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Ecuador in April 2023

Galapagos (April 9 to April 17)
Quito, Amazon, Mindo, Cuenca

Hello team, 

This is the updated plan/Itinerary as it stands, and recommendations I am starting to collect for the days before or after the Galapagos cruise.


As we continue to define things, I will continue to add details.

Please take a look and let me know if you have any questions.\



Accommodation (April 8-9): Ikala Galapagos Hotel

  • Location: Tomas de Berlanga y Moises Brito 200350, Puerto Ayora (Here)

  • Phone Number: +593 5 252 6133

  • Reservation under Jill Hurst


Travel: Cruise (April 9 - 17)

April 9 - Boarding day

  • Morning (TBD) - Transfer from hotel to ship.  ​

  • Arrival at ship by lunch time. 

  • Ship: Monserrat

    • Modern mid range motor yacht;

    • Large social spaces;

    • Only 10 guests per guide;

    • Wide choice of short & long itineraries.

April 9 - 17 - 9 day/8 Night Cruise

  • A copy of the itinerary with all details can be seen here

    • Islands to be visited are:

      • Santa Cruz

      • Isabela

      • Fernandina

      • Santiago

      • North Seymour

      • Rábida

      • Bartholomew 

      • South Plaza

      • Santa Fe

      • San Cristobal

April 17 -  End of Cruise/Travel Day

  • Transfer to San Cristobal Airport (Puerto Baquerizo Moreno)

  • Flight to Quito


Quito - Ecuador. 

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Entire Group =  April 2 - 8,  7 days/6 nights

Accommodation: (Airbnb) 

Airbnb Location: José Joaquín Olmedo Departamento 5 (Here)

I am recommending to stay in Old Town, Quito.  Area full of history, beautiful colonial architecture, museums, plazas, restaurants, and more.  From here it is easy to explore other areas of the city as desired.  Another option for area to stay is La Floresta (Newer, Trendy) 

I have reserved this new airbnb for the 4 of you.  Great location, and lower price than the last I had shown.  This
one is similar than the previous one, and it looks like it is in the same building. It has three bedrooms, and based on the stellar reviews, it is good for couples.  Two bath. 


Entire Group = April 17-18, 1 Night

Accommodation: After arriving from Galapagos, the group will stay at a hotel in Down town:


Janie/Larry = March 29 - 31, 2 Nights.

Accommodation: Small hotel in Down town:

  • Hotel: Hotel Vieja Cuba

  • Location: La Niña N26-202 y Diego de Almagro 170150 (Here)

  • Phone Number: +593 2 290 6729

  • Reservation under Janie Ginsburg


Quito Activities  (2 included for now for Quito)

  • Walking tours of the old town (Plazas, Churches, 

  • Art / Street Art Tours

  • Cooking classes / Food Tasting Experiences

  • Museums 

  • Mercado tour

  • Chocolate tours (tasting, making, process)

  • Visit the center of the globe (Equator Line)

  • And more. 

  • Day trip to Cotopaxi National Park (2hrs away)

    • Day tour to Cotopaxi. Private or not (Includes visit to Laguna de Limpiopungo).

    • Other options are rent a car or catch bus.

    • Once there, pay for park access and guide. 

  • Day trip to Otavalo,  Cayambe, Indigenous Market (50 min away)

    • Day tour to Otavalo. Includes visit to Cuicocha Lagoon, half of the world landmark, and others.

    • Other options are rent a car or catch bus.  

    • Best days to visit market are Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Yasuni National Park

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5 Day/4 night Tour - April l8 - 22(23)
Travel: Flight from Quito to Coca and 2.5 hr motor boat ride to Ecolodge. 


  • Yasuni Park (April 18-22):  Ecolodges run by local people/natives. 

  • Coca (April 22 - 23) : Small hotel for one night after tour. 

    • Hotel: Hostal R. Williams

    • Location: Amazonas 33-40 y Garcia Moreno Frente al Parque Central del Coca (Here)

    • Phone Number:  +593 6 288 1201

    • Reservation under Jill Hurst​​


  1. Day One:  Pick up at the airport by tour operator at Coca, followed by 2.5 hr motor boat ride to Ecolodge. Check in at Lodge.  Jungle walk in search of birds, monkeys, amphibians, insects, medicinal plants, etc.  Lunch in Jungle.  Watch Sunset while navigating the river.  opportunity to observe nocturnal animals on the way back to hotel. Dinner at hotel. 

  2. Day Two: 6 AM Start.  Walk in search of birds and monkeys, tapirs, wild pigs, snakes, and other animals active early ini the morning.  Back to the hotel for breakfast.  After, Mandy Forest trail, navigating tea-colored waters (paddle boarding, piranha fishing, caiman observation.).  Lunch in jungle. Nocturnal walk and dinner at hotel. 

  3. Day Three: Early breakfast. Visit the Añangu community, and the Canopy tower (40 m viewing point. Can see the amazons and the Andes from here.). Parrot, macaws, and parakeet observation.  Lunch in jungle. Afternoon walk along the park in search of large animals.  Dinner at hotel. 

  4. Day Four:  Breakfast.  Visit Pilche community center for cultural demonstrations, and shopping local handcrafts. (To be updated)

  5. Day Five:  Breakfast.  Visit Pilche community center for cultural demonstrations, and shopping local handcrafts. Lunch in jungle before heading to Coca, arriving around 4/5pm. 

    1. Flights to Quito only available in the morning, so one night is required at Coca.

Yasuni National Park


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Travel: 2 hour drive from Quito.  Driver will be waiting outside airport with sign. 

  • Jill/Jay - Flight from Cuenca back to Quito/Mindo

  • Janie/Larry Fly start their trip here. Flying into Quito and head to Mindo.

Accommodations: Small hotels in the town. There seems to be a good amount of lodges with mountain views, restaurant, good services, and good reviews.   Below, I am showing photos of one of the best I found.  Price around $100 per night, all taxes and fees included. 

Jill / Jay =  April 30 - May 4,  5 days/4 nights

Janie/Larry = March 31 - April 2,  3 days/2 nights

  • Hotel: Terrazas De Dana

  • Location: Via a Las Cascadas, Km. 1,2 (Here)

  • Phone Number: +593 93 956 5819

  • Reservation under Janie Ginsburg

Activities: Hiking/ Waterfall - Bird Watching - Zip Line/Canopy Tours - Chocolate Experiences - Butterfly Garden - Rivers