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Edoardo's Day in Havana

May 1st 

Hello again, 

Again thank you for choosing the spend your day in Havana with us! It is truly one of our favorite destinations, so we will make sure you have the best time possible.  


Below you will find your schedule for the day, please take a look and let us know if you have any questions or comments.    

Itinerary - People to People Exchange Day Experience - Monday 1st, 2019

08:00 AM - Arrival

  • Welcome to Havana.  The Sea terminal is centrally located in the heart of Old town, in the Bay of Havana. You will have easy access to El Malecon, and Habana Vieja. 

10:00 AM - Meet Up 

  • Meet Ursula Hosting Agent, Jaime, at Los Marinos.  Los Marinos is a small restaurant to the right of the pier.  You will come out to the main street (Avenida del Puerto) from the ship, and make a right. No need to cross the street, simply walk less than 3 minutes to Los Marinos, which will be the first building you will see on El Malecon from the ship. and you will be there.  He will have a sign so you can identify them easily.

  • Check-in and Orientation. Jaime will welcome you and help with you with money exchange.  Please try to bring larger bills (50 - 100) if possible.

10:10 AM - Out of the City

  • Our driver will be ready to take after orientation.  In less than 40 minutes you will  arrive in the small and beautiful beach town Santa Maria del Mar.  This is where locals go and relax away from the big resorts. This is an area claiming its importance, and it’s as local as it gets.  You are welcomed by the view of the ocean, a couple of old hotels and summer homes, forgotten summer destinations, and new small craft shops.  Join a group of locals to do what they do best: leave their worries behind while socializing and enjoying the sun. Meet locals and share stories about past beach days while trying local treats. This is a chance to understand how many young entrepreneurs are trying to capitalize on the new wave of foreigners discovering this part of the Island. Learn about their lives in a friendly and relaxed environment, while embracing one of the simple pleasures in life.

  • Chairs and umbrellas rentals are available at beach. You can order food and drinks from the beach assistant, or also walk to the kiosk and order them yourself. 

  • The beach is safe, but please be careful with your belongings.

  • Please remember to use sunblock as you will be going on a convertible car ride after the beach. It will be a day full of sun! 

02:15 PM - Time to Return to the City

  • Please confirm return time with Driver.  Drive should take about 40 minutes. 

  • He will take you to the Museum of Revolution where you will meet the guide for your next experience.  This is a nice area of the city; the museum is located in the old Presidential Palace and it's located at one of the largest plazas in the city, 13 de Marzo Plaza.  Make sure to take some photos!

03:00 PM - Classic Riding

  • Havana is a very large capital city. A city full of parks, boulevards, architectural gems, and history throughout.  There is simply no better way to see it than cruising its neighborhoods and major sites on a classic American car.  Moises, your guide for the ride, will be ready to take on a ride you won't forget.  He is a local, and very excited to show you his hometown.  We are taking you in a journey across a city that has no equal. A trip down memory lane where you will learn about the Cuban revolution, visit places of interest in the city, and see how the past and present have mixed to create a metropolis like no other in the entire world. This is a chance to share perspectives, ask questions, and together envision what’s to come in this changing society.

  • We have asked our guide to make sure to leave 30 minutes to take you to La Guarida. Once you arrived there, head upstairs. You will encounter the hostess at the third floor, simply inform her you are heading to the rooftop (Mirador) for a drink.  She should show you how to get there.  Please remember to have a t-shirt and shoes on to prevent any issues with dress code. 

    • If by any chance you can't access the rooftop (e.g. private party), check out Michifu, a brand new bar less than a block away from La Guarida. Simply walk 160 ft to left when leaving La Guarida.  

  • Given the length of the ride after coming from the beach, we recommend to protect yourselves from the sun as much as you can.     

06:00 PM - Return to the Ship

07:30 PM - Dinner Reservation at Del Frente

  • Please plan to leave about 15 minutes before reservation time. 

  • We have made a reservation for you to dine at the terrace.  Make sure to try their daiquiris. So good!!

09:00 PM - Departure for Tropicana

  • Our car will be ready to pick you up right outside the restaurant at this time.  It will most likely be the only car parked outside, but please confirm by providing your name to the driver.  

  • Please inform your server you are being picked up at 9PM for a show.  If your dinner ends earlier you can have a drink at the bar or feel free walk around for a bit while the driver arrives.

09:30 PM - Departure for Tropicana

  • You driver will take you to the entrance of the cabaret, and meet you there as well at the end of the show to take you back to the ship. 

  • Jaime will provide the entry tickets during orientation in the morning.  

  • Dress Code: Tropicana is one of the few places in Havana to enforce a dress code. For men is pants (no shorts) and a shirt (no t-shirt/tank tops).

In summary, our package includes: 


  • Orientation and Money exchange

  • Ride to the beach

  • Convertible Car City Tour (3 hours)

  • Transportation to Tropicana

  • Tropicana Cabaret tickets.  

Let me know if there are any questions, special requests, or changes.  We can continue to tailor this plan until you are completely satisfied. 


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