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Havana Package

Nov 23-26

Hello again, 

I have updated the plan to show a total of 3 nights, and the options for accommodation available for that weekend based on your preference.   Please take a look and tell me what you think. 

Once I hear from you I will go ahead and secure the place you choose. That weekend is a busy one, and there is a lot of demand, there were less options, and prices went up.  Please let me know at your earliest convenience which one you prefer, so I can confirm. 


Located in Old Town (Havana Vieja). This place has a great location, great hosts, and walking distance from restaurants, cafes, museums, and bars. Modern finishings, good spaces, balconies, amazing views. 


Privately owned and follow the rules and regulations of the US Government as it relates to travel to Cuba.  

Two Bedroom Apartment

  • Located in old town as well, near the entrance of the bay.

  • Close to parks, restaurants, the famous malecon of Habana, and some of the major attractions in the city. 

  • Modern Design, very bright, with two bedrooms, and amazing views of the city.  

  • The living room and main room have balconies.  

  • One thing to point out, is the security in the building. It is one of the few with doorman, which is good, but also means they are more strict. By law, hosts can only let registered travelers to stay in their properties. Locals need to be registered to enter the hotel. This is a law they have to combat prostitution and also prevent travelers from being victims of theft.  In other words... you may not be able to bring 'Guests" back home. 



Day One - Friday Nov 23rd 

  • 04:10 PM Arrival at Airport - We will wait for you and take you to your accommodation onboard an elegant classic American car.  

  • 05:00 PM Check in at Apartment - This might be a little too late for a tour, but you could take your time exploring the neighborhood on your own before dinner.  Old Havana is beautiful and full of places to explore.

  • 08:30 PM - Dinner Reservation - Casa Miglis (Lealtad 120 entre Animas y Lagunas, Centro Habana)  This place is beautiful, the food is good, and they have life music around this time. Ask them to sit you inside, near the stage so you can see the show.  ​

    • Remember you have the option of coordinating taxis with Jaime to this and to all dinner reservations. We have set prices with them, so you don't need to be negotiating with drivers.  You can talk about this when you meet him or call him ​using the cell phone provided. 

  • Night Out

    • Check out La Guarida for a drink after dinner. It is about 10 minute walk from Miglis (the neighborhood looks rough, but it is totally safe). They were booked for dinner, but they have a nice rooftop where you can go to grab a drink, and check out the space as you take the steps to the rooftop. 

    • Late Night - King Bar. See Gay Guide

Day Two - Saturday Nov 24th

  • 10:00 AM Once Upon the Time - Walk the streets of Old Habana with one of our favorite guides. Learn about history, best places to explore, and more.  Route can be influenced by any particular requests you might have. 

  • 01:00 PM - Lunch Reservation - Del Frente. Grab lunch in old town. Our guide can recommend you a good one, or let us make a reservation in advance in one of our favorites.  Our guide should be able to show you or take you there. 

  • 04:00 PM Classic Riding - Get ready to enjoy the beauty of Habana onboard a beautiful convertible American Classic car. This is experience is led by our favorite and most wanted guide. He knows about history and fun facts.  He will take you to multiple points of interest and some of his favorite spots too. 

  • 08:30 PM - Dinner Reservation - Tierra (Inside FAC).  Let the doorman know you are there for dinner. No need to do the line id there is one already outside. 

  • Night Out 

    • Fabrica de Arte Cubano: This is place is a must when visiting La Habana. It is a multilevel/interactive/art experience.  Something you would expect in places like Miami, LA.  Music, paintings, dancing, gallery, fashion, drinks, food, even theater sometimes.  Their shows change every weekend.  There are a lot tourists, but also a lot of young Cubans, it is a good face of the society to see.  ​ You will go straight to the door and tell them you have dinner reservation at Tierra.  This will grant you entry without having to do the line.   They open at 8pm, so try to arrive then to explore it before dinner, or simply explore it after dinner.   Stick for a while, there are shows all through out the night in the different rooms.  Ask Jaime to arrange taxi here for you. On the way back gran taxi at the entrance, or walk to the corner and use some of your Spanish to negotiate a cheaper cab ride. 

    • Late night: Cafe Cantante (Gay Club on Saturdays). See Gay Guide.  

Day Three - Sunday Nov 25th

  • 11:00 AM Beach Please. Depending at what time if your flight, I would recommend spending a beautiful day in the beach. this is a favorite of our clients. We arrange transportation to one of the most beautiful beaches near Habana, and it's a gay one.  Only 40 minutes aways. We also provide you with tips on how to make it a fantastic day. ​

  • 08:30 PM - Dinner Reservation - Porto Habana. (Calle E No 158B, 11th Floor, between calzada and 9na,  Vedado). This place is pretty unique. It is located in the 11th floor of a residential building, the decor is a mix of vintage, modern, and old. The food is good, and cocktails are yummy.  They owners are a hot gay couple, ask to meet them ;) 

    • Check out Efe 23. It is a little artsy, a little hipster, a little gay.  If you feel adventurous, check out Las Vegas or El Carabali (See Gay Guide)

Day Four - Monday Nov 26th​​

  • 10:00 AM Revolution Time - How not to visit the Revolution museum. This place is not only the most beautiful building in Havana, it is also full of interesting stories and history.  It is a good way to find out how such famous event in history took place. Keep in mind this is as it is told by the government, so make sure to ask questions and make your own understanding. Our guide is the best, you would love her. 

  • 12:30 PM - Lunch Reservation - El Carbon.  Good food, and pretty close to the apartment.  Ask our guide to show you or take you there. 

  • 02:30 PM Departure - Our driver will be ready to take you to the airport at this time, for your 5:10PM flight. 

Other Options for Night Out:  Another option for Friday or Sunday night would be some kind of Life Cuban Music Show. These are very touristic, but they are fun. They usually include a bottle of rum, and the show; some include dinner. Their prices vary anywhere from $60 tp $100.  Check out if you want places like Buena Vista Social Club or the famous Tropicana.  Let me know what you think.  We can make the reservation for you. 

Some Clothing Stores: Clandestina ,   Plaza de la Catedral Artisan Market 

Some Additional Options for Activities

  • Hemingway Tour

  • Dinner with locals

  • Castle/fortress tour

  • Art focused activities 

  • Rum and cigar experiences

  • Guided gay nights

  • We can also coordinate Day trips - They include transportation and guide. These will require additional cost.  I don't recommend them for this trip since it is only a couple of days, but they are available if you want to look into it. 

    • to Varadero - World famous beach. This can also be overnight stay in an all inclusive resort 

    • to Bahia de Cochinos ( Eco tourism, national park, learn about indigenous traditions 

    • to Soroa - Terrazas (Waterfalls, nature walk and hike

    • to Viñales - Countryside extravaganza. Horseback riding, beautiful landscape

  • We can coordinate other experiences upon request.  You want it. we can make it happen. 



We are able to offer this 3 night/4 day package to Havana for $1351.  In addition to accommodation and activities, our package would also include:


  • Round trip Airport transportation in an American Classic Car

  • Breakfast 

  • All required paper work to meet US restrictions on travel to Cuba under the People to People Exchange category

  • Concierge services before and during your trip. We know the city and can recommend and help with reservations at restaurants, shows, and other things to do. We can also help setting up transportation. All of this can be planned in advance and pay through us so you don't have to worry about bringing enough money to Cuba

  • Access to our local agent. Someone who is there to help you and guide you as needed. He will welcome you and go over your plan when you arrive, and will also be available to assist during the duration of your trip.

  • Assistance exchanging money at the best rate possible

  • Guides for the city as requested. You will get list of restaurants I recommend, and a gay city guide.

  • A cell phone for you to use. Easiest way to contact our local agent whenever you need him. We include $20 CUC credit. 

  • 3 WiFi cards so you can stay connected when you arrive.  Our agent can get you more if you need them, plus guide you on where to connect. 

  • We leave in the apartment rum, and beers for you to enjoy during your stay


  • We are including 4 local activities in this sample.  4 are required based on the length of your trip. 

  • We can add to this as much as you want. It really depends on the type of experience you want.

    • Things like a full time private car with chauffeur for each day or include cost of taxis we would schedule for you

    • A personal guide full time if you want. You already get the local agent/host, and most activities are guided. 

    • We can make reservations for all your meals in advance, or simply give you our suggestions and recommendations 

    • Same for night life. I include recommendations and tips on how to spend the nights so you can do it on your own, but I can also plan those out for you. 

Let me know if you have any questions or comments after reviewing the package.  We are happy to work with you until we have the perfect package. 


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