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Celebrating George 

4 nights in Havana 

Feb/MAr 2020 

Hello Again Darling,

This is the updated plan. This version reflects your last input.  Let me know if you have any additional comments or questions:

Just like before, we can still add, remove, combine, create, etc.  

Summary of what is included:


  • Estimate for 6 people

  • March time frame - After looking at availability with the hotel, only weekends in March were available (Entire hotel or at least three rooms) 

  • 4 nights/5 days (We can add more if you desire)

  • Accommodation in Boutique Hotel 
    • I am listing at the bottom the dates the hotel is available completely (4 rooms) or the dates three rooms are available (Including the  PH suite)
  • Breakfast included in cost.
  • Airport transfers (Up to Three included in this estimate)
  • Following Activities for 6 people
    • Once Upon A Time - Guided walk across Old Town
    • Classic Ride - Convertible Classic Car ride
    • Day trip to Viñales with horse riding experience
    • Cuban Salsa ( dance classes + Night out dancing salsa)
    • Cooking class and dinner with locals
    • Beach Day
  • Travel documentation to meet government requirements

  • WiFi cards to access internet. One card per person. Each card would last an hour.  

  • Some drinks at the house (Round of drinks a couple of times and waters, since the hotel sell drinks) 

  • Travel Documents to meet Government travel requirements

  • Concierge services before and during your trip.  Planing/reservations at restaurants, shows, and other things to do. ​​ Also assistance with money exchange.

  • Hosting Services.  Me there to take care of all logistics, guide additional walks and excursions into the city, etc.

Accommodations - Boutique Hotel - 3/4 Rooms 

  • Small boutique/artsy hotel in the heart of Centro Havana. 

  • Great accommodations, decor, service, location.  This place is pretty unique, like nothing else in the city, great little bar, art everywhere, closer to old town, across from the ocean (No beach, but the Malecon).

  • No pool, but they do have a small cool rooftop,  a suite with its own terrace overlooking the ocean, and views from the second floor as well. Also, this is one of the first/only places to have wifi signal onsite. No need to go to a hot spot park or big hotel (Wifi card still necessary)

  • They do open their rooftop to the public sometimes, and open their spaces for small events, like live music, art shows, etc. This could be cool, and a great opportunity to mingle with a selective group of locals into the arts and music scene. If you see this as a downside, we can also talk to them and try to coordinate those days to not host those events.   Emphasis on "try". 

  • 4 rooms in total. 

    • Room One -  Double Room​ (Queen Bed)

    • Room Two -  Triple Double Room (Queen Bed and Sofa Bed)

    • Room Three - Family Room (Queen Bed and Two Single Beds)

    • Room Four - Suite (Queen Bed and sofa bed)

​Possible Itinerary 


Day one

  • Airport Pick up​

  • Depending on arrival time, we could do "Once Upon a Time".  Walk the streets of Old Habana, the main touristic area of the city. Learn about history, fun facts, and some of best places to explore on your own. Route can be influenced by any particular requests you might have.  We can check out some great restaurants and bars after the tour. Transportation and guide (me) provided. 

  • Cuban Salsa (Part One)  - Let's get the trip started off right with some hip moving! We have great instructors ready to share their salsa skills with us!  We can have this session at the end of the walking tour after we have had couple of drinks and feeling good! 

  • Havana Nights - I will work with you to find the perfect options for dinners, drinks, shows.  We can plan all nights. Some ideas are:​​

    • Drinks at beautiful Rooftops​. Dinner in a variety of restaurants (Speakeasy, elegant, live music, etc.)

    • Fabrica de Arte Cubano (FAC) - Huge venue with art exhibits, live music, bars, food, concerts, DJ, etc.

    • Live Shows, Salsa Clubs, etc. 

    • Gay Bars/Clubs, Help organizing bottle service (e.g Cafe Cantante on Saturday Night) 

Day two

  • Classic Riding - 9am to 11am or 4pm to 6 pm. Enjoy the beauty of Habana onboard convertible classic American cars.  Late afternoon (or morning), for three hours. This is experience would be led local guides who would show you multiple points of interest, favorites spots, and share with you history and interesting facts of the city.  We would need two cars.

  • Cuban Flavors and Moments - This is an immersive experience, where we will hang out with locals who would love to host us in their place.   They will teach us how to make some delicious meal we can all enjoy at the end. While getting to know each other and having a couple of drinks.  

    • NOTE: We can also make this experience where you don't need to cook, just come over for dinner, and have a good old time with locals hosting. ​​

Day Three

  • Viñales - Countryside Living! (Day Trip) - Aprox 8am to 6pm. A Fascinating countryside town two hours from the city with an amazing landscape.  We will show you around while horse back riding. See tobacco and coffee plantations, visit a bee/honey farm, learn about local flora and fauna, swim in a lake, etc.  Category is countryside extravaganza! 

  • Cuban Salsa (Part Two) - Let's put those new skills to the test! time to dance to some latin tunes in a latin club! First bottle of rum and mixers to get the party started will be on us!  Transportation and entrance also included. 

    • NOTE: We can plan this on any night. Once we defined the days you will travel I can better recommend the night/place. ​


Day Four

  • Beach Please - Approx 11am to 5pm. (Recommended for Sunday) A favorite of our clients. Let us take you to one of the most beautiful beaches near Habana. With me as the host, I will help take care of all logistics, order food, and drinks. etc.  This is a good all gay time!

Day Five

  • Depending on departure times, we would recommend places to visit or things to do during your free time. 

  • Private shuttle to Airport. 

NOTE: If you decide for 5 nights, with the same amount of activities, we could spread all activities across with more time to relax in between. I would recommend 5 nights if possible. 

Please note:

  • Nights out - I recommend based on your preferences places to go and explore for night live. Live music, bars, etc.  (e.g. Tropicana, gay nights, etc.)

  • Lunch/Dinners -  I provide a list of recommendations for restaurants based on my own and previous guests' experiences.  You tell us where you want to go and we will make all reservations for you. I am happy to provide suggestions as well if you are not sure.  This is valuable, as places in Havana are a hit or miss. 

  • Transportation We can also pre-arrange transportation to restaurants and additional places as you need. You can pay each ride in Cuba, or pre-paid with us so you don't spend your valuable cash in Cuba (remember no ATMs or credit cards). 

Some Additional Options for Activities.

Some of these require additional cost (e.g. Day trips)

  • Day trips

    • to Varadero - Beautiful and famous beach resort town (2 hour drive)

    • to Bahia de Cochinos - Eco tourism, national park, alligators, learn about Island native tribes. 

    • to Soroa - Terrazas - Eco tourism, Hiking, waterfalls. 

  • Tropicana Cabaret Show or Parisian Cabaret Show - Famous Cuban Shows. Think Vegas, Cuban style. 

  • Hemingway Tour - Visit places where the famous author lived, hung out, and got inspired.

  • Art Day - Visit community art projects, and private galleries and studios of new and hot artists.

  • Castle/fortress tour - Explore one of the largest forts in the Americas. Beautiful architecture and amazing views. 

  • Fishing or Scuba diving.

  • We can combine, edit, and create other experiences if you have other interests/desires in mind.  

Estimated Cost - Options

I have updated the estimate to reflect the new option for accommodation, the different options for said accommodation, the two additional activities we have added to the plan, and the cost if you were to extend the trip to 5 nights. 


Please take a look and let me know what you think:

  • Four Rooms (Entire Hotel)

    • Four Nights​ - $7850

    • Five Nights - $8780

    • Available Weekend:  March 19-24

  • Three Rooms (Suite plus two)

    • Four Nights ​- $7030

    • Five Nights - $7830

    • Available Weekends: March 5-10, and March 12-17

Multiple options, which is good.  Let me know if this is confusing and I can explain over the phone.  Let me know what you think and how you would like to move forward.   We would need 50% down to confirm reservation.


  • If these options don't meet your expectations, I am happy to look at other places with pools, or present you with other possible "chick" options. 

  • Remember these are estimates. Final cost will depend on your choices. 

  • These prices include me attending as a host to take make sure everything runs smoothly.  If you prefer traveling without a host. I would work with local guides and property managers to make sure you have everything you need as well,  Let me know and I will update pricing. 




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