Galapagos in April 2023

Between April 7 to April 23

Hello team, 

I would like to present to you the best options I have found so far. I am waiting on responses from a couple of other places, but instead of waiting any longer I decided to show these, and based on your choices we will determine if we need to see more options. 

Somethings to note:

  1. I am not seeing a lot of 8-10 day cruises around those dates, but found a couple of options and added another one with just 5 days in case you are open to other lengths.

  2. They all seem to include about the same (Meals, non-alcoholic drinks, naturist guide, shuttle from/to the airport, activities, etc). ​​

  3. Regardless of the choice, you will need to pay certain fees like the entry to the Galapagos national park, some equipment rentals, and others fees alike. Once we make a decision, I will make sure to list of these extras for you. 

  4. I took a quick look at flights between Quito and the Galapagos, and it seems they would be around $500 per person.  Once we pick a cruise, I will look at specific dates and options.


Please take a look and let mw know what you think:

Archipel I - 5D/4N  - APRIL 17th to 21st 

  • $3600 USD per person

  • Two Double Cabins

  • Flight Tickets not included​ in this price

  • Using the link in the title you can see the itinerary, and even the design of the boat (Max 16 people)

Fragata - 8D/7N - April 14th to 21st

  • $4400 USD per person

  • Two Double Cabins

  • Flight Tickets not included in this price

  • Using the link in the title you can see the itinerary, and even the design of the boat (Max 18 people)

Coral I - II - 8D/7N - April 16th to 23rd 

  • $4700 USD + USD 150 Fuel Charge per person

  • Two Double Cabins

  • Flight Tickets not included in this price

  • Using the link in the title you can see the itinerary, and even the design of the boat (Max 12-19 people)

  • It seems they have not posted this specific itinerary online. but they tell me the dates are set. 


Monserrat - 8D/7N - April  9th to 16h

  • $4480 USD per person

  • Double Cabins. They are larger than average it seems.

  • The boat is larger, so even social spaces are larger.

  • Max 20 people, but only 10 guests per guide.

  • Their itinerary focuses on the northern islands, which the others don't.

    • Day One

      • Baltra Airport

      • Santa Cruz Highlands (Giant Tortoise)​

    • Day Two

      • Santa Cruz Dragon Hill (Trails, land iguanas, Snorkeling, could see green turtles, sharks, rays, also flamingos)

      • Santiago Chinese Hat (Trailing, sea lions, penguins, also snorkeling, sharks ,rays) 

    • Day 3

      • Genovesa Prince Philip's Steps( Different types of Boobies, owls) 

      • Genovesa Darwin Bay (Bird watching, Sea Lions)

    • Day Four

      • Santa Cruz Black Turtle Cove (On Pangas, ,Green Turtles, Sharks, rays)

      • Santa Cruz Bachas Beach (sandy beach, flamingos, ducks, marine iguanas)​

    • Day Five

      • Isabela Tagus Cove (Hiking, On pangas, hawks, flycatchers, finches, penguins, martins, sea lions)​

      • Isabela Urbina Bay (Hiking, snorkeling, giant tortoises, iguanas, cormorant, penguins)

    • Day Six

      • Fernandina Espinosa Point (iguanas, sea lions, penguins, cormorant, hawks) ​

      • Isabela Vicente Rock Point (Snorkeling, dolphins, sea lions, whales)

    • Day Seven

      • Santiago Egas Port (Trails, fur seals,, salt mine volcano, flamingos)​

      • Santiago Buccaneer Cove (snorkeling, beach, seabirds, fur seals, sea lions)

      • Santiago Espumilla Beach (Trail/snorkeling, flamingos,, iguanas, sharks, ,rays, turtles, ducks)

    • Day Eight

      • North Seymour (trails, seabirds, blue footed boobies, frigatebirds, also good snorkeling)​

      • Baltra - Airport transfer

Other Option

Did you know you can also do "island Hopping"?  We didn't discuss this so I am not sure if you know and are not interested , or if you didn't know.  Island Hopping is the other way to travel the Galapagos Islands. 


From what I understand, you could even mix the two and for instance do a 4/5day cruise combined with a 3 day island hopping experience.  Let me know if you are interested in learning more.  I could do a comparison of the two based on what I have read.  

Next Steps

Check out these options and let me know if you like any of them or not,  If price is right, dates, etc. 

Once we have defined the cruise (length, dates, etc.) we can then look into the rest of the trip.  That way we would know the schedule of the cruise and from there you can determine if you want to add the rest of the activities to the front or to the back, etc.  

One More Question

For those who want to add more to this trip, would you be interested in group tours, or you would only like to travel on your own?  I found some good options that could combine a Galapagos cruise, with trips to the jungle for instance.   It's an option. 

I hope this sparks a good discussion and we can move forward with the next parts of the trip.  Let me know what you think.