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Our europe Trip
Friday, May 27 to Sunday, june 12  
(16 nights)


This is the latest outline/plan of our trip to Europe with Ursula Hosting.  A high-level proposal with itinerary and plans for transportation and activities. 

Take your time going through this and let us know if you are interested in joining us in any part of the trip, or have any questions.

Proposed Itinerary


  • Thursday, May 26 - New York City to Dubrovnik

    • Departing Thursday (26) - Arriving Friday (27)

    • Five nights:

      • Two nights in Dubrovnik (hotel)

        • One night before the cruise, and one after so we can rest and prepare for next flight

      • Three night cruise in Catamaran visiting a couple of islands and other places near Dubrovnik.

  • Wednesday, June 1- Dubrovnik to Rome ​​

    • Direct flight to Rome​

    • One night.  This would be a nonstop flight to Rome. Enough time to walk around the city and see the famous landmarks. 

  • Thursday, June 2 - Rome to Florence

    • Departing mid afternoon. ​

    • Train to Florence (1st Class included)

    • Four nights in Florence, which is located in the heart of Tuscany.  Florence would serve as our home base as we explore vineyards and the beauty of the Tuscany region.

  • Monday, June 6 - Florence to Venice 

    • Train to Venice (1st Class)​

    • Included private water taxi from the airport to the hotel, and from the hotel to the train station.

    • One night. Enough time to walk around and explore this unique Italian jewel.

  • Tuesday - June 7 - Venice to Santorini​ 

    • ​Direct flight to Santorini

    • Five nights in Oia, Santorini. Perhaps the prettiest and most famous town in the island.  (Tuesday to Sunday)

  • Sunday, June 12 - Santorini to New York

    • Leaving in the morning, and arriving at night. There is a good number of options for flight with just one stop under 15 hours. 


Accommodations, Activities, and more

We are looking at a variety of accommodations. From 4/5 star hotels to airbnbs.   The focused is quality and location.  

To note:

  • For hotels, we are planing to share rooms. Airbnb's would be larger, and we can look for properties with enough rooms for everyone. 

  • All photos are from available properties at this time, but keep in mind they might not be available by the time we decide to reserve. In that case, similar properties would be found.

Dubrovnik, Coratia (5 Nights)

  • This city was picked as our home in Croatia because it has a more beautiful old town and offers good options for short trips on catamarans.  

  • Hotel for the first and the last night. Most likely we could even leave some of our bags at the hotel while we go on our 3 night/4 day cruise.  ​​

  • We are thinking private transportation from and to the airport, and Uber or local taxi to catch the cruise. 

  • The Catamaran would take us to 3/4 different islands, and offer equipment for outdoor activities (Biking, kayaking, etc).  We will have options for additional tours, and breakfast is included. 

    • There are 4 rooms. Each with enough space for two people.  For instance, we are sharing a room  (two single beds) with ensuite bathroom.  ​

    • The Itinerary looks like this:

      • Day One : Dubrovnik (Komolac) - Kolocep Island - Lopud and Sipan islands

      • Day Two : Lopud and Sipan islands - Mljet Island National Park - Peljesac Peninsula

      • Day Three: Peljesac Peninsula - Broce and Ston

      • Day Four: Ston - Elaphiti Islands - Back to Komolac again

Rome (1 Night)

  • Easy to get to from the stations. Using train, and then taxi or Uber from/to the hotel

  • Hotel option is very central, which would allow us to walk around and explore the main sites.

    • Breakfast included​

  • No activity is included but we could add one if the group prefers.  We will get recommendations for things to do and restaurants. 

Florence (4 nights)

  • Florence is full of history, beautiful architecture, and tons of wine and good food!  We will stay here, but will do day trips to different vineyards and the Chianti country. 

  • We are thinking airbnb here, as we will spend more nights.   

    • For now we are considering a two bedroom apartment, but can look into something bigger if some of you join us here.

  • For activities, we have:

    • Two different wine and food tasting experiences.  A lot of wine, exploring the country, great food and company. 

    • ​Pasta Cooking Class with a Michelin rated restaurant Chef.  
  • Note: We are planning to include private transportation to get to some of the activities.   

Venice (1 Night)

  • In Venice, we would be picked up by a water taxi and taken directly to the hotel.

  • Nice hotel in the middle of it all. 

  • No activities included for now.  We would have plenty of time to walk and explore the canals, the shops, and restaurants.  

  • We would stay one night and leave the next day to Greece. Direct flight.  

Oia, Santorini (5 nights) 

  • This is the best place to stay in the island.  Beautiful views, great restaurant and bars. 

  • Plan is to stay in a suite in a 4 star hotel, with a double bed. Small living room, balcony, great views, and nice big bathroom. Hotel has a pool. 

    • very central. 

    • Includes breakfast.

  • For activities, we have planned for a sailing experience around the islands, along beautiful coasts, and with stops in different beaches and coves where you can appreciate beautiful Santorini while swimming, and enjoying a nice meal at the end with wine.     ​

Package Details:

  • All accommodations

    • Dubrovnik Hotel - 2 nights

    • Catamaran - 3 nights

    • Rome Hotel - 1 night

    • Florence Apartment - 4 nights

    • Venice Hotel - 1 night

    • Santorini Hotel - 5 nights

  • Flights (Including one checked bag each, carry ons, and refundable when available)

    • Dubrovnik - Rome

    • Venice - Santorini 

  • Fast Trains (1st Class)

    • Rome - Florence

    • Florence - Venice

  • Activities 

    • Dubrovnik -  Catamaran (Island hopping, visit towns, water sports, etc)

    • Tuscany -  Wine Tasting

    • Tuscany - Wine Tasting

    • Tuscany - Cooking Class

    • Santorini - Island Hopping

  • Transfers

    • Dubrovnik - Rountrip Airport Transfer

    • Venice - Roundtrip Water Taxi

    • Santorini - Roundtrip Airport Transfer

  • Concierge services before the trip. Ursula Hosting will recommend and help with reservations for additional activities, restaurants, shows, and other things to do.  All of this can be planned in advance and paid through them so we don't have to worry paying later.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to join us for the entire trip or part of it. Once you decide to join us, we would connect you with Ursula Hosting to determine the cost for you based on the destination(s) you want to visit.

Thank you 

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