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europe Trip with ursula

May 2020

Sat to Sunday (15 nights)

Hello Bobbie, 

Let me start by saying thank you. Thank you for considering using our services for your Europe trip.  

Helping our clients explore the world is the reason of our business, so I am really excited for the opportunity to help you with this amazing experience. 


I have put together an initial high level plan to provide an example of what your trip could look like with us. This is our first take at possible itinerary, activities and budget based on initial input.  This plan should help us get the conversations going and the planning started.  

I have found actual options for May 2020 travel. Accommodations and activities that are available right now. I have also included cost and options for flights, but these are more estimates than actuals as in many cases we are looking at dates outside their published data. 

Please take a look at comments and questions I have included at the end, just some thoughts to help decision making. 

Take your time going through this and let me know what you tow think. Time to get planning! 

Itinerary (Last updated on Sep 26, 2019)

After looking at flights, schedules, prices, and options available for the cities you want to visit, I can confidently say this is the itinerary that makes the most sense as far as flight time and cost:


  1. Orlando - London

    • Departing Friday night - TBD 

    • Overnight nonstop flight

    • Two nights in London (Saturday to Monday)

  2. London - Krakow (Poland - Auschwitz) *

    • Departing Monday mid afternoon​

    • Nonstop flight

    • Two nights in Krakow (Monday to Wednesday)

  3. Krakow - Moscow 

    • Departing early morning ​

    • One stop flight 

    • One night in Moscow** (Wednesday to Thursday)

  4. Moscow - Saint Petersburg​

    • Departing late afternoon

    • Nonstop flight 

    • Two nights in Saint Petersburg (Thursday to Saturday)

  5. Saint Petersburg - Paris ​

    • Departing mid-afternoon ​

    • One-stop flight

    • Three nights in Paris*** (Saturday - Tuesday) 

  6. Paris - Bayeux (Normandy) ​

    • Departing early morning on train (2h15) 

    • Two nights in Bayeux (Tuesday - Thursday)

  7. Bayeux - Paris - Rome ​

    • 8:30am to 10:50am - Departing early morning to Paris on Train 

    • 2 to 3 hours to transfer in Paris and head towards Airport. This takes about 40 minutes in a car or public transportation.

    • 3:00pm to 5:00pm - Afternoon flight​ to Rome 

    • Nonstop Flight

    • Two nights in Rome (Thursday - Saturday)

  8. Rome - London

    •  Departing Late Afternoon or Late morning

    • Nonstop flight

    • One/last night in London (Saturday - Sunday)

  9. London - Orlando​

    • Departing mid-morning . Arriving in Orlando at 2:50 PM Sunday

    • Nonstop flight



  • I figured spending more than/less than 2 nights in certain places might be a nice change of pace

    • * I initially thought one night in Auschwitz, but given flight schedules and tour hours, two nights seem to be required.

    • ** I chose Moscow as the place to spend just one night based on input. Let me know if you would like to spend more time here and less in another city. 

    • *** I chose Paris as the place to spend three nights based on input. Let me know if you would like to spend more less nights here and more in another city. 

  • I think dropping one or two destinations might be ​something to consider if you would like to have more time in some of the main destinations. Schedule is tight, but totally doable is you are ok with having a fast paced schedule and just quick stops in all these places

Recommended Activities

These are activities I think would complement your visit in each city.  There are other options of course, so please feel free to tell me your reaction to them or if you had something else in mind



  • Tour around the city in an iconic London black cab: Your guide would be an authentic London cab driver.  Someone who knows the city like no other, and is very knowledgeable of its history and fun facts.  3 hours. 

  • In addition to the guided tour, you can spend time walking and exploring the city on your own.  A lot to see and experience. I would provide suggestions and even a brief walking guide. 

Krakow (Poland)

  • Auschwitz Guided Tour: Krakow is the closest city to the museum, therefore the best place to stay when visiting the site. Your tour would start at the main plaza where you will be picked up. The tour would include all sites and buildings, and salt mines.  It lasts approximately 7 hours. 


  • Day exploring Moscow: Group guided tour through some of the main sites of the city.  This tour would include rides in public transportation systems, stops for drinks and food, and more. 


Saint Petersburg

  • Night out with St. Petersburg style: I think a guided bar/rooftop crawl could be fun here. The culture is different and therefore the way the socialize.  They would take you to some of the best spots in the downtown area. Also a chance to meet other tourists and share stories. 

    • Other options I was thinking are dinner with locals or a more traditional guided walking tour.  Experiences like dinner with locals or go out to grab drinks seem interesting as they would give you a glimpse into the Russian culture which might be the least common of the ones visiting. This applies for St. Petersburg and Moscow. 

    • If this is not the case for you, let me know and we could look into options like these in another country. 

  • Walking on your own. You would have time to explore some of the main sites on your own since it is a small city.  Places like the Winter Castle museum can be visited on your own. I already have the site where we could reserve tickets in advance.   


  • Biking and Wine Tasting Tour: I like this experience because it gives you the chance to see some of the less common sites, explore the beautiful streets of Paris, and even check out some small vineyards right in the middle of the city. 

    • I also see Paris as a place where you could walk and check by yourself of the most known sites, so the experience I am recommending is with the intention of showing you more than that. ​

    • I would provide additional tips and guidance to see sites on your own upon request. 

    • Another option I like is checking out some rooftops in museums and art galleries. Places that give you the chance to see the city from above, check out art, and grab drinks if you want! More exclusive. 

Bayeux (Normandy)

  • Normandy Tour: Be picked up at the hotel, and taken to a day tour around some of the main sites related to WWII history in Normandy (landing beaches, memorials, cemetery). The guide is local and knows about history, and can share a personal perspective and story about it. 

  • Mont Saint Michel: Tour to one o f the most beautiful villages and castles in Europe.  Guide will pick you up in Bayeux in a small van and drive you to M.S.M. There you will be able to learn about its history, explore on your own, and grab lunch. On the way back, they usually take you to see and explore other sites.   

  • Have in mind these might actually be your busiest days during your trip. Both tours will be long and back to back.  Nevertheless, you will be able to rest and relax in this little town at night.  


  • Explore the underground:  Explore with actual anthropologists underground/excavation sites in the basements of the city.  Rome has been built over and over again on top of ruins, so the chance to see these excavations and sites are only possible here!  This is the best way to get close to and learn about the fascinating history of the city.  

  • Alike Paris and London, I think you can see and visit some of the famous sites on your own, so I am recommending again a more unique experience to be the one we do guided.  You can then explore the city more as you venture into streets and plazas on your own. 

  • Another options I have considered for Rome was a coffee/bakery hopping experience with a local chef. They would share history, fun facts, and take you to some of their favorite spots for Italian delicatessens. 


  • Last night:  I think we can leave the last night free. A night for you two to enjoy a nice dinner, drinks, or simply a hot bath and big bed!  it's been a long trip :) 

Please note:

  • Nights out - I can look into recommendations for places to go out, gran drinks, see shows, etc. We can look into these later, after the plan is settled. 

  • Lunch/Dinners -  Same as above, we would provide recommendations and help with reservations as desired. 

  • Transportation We can also pre-arrange transportation from and to airports and within the cities as necessary.  We can look into these in more detail also once the plan is more defined.  It would be trains and subways in some cases, taxis and shuttles in others. 


I am recommending the following types of accommodations based on each destination. In some places apartments to experience the local vibe, and other hotel rooms where it might be easier and more comfortable. 


I also thought about cost when looking into options; All these options are about the same cost, so you can see what type of accommodation we can get in each place for about the same amount.  Spoiler, some are better than others.


All suggestions are located centrally.  Near attractions and areas with restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.  I am adding photos so you can tell me if you would like to spend more or less based on the look and feel of each place.  

London - Private Apartment 

  • London is perhaps the most expensive of the destinations. Places are a bit more plain and not as decorated. They are also more scattered as the city is much bigger.  

  • I still found an option centrally located. Near famous sites, and busy boulevards that would offer great options for day time and night time dinning and drinks.  

  • We could also look into places further away from the city center if you would feel comfortable taking taxis and public transportations like their subway system. 

  • Hotels are also much more expensive. 


  • For Krakow I am thinking hotel. It might be more difficult to get around on your own in an apartment, and also hotels are not as expensive.

  • I found a nice hotel, for a good price, in the middle of the city, something much harder to do in places like London.


  • I am also recommending hotel for Moscow.  I don't know the city myself and would like to recommend staying centrally, near touristic attractions.  Also, hotels would offer better assistance and guidance if needed.

  • Moscow is also a bit expensive and options seem a bit more limited. yet, I was able to found a small boutique hotel I think it meets all requirements for a good stay.

Saint Petersburg

  • This city seems more tourist friendly and easier to manage than Moscow. I am recommending an apartment.

  • We can get beautiful options for the amount of money 

  • This place in particular is well located. Also walking distance to many sites like the previous ones. 


  • Paris is also expensive,  but there are more options for cute places (although small) in the center of the city.

  • I am recommending a cute studio with everything you need for a good stay, Walking distance from many . restaurants and shops, and sites you want to see. 

  • Hotels, like in London, can be very pricey.


  • Bayeux is a super cute little town full of French charm.   I am recommending small and quaint hotel in the heart  of town.

  • This hotel is 6min walking distance from the train station, as well as near restaurants, cafes, etc.


  • Rome also has a good number of options for private apartments. Prices are not bad and places are near some of the main sites in the historic area.

  • The one I liked had a lot of character and charm.  


  • I figured the last night should be spent in a hotel room. A place where you can rest, relax, and not have to worry about anything. Keep it simple. 

  • This is a small hotel, but very centrally located. Rooms are nice, updated, and although simple they all look very comfortable. 

Package Details

The following estimate is the cost of the following:

  • All accommodations

    • London Apartment 

    • Krakow Hotel 

    • Moscow Hotel - Breakfast included

    • St. Petersburg Apartment

    • Paris Apartment

    • Bayeux Bed and Breakfast - Breakfast Included

    • Rome Apartment

    • London Hotel 

  • All Flights (Including one checked bag each, carry ons, and extended leg space where possible) and round trip train ride to Bayeux.

    • Orlando - London​

    • London - Krakow

    • Krakow - Moscow 

    • Moscow - St. Petersburg

    • St. Petersburg - Paris 

    • Paris - Bayeux - Paris (Train)

    • Paris - Rome 

    • Rome - London

    • London - Orlando

  • Activities as described in each location

    • London - Private City tour on a Black Cab​ (3 Hours) 

    • Krakow - Group tour to Auschwitz Camp and Salt Mines ( 10hours)

    • Moscow - Group City Tour (4 hours)

    • St. Petersburg - Dinner with locals (3 Hours)

    • Paris - Group bike tour/wine tasting (5 hours)

    • Bayeux - Group Normandy tour (5-6 Hours)

    • Bayeux - Group Mont Saint Michel tour (5-6 hours) 

    • Rome - Group Underground City tour 

  • Concierge services before and during your trip. We recommend and help with reservations at restaurants, shows, and other things to do. We can also help setting up transportation. All of this can be planned in advance and pay through us so you don't have to worry paying later 

  • We would provide as well guidance and recommendations for you to enjoy during your free time. 

The estimated cost for this package is $10020. This is an estimate. Final cost will be defined as we continue to define dates, locations, accommodations, and activities.

As mentioned, we can look at different types of accommodation, types and number of activities, as well as total number of locations.   One interesting fact, is that half of the cost is flights cost. 

Let me know if you have any questions or comments after reviewing the package.  We are happy to work with you until we have the perfect package. 

Thank you 

Previously Presented Information

Athens (Acropolis)

  • Acropolis and Neighborhoods: This is walking tour into the famous Acropolis but also some of the surrounding areas. Places that are vibrant and happening. This is also a sunset experience, so you can continue onto dinner or even explore night life after the tour.  You would end in the middle of everything.   

    • You had mentioned Olympia in your inputs. Olympia (including the stadium) is a bit far from Athens, . not as easy to access. It would require additional time to explore.  If your priority is in fact to visit Olympia then I can look into it but other destinations might be affected as it requires more time to get there, extra flights, etc.

Athens (Accommodation) 

  • Athens also seems like a city . easy to navigate and tourist friendly. I am recommending an apartment here. 

  • This place is located near the center and with amazing views and a lot of outdoor space. Large terrace and balcony.

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