - OPTION TWO

  • I also found this small boutique hotel, where everyone could stay. I am showing it because it is usually booked, but it shows as available right now.

  • It is more simple, but it is located within the Zona Romantica.

  • There is main pool, but also a small rooftop.  Those who don't want to party could walk around the town, use the terrace. etc.

  • Continental bfast in included. 

Best Option - Everyone Together - OPTION THREE

  • I highly recommend this option.  This is perhaps the best place in PV. Highly rated, and with the best location, service, views, etc. And I have been able to secure a special price

  • They have a main house, with 11 rooms.  But as long as we do 7, we can have it just for us. The place is gorgeous.   We could do this house, just like the other houses in Option One.  But, what makes this one different is that they also have villages, next to the house. They are connected. They are also beautiful, and very nice Each one has its own little pool.  One has 4 bedrooms, one has 2, and one has 1.  So we could have the entire group in one place, with enough distance and privacy. 

    • We could have the party house to be the villages, or the main house. However you want. 

  • In addition, This place has it's own private beach, and entrance to the main beach in PV. It is the best located property in the area.

  • The villas are sexy AF (Just saying)

  • It comes fully staffed, and they include incredible breakfast.  They are also used to gay clients.  We can get alcohol, and their staff would bartend for us. etc. 

  • I worked with them before, so I know the quality, but also I was able to get a special rate, which makes the cost potentially better than the others.  

​Suggested Itinerary


These are some of the activities I recommend. Take a look and let me know what you think, or if you have others in mind:


  • Arrivals - Private Shuttles

  • Check into the house - Drinks and pool

  • Dinner out in the town - bar hopping 


  • Morning - Physical activity and nature 

    • Hike - jungle, river, waterfalls, or ​

    • Hike - jungle, hidden beach , or 

    • Biking around Sierra Madre, or 

  • Free Afternoon - Explore the town. Shopping. Pool. Beach  

  • Group Dinner - By Gregory at La Palaba


  • Private Yacht !! - Have your own boat to explore near by beaches and islands. 


  • Free Day

    • Smaller group Boozy. Brunch​

    • Gay Beach 


  • Departures -Private Shuttles



This plan is for 4 nights/5 days, 25 people.  As detailed above, this package includes: 


  • Airport pick up and drop off

    • 6 shuttles. Up to 4 people each.  We can rearrange once we have confirmed numbers and flight details 

  • Accommodations for 4 nights

    • 4 nights in Puerto Vallarta - Multiple options. See options for prices.

  • Maid and Serving Service - In some locations

  • Breakfast included - in some locations

  • Activities 

    • Outdoors physical activity

      • ATV, Hike, Horses, Jungle, river, waterfall

    • Private yacht and crew. 46 ft. 6 hours total

      • We can look into larger or smaller boats, more or less time. ​

    • Group Dinner - Estimate

      • Total would not be confirmed until we work with the restaurant. 

  • Concierge services before and during your trip.  I will be your concierge before the trip, and assist during the trip. I am not charging more for hosting services, but I will be there to make sure everything goes smoothly and  to see your pretty faces. 

  • Some Drinks and snacks at the house.  

Like before, the type of accommodation and activities you choose will determine the final cost. Let me know what you think; questions, comments, special requests, etc. 



- Two Houses (Apprx), with all that is included = $29,899


- One location (Approx) with all that is included = $23,999


- One Villa, with all that is included = $28,799

The prices above are total prices. I could help you determine how much you would pay versus, how much other would be asked to contribute.  I can also remove items, to see what the costs are per activities, etc. 


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