Kevin and Justin Do Colombia 

Hello Kevin, Justin

This is the final summary of your program while in beautiful Cartagena.  We have details about your accommodation, history bike tour, and island hopping extravaganza. 

As well as information and recommendations for transportation, restaurants, and additional things to do.  

Cartagena - May 25 to May 29


  • Hotel La Artilleria, Superior Double Room. Calle Pacoa 10- 101, Getsemaní

    • This hotel is small, but comfortable. Good service, very friendly staff. They will try to accommodate any requests you may have. They also offer some activities and extra services.  It is off the bitten path but close to many restaurants and cafes.  Overall a good deal at the rate we were looking. 

    • Your package includes breakfast buffet style every morning. 

  • Hotel is located in Getsemani. This area is part of the colonial city. It is more traditional than El Centro (the main colonial part), more residential.  You can still see a lot of locals living in there, but yet it's also more hipster. Many call it the Brooklyn of New York.  It is walking distance to El Centro, and full of small bars, clubs, graffiti art. younger crowds, and more. Some of my favorite restaurants, cafes, and bars are located here. Including the only gay club of the city, D8. 

  • It is located only 10 minutes walk from el Centro.  In the below graphic you will see its location as compared to some of important spots. 

    • Cafe del Mar - Good place to catch the sunset.  (17 min walk)​

    • Juan del Mar - Good Restaurant (10 min)

    • D8 - Gay Club (10 min)

    • Pier Los Pegasos - Where you will catch your private boat. (7 min)

    • La Esquina del Pan de Bono - Good place for local bake goods and juices. (10 min)

    • Cafe del Mural - Good Coffee shop. They also have fun workshops and tastings. (7 min)


  • Friday, May 25 - Arrival. You are arriving in the National flights section.  This is actually better for grabbing taxis because you won't have to negotiate with taxi drivers.

    • Exchange some money at the airport.  You can do it all to be done with that, or some here to have cash to pay for the taxi and other immediate needs, and some more later in the city where the rate is better.

    • When you come out, stay to your left (ignore all the offers for taxi at the door), and keep going around the corner to the Taxi dispatcher window.

    • Tell the assistant you are going to "Getsemani",  if she asks for hotel, tell her Hotel La Artilleria.  She will give you a ticket with the amount to pay on it (It should be around $16,000 COP, like 7 USD). Give this to the taxi driver. 

    • ​The driver should know where the hotel is, but if he doesn't having the hotel marked on your google maps or the address in hand will help. 


  • Saturday May 26 - 07:50 AM - History Bike Tour. Meet your group at Bikes and arts, on MediaLuna street, in front of Mystic House Hostal. which is not too far from the hotel. Tours starts at 8am but arrive earlier to get everything set up. You will enjoy of a beautiful morning exploring the entire old town area.  Make sure to remember the spots you like so you can return later during your trip.

  • Sunday May 27 - 10:00 AM - Island Hopping. You get to choose the time. I recommend not later than 10:30am to enjoy the full day as much as possible. Let me know via WhatsApp if you want to change this time.  It should be changed at least one day in advance

    • Get an Uber or taxi, and have them take you to Muelle de las Gaviotas, in Castillo Grande area (Gaviota Pier) See map below.​ This should be no more than $10,000 COP. 

    • Your Captain and assistant should be waiting for you at the small pier (really small). They will have your names. You guys can ask for Ucho, he is the POC.

    • Feel free to bring wines, waters, drinks, snacks, anything you want. There will be a cooler and on the way out the captain will stop for ice.

    • The route is simple and beautiful. First, you sail for 35 minutes or so outside the Cartagena Bay, you will see the city skyline, the port, and the island of Tierra Bomba on the way out. Finishing with the Bocachica Fortress, which was the first line of defense of the Spaniards against Pirates.

    • Then you will be in the open ocean, on your way to Islas del Rosario. You will see the change in the water when you arrive, it is breathtaking.   We usually ask the captain to stop and anchor for a while, so people can jump in, dive and swim for a bit. It is up to you. 

    • Then you will sail/cruise around the islands. Feel free to ask the captain to stop for a swim or to snorkeling.

    • From here you till head towards the island of Baru.  In this large island you have three stops you can choose from. Please tell your Captain where you want to go, or how much time you want to spend in each place, etc. 

      • Cholon - Party central. Many yachts, music playing, many people drinking, dancing, etc. Food and drinks available.  You can eat and drink in the water (servers will take your order), or walk inland for more options. Drinks and food are ok

      • Playa Agua Azul - More calm and quiet. Less people.  Better to relax, and walk along the beach. Drinks are ok, Food not the best, but decent if you want to have a small snack.  

      • Playa Blanca - it is the largest and most beautiful, with multiple places where to eat and drink, relax, etc.  It can be the most crowded as well since all tours end up here, but you are on a private boat and therefore can reach a less crowded side of the strand.  We have a recommended place where you can sit, get a spot/table and get good drinks and good food.  I like to always end here around 2 or 3 PM, to enjoy the last two/three hours, but it is not mandatory, You can walk the beach and pick another place if you want. 

    • You can do all three, just two, or just one of these places. Just  be aware of your time, and choose base on how you would like to spend your day. It is yours to enjoy.

    • Remember the islands are still is pretty native. Specially the public places you will visit. Accommodations, and service will reflect this, so go with an open mind, and enjoy the island living. 

    • There will be sellers on the beaches, if you don't want to buy something from them, or get a massage from them, etc., just let them know you are not interested. Don't entertain them otherwise they wont' leave.

    • The captain like to start heading back not later than 5PM, as the ocean gets rougher in the evenings. If they know the water will get rougher earlier, they might ask you to leave a little earlier too. Please be flexible and understanding if this is the case. It is for your safety.  

  • Monday, May 28 -  Free day


  • Tuesday, May 29 - Departure.  You can get an Uber, or simply ask the front desk to get you a taxi. If you get a taxi, remember to confirm the fare before you get in.  It should no be more than $20,000.


​Ursula Hosting, 2019