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Magical Cartagena 

Mar 5 - 9, 2020

Thursday to Monday (4 nights)

15 guests

Hello Beautiful People,  


I wanted to share with you an updated high-level plan for your fabulous bachelor party in Cartagena next year.  I hope this helps continuing the discussion and planning!  

Please take a look and tell me all questions and comments you might have


  • 15 guests in Cartagena

  • One house located in the old colonial part of town

    • Maid/cook service 

    • Drinks/mixers/Snacks for the house

  • Breakfast

  • Possible activities:

    • History Bike Tour

      • Bikes, private guide​

    • Sunset drinks / catamaran 

      • sail around the bay, with welcome and cocktail drinks ​

      • Not private

    • Walking tour of the colonial town

      • Guided walk

      • Round of drinks

      • Street food tasting

    • Island Hopping

      • Private boat with crew, some drinks and tropical snacks

  • Host and Concierge Services

    • Me as a the host and guide for some of experiences

    • Concierge service before and during the trip (reservations, planning for additional activities, etc) 

  • Airport shuttles in Cartagena 

    • Estimate includes up to 4 separate shuttles (Max 4 people each)​



We have a house!!  About the house:


  • This is a large colonial house, result of combining two houses into one. 

  • The house is located at: Centro Histórico Cll de la Tablada

  • 12 rooms: (Two more than we thought)

    • 5 Rooms with King bed

    • 5 Rooms with Double bed

    • 2 Rooms with Queen bed ​ 

  • One pool,  two jacuzzis, rooftops, two small courtyard, common areas (outside and indoors with AC)   

  • The house is run as a hotel: daily cleaning, room service, 24hr security, concierge services 

  • They will prepare breakfasts, fresh juices, and snacks daily. I will work with them the menus, so special requests can be taken

  • There is also a coffee shop next door, part of the building (Big Plus)

  • Located just short walking distance from plazas, parks, restaurants, bars, the wall, and more. 


Plan with THIS Option - $15,600


Thursday - Arrivals

  • Welcome drinks at the house

  • Sunset Catamaran Drinks (Not private) 

  • Dinner reservation / Bottle service at club (not included in price)


  • Explore town - Pool time.

  • History Bike Tour (Afternoon - Around Sunset) 

  • Salsa dancing class (after tour at the house)

  • Dinner at the house (Details TBD)

  • Salsa dancing!! at one of the hottest clubs in town, Havana (How appropriate)


  • Explore town - Pool time.

  • Street food tasting/bar-rooftop hopping  (Mid Afternoon- Sunset)​

  • Dinner Reservation / club


  • ISLAND HOPPING! around the Rosario Islands. We will stop to swim, snorkel (if we want), and check out beautiful beaches a long the way where we can relax, drink, eat, and party.   We will also have drinks and ceviche made just for us! 

    • We will have lunch at one of the islands

Monday - Departures

  • Private transportation to the airport. 

Other options for activities


  • Market tour - Get a guided tour of the local "Mercado". Bazurto is a local market, raw, large, and full of local folklore and flavor. Definitely an experience.  This activity would be in the morning.

  • Mud Volcano - Like 45 min from the city there is a "mud volcano", where you can bath. It is suppose to be good for your skin. It is not for everyone, but also an unique and fun experience.  This can be morning, or early afternoon. 

  • Cooking Class

  • Salsa Dancing Class 

  • Rum Tasting

  • Horse back riding  

  • Coffee Roasting Workshop and tasting - Learn about coffee, roast your own, and taste some of the best.  This is near the house. 

  • Anything else in mind? Let me know. I will make it happen. 

  • Check out our Cartagena guide for additional information 


Current cost is $15,600 based on the chosen property and activities listed on the itinerary:


  • Paid (Nov 14,  2019): $5000

  • Outstanding: $10,600

  • New Outstanding Total: $10,800 (Added $200 for Salsa Class in the house)

    • Cost to charge per guest: $850​.  Remaining balance to be paid by J&B

Please remember we can still add and modify things.  Final cost will reflect any edits we do to the plan. 


  1. Confirm activities

  2. Start sharing plan with guests

  3. Collect payments from guests. Do you want me to manage/collect payments? 

  4. Collect flight information to schedule transfers.

  5. Plan for dinners, and extra group activities (e.g. Clubs)

Previous Options
Option ONE - $11,900
Option Two- $12,200


LOCATION :  These are all in the Colonial Area. One is in Getsemani, and the others are in EL Centro.


El Centro - More classic and traditional. More developed into tourism, bigger houses, more plazas and restaurants, most of the main landmarks are located here.  On the other hand, most of the shops and vendors are here as well, so it can feel a bit more crowded and touristic.  It is also a bit more expensive :

  • Option 2 (5 bedrooms/5.5 bath) - One of my favorite. Spacious, large pool area and rooms. Great staff and service.


Getsemani - It has become the trendier part of town, more and more boutique hotels, cafes, and restaurants are  popping up. It is right next to El Centro and it is becoming more popular. Younger crowds:

  • Option 1 (6 bedrooms/6.5 bath) - I have stayed here. good service. Cute design. Good size rooms.  (Only available Feb weekend) 

plan with Option Three - $12,900
Plan with THIS Option - $12,700
PLAN WITH Option Four- $13,600 ($12,600)
Plan with This Option - $17,500
plan with THIS Option - $18,750
PLAN WITH THIS Option- $19,999


  • Option 2 (9 bedrooms/9 bath) - This house has one of the largest pool areas in Cartagena. Large rooms, simple but colorful decor, great service staff. 

    • This house has no hot water, but again people usually don't mind this giving the local weather.  Water would be more room temperature. 

  • Option 3 (8 bedrooms/9 bath) - This house is large. Large rooms with clean decor, and nice pool area.  I think it is much more plain and simple than the others but the cost is within the range.  

  • Option 4 (8 bedrooms/10.5 bath) - This house is beautiful.  modern. It has a nice indoor pool and a gorgeous rooftop. 

    • This house might be the highest but it is a gorgeous house. Not bad for the  price. ​

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