Havana Package

April 11 - 15 


Thank you again for choosing to travel with us to Havana.  It is truly one of our favorite destinations, and I hope it will be one of your as well.


I created this high level itinerary/proposal for your 4 night/5 day trip, two guests. Please let me know what you think; we can add/remove/change everything until you are 100% satisfied.

In summary, this package would include: 


  • Accommodation for 4 nights

  • Airport pick up and drop off onboard a classic American car

  • 5 activities

    • 4 local activities in Havana

    • One day trip

  • Breakfast at home

  • Your own local host. Someone who would welcome you, help you with money exchange (best rate for USD), assist with last minute reservations, taxis, coordination with tour guides, and anything else you might need. You can contact him anytime via telephone. 

  • A cellphone you can use to contact your local agent whenever he is needed. We include a $10 CUC credit (About $11 USD) 

  • Concierge services before and during your trip. We know the city and can recommend and help with reservations at restaurants, shows, and setting up transportation in advance. 

  • All required paperwork to meet US restrictions on travel to Cuba 

  • We also provide you with 2 WiFi cards (one hour each) so you can stay connected when you arrive. 

  • A bottle of a 7 Year Reserved Rum by Havana Club and beers for the apartment.


Option One - 2 bedroom / One bath Apartment - Old Havana

  • Super spacious and comfortable apartment. Full of light.

  • Located right next to one of the main plazas in Old Havana. Plaza Vieja. 

  • It also has a small terrace to share with a couple of other apartments.

  • Near major museums and plazas, restaurants, and shopping.

  • The staff comes in the mornings for cleaning and cooking. Breakfast prepared in the apartment every morning. 






Option Two - 2 bedroom / One bath Apartment - Old Havana

  • Modern apartment with one of the best views in town.  

  • Located in Old Havana, but close to the bay and Centro Havana. It is a nicer area of the Old town neighborhood.

  • Doorman and elevator, since it is in one of the newer buildings in the area.   

  • Near major museums and plazas, restaurants, and shopping as well.

  • The staff comes in the mornings for cleaning and cooking.  Breakfast prepared in the apartment every morning. 






Option Three -  Room w/ Private Bathroom in small Bed and Breakfast - Centro Havana ($1349)

  • Very comfortable Bed n Breakfast that offers guests a lot of privacy and comfort.  Two beds in bedroom.

  • It has three levels, a large balcony, and nice terrace.  

  • Located in Centro Habana. Which is walking distance from Old Havana (10 min) in the heart of it all.  It is a very safe neighborhood. Very representative of the city.

  • It is also only a couple of blocks from the famous Malecon, and some of the best restaurants in the city like La Guarida, Casa Miglis, San Cristobal, and more. 

  • The staff comes in the mornings for cleaning and cooking, leave in the afternoon.  Breakfast prepared in the apartment every morning. 



Come out! Let's go for a ride #wehost #youtravel #ourhome #classicriding #havana #hostingduties #let
Come out! Let's go for a ride #wehost #youtravel #ourhome #classicriding #havana #hostingduties #let





Day One - Thursday - April 11

  • Morning to Early Afternoon Arrival - Our agent will be waiting for you at the airport to drive you to your accommodation (Please provide address). Estimated time of arrival at the apartment would be 01:30PM 

  • 04:00 PM - 06:00 PM Classic Riding Enjoy the beauty of this large city, onboard a beautiful convertible American Classic car. This is experience is led by our favorite and most wanted guide. He knows about history and fun facts.  He will take you to multiple points of interest and some of his favorite spots too. ​A great way to be introduced to the city.


Day Two - Friday - April 12

  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Once Upon A Time - Walking Tour - Let our guide meet you at the apartment and take you on a walk to remember. She will show you the main spots of the area; plazas, hotels, parks, shopping areas. Share with you history and current facts of this fascinating place. She will have a plan, but let her know if there is something in particular you would like to see so she can accommodate.  

    • Doing this the first day will be helpful to help you familiarize with the area so you can easily walk it on your own the remaining of the trip. 

  • 06:30 PM - Dinners with Locals - Jaime, our host, invites you to join his family for dinner.  His aunt is known for her hospitality and cooking! you are in for a treat.  Coordinate with Jaime transportation the occasion. Cost of the car is included.  

Day Three - Saturday - April 13

  • 08:00 AM  - Viñales - Breathtaking views, prehistoric sites, coffee/tobacco fields, organic farms, and other natural wonders made Viñales an UNESCO World Heritage site. Viñales is a complete paradise ready to welcome visitors, and what better way to explore it than on a horse.  Leave the house early in the morning, and be welcomed in Viñales by our local guide who will have your horses ready.  Some of the options are visiting tabaco plantations, learn about beekeeping in the area, swim in a local lake, ride near the famous mogotes, and more. 

    • If horseback riding is not for you, we could tour the area in the car. The experience would be a bit different as some stops would need to change, but it would still be good. 

  • 06:30 PM - Expected return home


Day Four - Sunday - April 14

  • 11:00 AM to 04:00 PM Beach Please - Only 40 minutes away from the city there is a beautiful beach. A place where locals and tourists go to unwind and relax. We like to take our guests to an area where you can rent lounge chairs, and order drinks and lunch while enjoying the sun and the blue of the Caribbean sea.  We recommend heading back around 4-5PM. 

    • You decide when to leave and come back. We provide transportation and some tips. The driver will pick you up, drop you off, and come back whenever you tell him to pick you up again.​

Day Five - Monday - April 15

  • Departure - Our driver will be ready to pick you up 2.5 hours before your flight.  Let me or your local host know if you rather a bit earlier or later departure. 

  • If you leave later in the day (4PM and later), we could plan another activity for the morning time.   


  • Nights out - I recommend based on your preferences places to go and explore for night live. Live music, bars, etc.  (e.g. Tropicana, gay nights, etc.)

  • Lunch/Dinners -  I provide a list of recommendations for restaurants based on my own and previous guests' experiences.  You tell us where you want to go and we will make all reservations for you. I am happy to provide suggestions as well if you are not sure.  This is valuable, as places in Havana are a hit or miss. 

  • Transportation We can also pre-arrange transportation to restaurants and additional places as you need. You can pay each ride in Cuba, or pre-paid with us so you don't spend your valuable cash in Cuba (remember no ATMs or credit cards). 

  • More Beach Time - If you would like more beach time. We could start the guided walk on Friday earlier, and take you to the beach after. 

Other Options for Activities

  • Hemingway Tour

  • Castle/fortress tour

  • Art Tours (Studios, galleries, Community street projects, museums, more)

  • Guided Museums Visits (Modern Art Museum, Revolution Museum, and more)

  • Scuba diving - This would be from Havana.  Although there is no sandy beach in the city, the shore front offers great access to the ocean. 

  • We can also coordinate day trips - They include transportation and guide. These will require additional cost. Prices available upon request​

    • to Varadero (World famous beach. This can also be overnight stay in an all inclusive resort) 

    • to Bahia de Cochinos ( Eco tourism, national park, learn about indigenous traditions)  

    • to Soroa - Terrazas (Waterfalls, nature walk and hike)

  • We can coordinate other experiences upon request

Estimated Cost 

​The estimated cost of the trip based on activities and accommodation is:

  • Option One - $1559

  • Option Two - $1999

  • Option Three - $1399

Let me know if there are any questions, special requests, or changes.  We can continue to tailor this plan until you are completely satisfied.