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Nick and Ryan do colombia

Cartagena & medellin 

March 2020

Hello daddies, 

I present to you the first plan for your trip to Colombia. I am recommending you do Cartagena and Medellin.  this is based on feedback I get from clients.  If you would like to see an option with Bogota, I will be happy to update this page to include it. 


I am also recommending accommodations and activities I believe you will enjoy.  Please take a look and let me know what you think.  I can add, change, and remove anything you want.  We can work on this plan until you both are completely satisfied. 


In Summary, this plan includes:

  • 8 night accommodations

    • 4 nights in Cartagena​ (Apartment in Hotel - Two rooms)

    • 4 nights in Medellin (Two Suites/rooms in 5 start hotel)

    • We can accommodate dates as needed. All depends on your flight schedule, and where you would fly into and out of.  ​

  • Flights between Cartagena and Medellin 

  • Breakfast in all locations, everyday

  • All private airport transfers (6 in total) 

  • A total of 7 private activities

    • Cartagena ​

      • Walking tour/food tasting tour​ 

      • Islands - day at resort or island hopping in private speed boat. 

      • Salsa Club Night

      • Additional Tour (for you to choose)

    • Medellin

      • Street Art Tour​ 

      • Guatape Day tour 

      • Walking tour of the city. 

  • Personalized concierge services from now and throughout the trip. We know the city and can recommend and help with reservations at restaurants, shows, additional activities, and setting up transportation as desired. 

  • Your own local host. Someone who you can contact and access in colombia (based in Cartagena) to help you and guide you as needed. She will welcome you and go over the plan when you arrive, and will also be available to assist during the duration of your trip via WhatsApp. 

  • Assistance and/or guidance exchanging money.


Cartagena - Four Nights 


  • I like to find accommdations in El Centro or Getsemani, both make up the colonial part of the city.  This is the more interesting and touristic part of of the city.

    • In this case, I am going with El Centro for accommodation. It is the most developed of them, and it is the main part of the colonial area. Larger houses, plazas, and hotels are located here.  As well as the main churches, museums, and shops.

    • Getsemani is a bit more residencial/less affluent than El Centro. You can still see locals living in there, but it's become a hip part of town. Many call it the Brooklyn of Cartagena. Full of small bars, clubs, graffiti art. younger crowds, and more. Some of my favorite restaurants, cafes, and bars are located here.  I plan to give you the chance to explore the area a bit with some of the recommended activities. 


Boutique 5 Star Hotel in the heart of El Centro

  • This one is one of the best hotels in the city. it is elegant, beautiful, and it captures the beauty of the city.  It is a huge Colonial house that has been converted to hotel.  

  • The accommodations would be an apartment with 2 rooms within the house. You would still get the hotel services but with the privacy of an apartment.  Better pricing as well. 

  • Spacious and comfortable rooms, and one of the most beautiful rooftops, and gorgeous pools in town. 

  • It is walking distance to all attractions in the colonial area and close to parks, restaurants, cocktail bars, and coffee shops


Possible Schedule​

  • Monday, March 9th 

    • Late arrival.  Pick up at the airport. ​

      • Depending at your arrival time, we could make a reservation for you for dinner at one of the best and most traditional restaurants in town. 5 min beautiful walk from the hotel 


  • Tuesday, March 10th

    • Free Morning - take the morning off to enjoy the weather, the pool, or explore on your own.

    • 3::30 PM - 06:00 PM - Walking tour/Food Tasting. Our guide will come meet you at the hotel and take you on a walk not to forget.  Learn history, explore areas of the city, and taste some of the most traditional and tasty foods of Cartagena.  This experience is private so feel free to work with your guide if you have any special requests.  The end of the tour will be at one of the best places to watch the sunset in the city. Enjoy a drink on us while enjoying the sunset.  Private guide, tastings, and sunset drinks included. 

    • Dinner - We can make a reservation for you or play the night by ear. You decide, it is your vacation after all :)


  • Wednesday, March 11th

    • 90:00 AM to 5:00 PM- Island time. You can't come to Cartagena and not visit the islands. This is where the water is clear, blue, and irresistible. We have different options to experience the islands.  Island Hopping would be my first recommendation.  We would get your own speed boat (42ft) with a captain and one crew member. They will take you to cruise to the islands. Stop in places where you can swim and snorkel, as well as different beaches where you can get off and relax while drinking a piña colada, or party with other private boats.  You decide. We would recommend you a place for lunch.  We will include in this package freshly made ceviche and juices for you.  

      • ​You would pick the departure time, and start your return to Cartagena around 4PM. 
      • We could do a smaller boat (28ft) and save around $250.  
      • Another option to enjoy the islands in just one day is with day passes to one of the island resorts. I am thinking for you one of the most exclusive, cozy options.  Beautiful scenery, great service, and food.  With this option you would need to be at the pier around 8:30-9 AM, and get to spend about 5 hours with them. You would be welcome with a cocktail, assigned a private area, and be served amazing lunch. A day to relax and enjoy the beauty of the area. ​ This option would be about $300 less. 

      • Another option is staying over night, Please see Option B for estimated cost. 

  • Thursday, March 12th

    • Free Day - Option for Activity. ​It is your last day, spend it how ever you want to.  I will be sharing with you options for additional activities and you can tell me what you would like to do, We will plan it however you want it. 

    • Dinner and Salsa Night.  This night we would like to make a reservation for you in a nice restaurant, and then invite to one of the nicest and most emblematic clubs in Cartagena. A Salsa club that will make you feel like you travel through time to the 1930's Havana. Life music and great ambiance.  We will include your entrance and a bottle of rum! Have fun.  

  • Friday, March 13th

    • Departure.  Pick up at the hotel. We recommend leaving 3 hours before your flight.  ​

Options for Additional Activities

  • Mud Volcano - Transportation and entrance to Totumo Volcano 

  • Mercado Tour - Transportation and guided tour of local mercado (market)

  • Stand Up Paddle - Fun activity in the bay around sunset! 

  • Bike Tour - Eat your way through old town. Guided

  • Tour of other areas of the city (i.e. San Felipe Fortress and La Popa)

  • We can also do things like Scuba Diving (Additional cost)

  • Anything else in mind? Let me know and I will be happy to Coordinate. 

Recommendations and Reservations

  • I will share my favorite restaurants, coffee shops, bars, museums, plazas, and dance spots, and make reservations as you wish. 


Medellin - Four Nights


  • I recommend for my guests El Poblado. It is one of the most modern, friendly, and fun areas of the city.  Tons of restaurants, cafes, and bars to explore. 

  • Medellin is relatively a small city. Getting around is easy, Uber is available; and although El Poblado is not central, it is within 15 minutes car ride of most parts of the city. 

  • I am recommending a beautiful hotel, well located, and with one of the most amazing rooftop views in the city.  It is highly recommended.  

Chic Hotel in El Poblado

  • One of the best hotels in town. Service, location, comfort, style. this hotel has it all

  • It is located in an area full of options for dinning and cocktails. 

  • Walkable area, and with each access to other areas of the city. 


Possible Schedule​

  • Friday, March 13th 

    • Arrival. Pick up at the airport.  I would recommend a mid morning flight 

    • Private Walking Tour - This is a good and fun to start your experience in Medellin. The perfect way to see some of the main areas of the city downtown.  

    • Dinner. I will make suggestions and reservations based on your preferences for you. 

    • Night out. I will provide recommendations.


  • Saturday, March 14th

    • Guatape and Peñol Private Tour - Lets go explore one of the most colorful towns of Colombia today.  Guatape. it is less than two hours away, and you will get to see the beauty of the mountains around Medellin and also the famous Peñol, one of the largest rocks in the world, with a view like no many in the world.  This includes private transportation and guide. 

    • This experience should take about  7-8 hours. ​I know this is longer than your preference, but it is one of the most wanted experiences in Medellin.  Check it out and if you don't like it we have other options for you. 

  • Sunday, March 15th

    • Free Day.  I will have a couple of options for you to enjoy your free day. We can also plan for other activities you might be interested in. 

  • Monday, March 16th

    • Street Art/Comuna Graffiti Tour. Explore one of the most authentic and unique parts of the city. An area that is constantly changing, with a rough past and a bright future.  Social planning is changing the face of this area and street art has been one of the ways to project and improve their reality. Transportation and private guide included. 

  • Tuesday, March 17th

    • Travel Day. 

Options for Other Activities

  • Private City Bike Tour - Great way to explore and learn about the city (This can also be in a group) 

  • Private Mercado/Street food tour - Eat your way through colorful neighborhoods and market. 

  • Barrio Tour - Tour a neighborhood that represents the changes Medellin has gone through, from the past that made Medellin famous to the present that makes a sample to follow world wide  

  • Coffee Crawl - Do we need to say more? Taste some of the best coffee in some of the best spots of the city

  • Visit to Coffee Farm - Tour, workshop, and tasting (4 -5 hours)

  • Visit to Coffee Farm and Jardín; gorgeous colorful mountain town (8-10 hours)  

  • Horseback riding in mountains around the city - gorgeous views, cute interesting stops (4-5 hours)

  • Bike tour along old train tracks in the mountains 


  • II will share my favorite restaurants, coffee shops, bars, museums, plazas, and dance spots, and make reservations as you wish. 

Some photos of Medellin, Guatape and Peñol Below:


Estimated Cost of Package Above, and Other Options:


I can offer everything outlined above for $6499.  That is for the 5-star hotels (Two Rooms), the flights, the activities, the transportation, and everything else detailed on the page. 

Other Options for Itinerary and possible cost are:

OPTION B($5999)

  • 3 Nights in Cartagena​

  • 2 Nights in Rosario Islands

    • Keeping things pretty similar the other days, but ​making space for two nights at the islands. Around those dates, many of my preferred ones are sold out, but there is a bungalow available at a really good hotel that includes all meals. It is also located in the main island, so you would be able to explore it, and check out other spots more easily.  

    • To make space we would remove one day in Medellin and one in Cartagena. 

  • 3 Nights in Medellin 

OPTiON C (Similar price to Option A)  

  • Replace Medellin with Bogota 

    • The plan would be very similar.  The cities have a very different vibes, but some of the activities are similar.  The night life might be better in Bogota.  As far as the day trip, we would replace the day trip to Guatape with perhaps a trip to the Salt Cathedral in Zipaquira, 

Remember the following:

  1. I can add, change, or remove any items. 

  2. If you have another budget in mind let me know. I will be happy to work with it.

  3. As we continue to tailor and finalize details, price will be adjusted accordingly. 

  4. Once you decide cities, and flights, I can update the plan accordingly. 

Thank you again for the opportunity to show you what we can do for you.  Looking forward to tailor this as much as needed for you.