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Nico's Party

Cartagena / Feb 14-17, 2020

It's time to celebrate, and you are invited! 


We are celebrating Nico's sweet 40th in one of his favorite places on earth, Cartagena. This city is pretty magical, and he wants his friends to experience it with him.


We have created an amazing 3-night/4-day extravaganza for you and these are some of the details, and information you will need.  Take a look, and let us know if you have any questions.



3 nights / 4 days in Cartagena. 

  • Arriving Friday, February 14, 2020

  • Departing Monday, February 17, 2020  

Accommodations in the colonial part of town

  • House One

    • ​Calle Del Santísimo (Calle 38) # 8-58 El Centro (Map location)

  • House Two 

    • Calle del Curato (Carrera 7) ​# 38-149, El Centro (Map location)

  • House Three

    • Calle La Magdalena (Calle 31) #9-62, Barrio Getsemani (Map Location)

Notes:  Use street name when dealing with taxi drivers, but used street number when looking it up in google 

Group Activities / Schedule

Friday, Feb 14


  1. Welcome drinks, Walk Old Town and Sunset (4PM)

  • Welcome drinks and meeting point in House One.  Once we are all together, we will take our first stroll as a group! We will walk towards the best place for drinks and sunset in Cartagena, Cafe Del Mar.  Let's get to know each other and enjoy the view.  From here we will walk through Cartagena El Centro into Getsemani. 

  • Dinner Reservation - Demente, in Getsemani. Reservation 8:00 PM (Map Location)

  • Post Dinner Drinks -  Doña Lola, in Getsemani.  Arrive around 9:30 - 10PM (Map Location)

Saturday, Feb 15

  1. Island Hopping on a Catamaran

  • Think diving and swimming in Caribbean blue waters, open bar, DJ, paradise.  Lunch and drinks included.

    • 08:00 AM Boarding ​- Pegasos Pier (Map Location). Pier is located about 15-20 min walk from the house.  Please plan to leave the house at least 30 min before. Breakfast will be ready at 7 AM. 

    • 5:00 PM Return 

Sunday, Feb 16

  1. Day By the Pool  (2 - 6 PM)

  • Think rocking a fabulous bathing suit, amazing friends celebrating another great friend, tasty local cocktails and bites, while dancing to cool summer beats (In February) 

Additional Options:

  • We have additional options for those who would like to do a group activity on Sunday morning.  We could plan a tour to San Felipe Castle or Totumo Volcano.

  • Depending on how many people sign up, cost could be around $50 (more or less) for guide, entry fees and transportation. 

  • We can also plan for individual or small group activities. Let me know if interested. 

  • For additional information and recommendations on things to do, restaurants, and more check out our Cartagena Little Guide. 

Monday, Feb 17

  • Departures. 


The following shuttles are confirmed as requested.  Please review and let me know if any thing needs to be changed: 

Feb 12 

  • Shuttle (2 people) - 1:30PM.  Randy Fasnacht, Sam Benton to Santa Teresa


Feb 13

  • Shuttle (2 people) - 12:30PM. Gregory Green, Monique LaFonta Santa Clara

  • Shuttle (4 people) - 10:30PM  Bryan Moll, Matt Miller,  Steven Krebs, Justin Morse to Santa Clara


Feb 14

  • Shuttle  (2 people) - 02:00 PM. Brian Martin, Brad Phifer to House One. 

  • Shuttle (1 person) - 10:17 PM  Anita Channapatiu to House Two


Feb 17

  • Shuttle (1 person) - Pick up at 04:00 AM.  Anita Channapatiu

  • Shuttle (2 people) - Pick up at 07:45AM.  Brian Marti, Brad Phifer

  • Shuttle (2 people) - Pick up at 11:00 AM.  Gregory Green, Monique LaFonta

  • Shuttle (4 people) - Pick up at 11:00 AM.  Bryan Moll, Matt Miller,  Steven Krebs, Justin Morse 

House and Room assignments:

House One

  1. Bedroom 1- Nico

  2. Bedroom 2- Monique & Greg; 

  3. Bedroom 3- James & Adam

  4. Bedroom 4- Matt & Bryan and Justin Morse 

  5. Bedroom 5- Stephen & Kevin

  6. Bedroom 6- Sam & Randy; 

  7. Bedroom 7- Brian and Brad

  8. Bedroom 8- Julian & GQ

  9. Bedroom 9- Tommy

House Two 

  1. Bedroom 1- Njoki & Viv

  2. Bedroom 2- Danny & two friends

  3. Bedroom 3- Tiffani and Kim D.

  4. Bedroom 4- Anita

  5. Bedroom 5- Reena and Mabel

House Three

  1. Bedroom 1- Julian Osorno and Alejo

  2. Bedroom 2- Juan and Beto

  3. Bedroom 3- Nick Cartón and Joe Wallace

  4. Bedroom 4- Juan Esteban Franco

  5. Bedroom 5- Memo (Guillermo Valencia)


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