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Egbert's Cartagena celebration 

Feb 12-19, 2020

7 nights - 16 guests

Hello Again,  


I have here a very high level plan for your bday trip to Cartagena. Please take a look and let me know what you think.  I hope this helps continuing the discussion and planning!  

Please take a look and tell me all questions and comments you might have


  • 16 guests in Cartagena

    • 13 in the house

    • 3 in other accommodations

  • One house located in the old colonial part of town (13 people) 

    • Maid/cook service (Included in the initial price of the house)

    • Breakfast, snacks, and fresh fruit juices for refreshments and cocktails (Extra cost)

    • NOTE: I will confirm with TwoTravel about having more people in the house, it should be ok. Cost for bfast/snacks for extra people is not included, but it should be a minimum cost. 

  • Suggested activities (16 people)

    • Walking tour of the colonial town

      • Guided walk, round of drinks, street food tasting

    • Island Hopping

      • Private boat with crew, Ceviche and fresh juices

    • Day Pass for resort at the islands 

      • Transportation, lunch, and welcome drink​

    • Sunset drinks / catamaran (Not private​)

      • sail around the bay, with welcome and cocktail drinks ​

  • Airport shuttles in Cartagena

    • Estimate includes up to 4 separate shuttles (Max 4 people each)​

  • Concierge Services​​

    • Concierge service before and during the trip (reservations at restaurants, planning for additional activities, etc) 



Casa Fernandez de Madrid (Already Found)  This house is located in El Centro.  8 rooms, 9 baths, 13 beds per Airbnb post. 

If anything happens with the property you have selected, we can look into a couple others I noticed are also available.  The Fernandez Madrid house is a nice option, and the price is good.  


Wednesday - Arrivals

  • Airport Pick Ups.  Drivers will be waiting for guests at the airport with a sign. 

    • I am including 5 transfers.  Up to 4 people each.

    • We can also coordinate bigger ones if more people arrive/depart together.

  • Welcome drinks at the house (Included in cost)

  • Walking tour (Mid Afternoon- Sunset)​- The best way to get introduced to the city and get your bearings.  It would be a fun guided walk of the town,  main landmarks, and rooftops. We would taste street food, check out cute places and rooftop bars where guests can grab drinks and small bites.  I would include a round of drinks while watching the sunset  

    • This can also be a History Bike Tour if you prefer. 

  • Assistance with dinner reservations.  I would take care of all coordination. 


  • Free day

  • Explore town - Pool time.

  • Assistance with dinner reservation and additional activities for those who want them, as well as tips and recommendations.



  • Resort Day (8:30 AM to 5PM) - Day Passes for an exclusive resort in the islands. Transportation, lunch, and welcome drink is included.  You get to enjoy their facilities, the beach, and relax. 

    • We can also make it more informal. Private transportation to Playa Blanca, where you can walk and find a place to hangout , have drinks, and grab lunch on your own. Inquire for price and details. 

  • I can make reservations for Salsa dancing this evening.  This is in one of the hottest clubs in town, Havana. The place is fun and famous. Even Hillary Clinton visited when in Cartagena. This can be the start of the night, before heading to gay clubs. 


  • Free Day

  • Explore town - Pool time.

  • Assistance with dinner reservation and additional activities for those who want them, as well as tips and recommendations.


  • ISLAND HOPPING! (9am to 5pm) around the Rosario Islands. We will stop to swim, snorkel (if we want), and check out beautiful beaches a long the way where you can relax, drink, eat, and party.   

    • We will also fresh juices and ceviche made just for you! 

    • Lunch will be in one of the islands (Lunch not included)

    • This estimate includes cruising onboard a 42ft speedboat.  I have added three photos of these boats/experience in the photo strip gallery at the bottom of the page.  We have other options like Catamaran, or yachts if you would like something bigger. 

      • Estimates with a Catamaran instead would start at $2800 more​ than current estimate

      • Estimates with a yacht instead would start at $1400 more than current estimate


  • Free day

  • Explore town - Pool time.

  • Assistance with dinner reservation and additional activities for those who want them, as well as tips and recommendations.


  • Free day

  • Explore town - Pool time.

  • Sunset Catamaran Drinks (Not private) - Nice way to say good bye to the city. Sailing around the bay, enjoying the sunset, and the impressive city skyline. 

  • Assistance with dinner reservation and additional activities for those who want them, as well as tips and recommendations.

Wednesday - Departures 

  • Private transportation to the airport. 

Other options for activities


  • Market tour - Get a guided tour of the local "Mercado". Bazurto is a local market, raw, large, and full of local folklore and flavor. Definitely an experience.  This activity would be in the morning.

  • Mud Volcano - Like 45 min from the city there is a "mud volcano", where you can bath. It is suppose to be good for your skin. It is not for everyone, but also an unique and fun experience.  This can be morning, or early afternoon. 

  • Cooking Class

  • Salsa Dancing Class 

  • Sunset stand up paddling

  • Chiva (Colombian Party Bus) (Private)

  • Sky Diving

  • Scuba Diving

  • Rum Tasting

  • Horse back riding  

  • Coffee Roasting Workshop and tasting - Learn about coffee, roast your own, and taste some of the best.  This is near the house. 

  • Anything else in mind? Let me know. I will make it happen. 

  • Check out our Cartagena guide for additional information 



The cost for the plan as detailed above, including the house, is $19,490.  In other words, we are talking around  $406 more per person, in addition to the cost of the house, to cover for everything extra listed in the summary. 


Please note:

  1. This is still an estimate. Final cost would depend on activities selected, total number of people, etc.

  2. We can reduce, change, and activities. 

  3. Payment can be made via Zelle, and Paypal (friends and family). We can also do it via credit card or Paypal business after adding a 4% transaction fee.

  4. I can calculate specific cost for those staying in the house vs. those staying somewhere else 

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