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9 N/10d in Cuba
(Feb 13 - 22, 2024)  


This is your itinerary for your trip to Cuba.  Here, you can find all the information you will need while visiting the pearl of the Caribbean.  Please take a look and let me know if you have any questions.  


Thank you for working with us to coordinate your trip to Cuba.  The impact your trip will have on those involved in your trip is the support they need as they try to be more independent and build a new Cuba. 

  1. Accommodation and Cities to be visited

  2. Itinerary

  3. Additional information


In summary, our package includes all of the following: 


  • 9 night accommodations in Cuba

    • 3 nights in Trinidad

    • 6 nights in Havana

  • Private Transfers

    • Santa Clara to Trinidad

    • Trinidad to La Habana

    • La Habana Hotel to Airport

  • Guided Tours and Activities

    • Private guided walking tour in Trinidad

    • Private guided walking tours of Havana, and old Havana.

    • Private guide to tour to Fabrica de Arte. Trendy night out.

      • Guide included

      • Transportation or entry fees not included​

    • Private guided visit to Matanzas/Varadero/Coral Beach

      • Transportation and guide included​

      • Cost of snorkeling is not included.

    • Meeting with local professor of economics and leader of entrepreneurship movement.

      • Professor's conversation/time included.

      • Transportation. or Professor's meal/drinks not included.​

    • Visit East side/Beach local communities.

      • Transportation Included. 

  • Reservations for dinners as requested/suggested.

  • Meeting Cuban people who will be supported by your visit. Independent providers and entrepreneurs who work with within the community to provide services and assistance.  

  • Personalized concierge services from now and throughout the trip. We know the city and can recommend and help with reservations at restaurants, shows, additional activities, and setting up transportation as desired. 

  • Assistance exchanging money at the best rate possible.

Not Included:

  • Taxis and additional transportation for evenings if not listed in the plan. 

  • Meals, except for those mentioned in the plan.



  • Malecon 663 (Instagram)

    • Address: 663 Malecón, La Habana, Cuba (Here)

    • Phone Number: +5353799689

    • Superior Double Room, 1 King Bed, Courtyard View

    • Privately owned small and lively boutique hotel located in Centro Habana

    • Few rooms. Rooftop. Restaurant and cafe.  

    • Front desk and assistance/concierge services.

    • Breakfast is included. 

  • Casa Amistad Guest House (Instagram)

    • Address: Piro Guinart (Boca) #164 entre Jose Marti (Jesus Maria) y Antonio Maceo(Gutierrez), Trinidad, Cuba (Here)

    • Phone Number: +53 53419536

    • Superior Double Room, 1 King Bed, Courtyard View

    • Privately owned bed and breakfast in the heart of Trinidad. Walking distance to main plaza and landmarks. 

    • Few rooms. Courtyard.  

    • Front desk and assistance/concierge services.

    • Breakfast is not included. 

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Havana (See photos here) 

  • Capital and larges city.  A lot of parks, museum, and main landmarks. Including the famous Old Havana (colonial area), Revolution Museum, Malecon, Hotel Nacional, and many more.

  • There are also a lot of restaurants, bars, and cafes, art galleries, and music venues and cabarets. 


Matanzas (See photos here) 

  • Matanzas is called the City of Bridges, for the seventeen bridges that cross the three rivers that traverse the city (Rio Yumuri, San Juan, and Canimar). For this reason, it was referred to as the Venice of Cuba. It was also called The Athens of Cuba for its poets.

Trinidad (See photos here)

  • Trinidad is known for its colonial old town and cobblestone streets.

  • Its neo-baroque main square, Plaza Mayor, is surrounded by grand colonial buildings.

  • Museo Romántico, in the restored Palacio Brunet mansion, and Museo de Arquitectura Colonial display relics from the town’s sugar-producing era

​Confirmed Itinerary

February 13, Tuesday

  • 12:30 PM - Pick up in Santa Clara Airport.  

    • Driver will meet you at arrivals. He will have a sign with your name on it (Dave Pierson).  In case of assistance you can contact: José, taxi ( +53 53125815)

    • Drive will be approximately 2.5 hrs long

  • 3:00 PM -  You will be dropped off at your accommodation, Casa Amistad around 3PM.   

  • Free afternoon and evening. 

February 14, Wednesday

  • 9:00 AM - Be ready to have a lovely and very educational walk in Trinidad. 

    • Your guide will be Betty Leidy (+ 53 54911803). She is an experienced guide. An independent entrepreneur who loves to show her beautiful hometown to visitors. She also loves dancing any kind of music, but salsa is her passion. She also enjoyes outdoor activities and the beach.  She can be a great adviser for additional activities you might want to do while in Trinidad.  


February 15, Thursday

  • Trinidad Stay.

February 16, Friday

  • 09:30 AM - Departure. Time to return to Havana.

    • You can change this time if desired. Let me know in advance, and I will coordinate. 

    • Driver: José, taxi ( +53 53125815)

    • Drive will be at least 4.5 Hrs

  • 02:00 PM - Check into new accommodation. Hotel Malecon 663. 

  • 07:30 PM: Dinner Reservation at Michifu

    • Restaurant is located (here) - 8 min walk from the hotel

    • For drinks after check out yor own hotel's rooftop.  This is known as one of the best places for drinks and music.  Very gay friendly and friendly staff. 

      • Others bars near you are Cabaret las Vegas, and XY Bar.​ These are small local bars.  Cabaret is more popular and has been around he longest.  Things to note:

        • Be aware of escorts. There are many handsome young men who are there for "business".  Up to you how to handle it but be aware that 95% of the guys that approach visitors are escorts or straight guys who will ask for money. A sad reality. ​

        • These places are not fancy. They might require entry fee but drinks are not expensive. In Cabaret, try to get a table if you are interested in watching the show

        • Most drinks options wll be rum based. 

        • Most performances will be in Spanish.

February 17, Saturday

  • 10:30 AM - Be ready to explore Old Havana. You guide will coe meet you at the hotel.

    • Your guide in Havana is Jose (+53 5 8265344). You can contact her via Whatsapp if you have any questions or need anything additional. She is an entrepreneur herself, working in tourism independently to be able to show her clients the real Cuba, bring opportunities to her community, and support those who are also trying to be independent and build their own business. 

    • She will take you to explore the main streets of old Havana, including Obispo and O’Reilly.  Enjoy the rest of the afternoon exploring places like the oldest Plaza in Havana, Plaza de Armas. This would be a guided walk of Old Havana. Get to know the surrounding landmarks, places around your accommodation.  Meet with independent vendors and support local entrepreneurs.  

  • 07:30 PM: Tonight dinner will be at El Cocineroa stunning rooftop restaurant located in the Vedado neighborhood, followed by a visit next door to the Fabrica de Arte, an old oil-factory turned art gallery, club, and music venue. One of Havana’s most vibrant and popular spaces, this eclectic venue will surely leave you amazed.  

    • Amalia will be with you and show you around.

    • If you feel like exploring more of the night life after this ask Amalia for tips on other places to go check out after.

    • Remember transportation or entry fees are not included

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February 18, Sunday

  • 10:00 AM (TBD) - We are taking you today to the East Side of the city known as Playas del Este.  These communities might live close to the city but live a very different reality.  You will see a more relaxed way of living. Communities of fishermen and others who depend of the sea to make their end means.  You will get the chance to meet some of them, perhaps even try the catch of the day.  This is where the locals come to relax away from the noises of the city. A very different economy run by and dependent on locals. A great opportunity to also support the LGBT community in the area, at the beach point called Mi Cayito.

    • Please confirm pick up time with your driver.  He will come back to pick you up at the agreed upon time. ​

    • You can rent lounge chairs, and order drinks and food frrom the beach.

  • Dinner time.  Tonight you are free to explore on your own.  Our guide will provide suggestions and recommendations upon request.

February 19, Monday

  • Morning - Free time to explore on your own. 

  • 12:30 PM to 6:00 PM  - Today you will have lunch with Profesor Fernandez at Grados

    • Grados is located (here) at  562 Calle E.  This is about a 10-min car ride from the hotel.  ​You will be picke up at 12:15PM. Please plan accordingly. 

    • There you will meet with Dr. Oscar Fernández, professor of Economics at the Habana University and entrepreneur. Oscar will lead an introduction to the recently legalized “MiPyME” Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises. This will help you to understand how these changes are shaping the Cuban Economy and its political impact. Oscar will also talk about the role of the University on these news dynamics.  After lunch, he will invite you to a small factory of preserved food in Havana. These are small privately owned corporations trying to bring financial independence to locals. A fascinating and eye opening opportunity to see a different side of the city not all visitors get to see.  Your visit will help all these efforts directly. 

    • I am including transportation this day for the above experience.

  • Dinner time.  Tonight you are free to explore on your own.  Our guide will provide suggestions and recommendations upon request.

February 20, Tuesday

  • Free Day

  • 7:30 PM - Dinner Reservation/Live Music - Dinner will be at Claxon/Fangio

    • Claxon is located (here) at 458 Av. Paseo.  Abouut a 10-min car ride from the hotel.​

February 21, Wednesday

  • 09:000 AM  Time to take you to Coral Beach, Varadero and Matanzas.

    • ​Your guide today will be Jose (+53 5 8265344).

    • First, you will make a stop in Matanzas City to learn a bit about its history and culture. Matanzas is called the City of Bridges, for the seventeen bridges that cross the three rivers that traverse the city (Rio Yumuri, San Juan, and Canimar). For this reason, it was referred to as the Venice of Cuba; It was also called The Athens of Cuba for its poets.  

    • After Matanzas, you will head to Varadero or Coral Beach. This will be determined by the time of the Snorkeling tour.  We will confirm and update the plan before the date.  

    • If you have a snorkeling tour, be ready to pay in person.  Price will be $30 ($15 p/p)

    • Or head to Varadero to spend a day at the beach and explore the area. Varadero Beach, also known as Playa Azul (Blue Beach), the best known beach in Cuba. Its crystalline waters and fine sand extends for more than 20 kilometers in the Península de Hicacos (Hicacos Peninsula). Varadero is also the biggest tourism development resort of Cuba with more than 52 hotels.  Our guide will share with you history and interesting facts of the area.  

  • 7:00 PM - Dinner Reservation.  Tonight you have a reservation at La Guarida, one of Cuba’s most well-known "paladares" in the city.  The famous Cuban movie "Fresa y Chocolate", was filmed there in the 90’s and was even nominated for an Oscar. This movie was groundbreaking for covering LGBT issues in Cuba. 

    • La Guarida is located (here) at ​418 Concordia. This is an 8-min walk from the hotel. 

February 22, Thursday

  • 6:30 AM Depart for the Jose Marti Airport for your flight, AA 2678, departing at 9:20 AM.  

    • We like to pick up clients around 3 hours before their flight. But you can decide to leave at a different time. Please coordinate with your guide in advance.  Drive from the hotel to the airport is about 30-45min ​

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Additional Information

  • "Visa" or Travel Card: You will need to buy your Cuba Travel Card at the airport. Please check with your airline as they are responsible for that. 

  • Online Form: You are required to fill this form before checking into your flight.  This is a Cuban government requirement.  You will get a QR code via email afterwards, which you are required to show upon entering Cuba. 

  • Money ExchangeYour guide will assist with money exchange as needed, as well as guidance on how to connect to the network  in Cuba.

  • Money: 

    • We recommend to budget about $150 USD per day.  This should be enough for meals, drinks. and tips.

    • Please bring cash as debit or credit cards don't work in Cuba.

    • Vendors and providers are giving better exchange rates than banks and ATMs.  In some cases the difference is 1 Euro/USD = 120 pesos (Official rate) vs 180 pesos (Rate offered by vendors/service providers)

    • We are currently recommending not to exchange all your cash up front, as more and more restaurants are now accepting USD/Euros as payment.  It is good to have some exchange to use at stores and vendors.

    • Please work with your guide to exchange money as needed.

    • Do not exchange at the airport or at ATMs. Work with your guide. 

  • Network Connectivity:

    • You can't download apps once ini Cuba. Make sure you download all the apps you need (i.e. Whatsapp, La Nave, VPN)  in advance. 

      • La Nave is like the Uber of Cuba. Although the guide will help with this so you don't have to worry about it.  

      • Google Maps file on Havana/Trinidad is also a good  download to have prior to the trip. ​

    • You can purchase a SIM card for your phone to access the Cuban ​network.  The guide can help with this.  Note: Not all phones work (Specially iPhones)

    • You should have access to wifi at the hotel.

    • American banks don't let you access their apps while in Cuba.  

  • Tips, meals, and the meal of your guide (should you choose to invite them to join you) are not included in the cost.  

  • Schedule: Please confirm with the guide times for dinner and activities. Sometimes schedule might have to chance.   


Please let me know if you have any questions. 




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