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2022 Holidays

Dec 22 - Jan 2


I present to you an initial, very high-level, plan for your holiday travel. 


Please take a look and let me know your thoughts; what you like, what you don't like, what you would like to add/remove, etc.   


As we start defining things, I will start adding details on the page to have everything in just one place. 

To Note:  CDC lists (here) all Caribbean/Latin America locations as Zika risk for pregnant women. None of them have a current outbreak, but they present potential risk. 


Ohau (Honolulu) - Dec 22 - 27

Travel: Direct flight from Denver.  Private airport transfer.

Accommodation: I am recommending staying in Waikiki.  In an Airbnb close to the beach. 

Possible Activities

  • Beach Days

  • Shopping, clubs, restaurants (Walking distance)

  • Buddhist Temple

  • The Polynesian Cultural Center

  • Hiking

  • Visit small towns/beach

  • Botanical Hardens, National Parks

  • Museums

  • Pearl Harbor

  • Cultural Activities , Luau

Maui - Dec 27 - Jan 2 

Travel: Short flight from Honolulu.  Airport transfers (Or rental Car).  Direct flight to Denver.

Accommodation: Here I am recommending a hotel with beach, adult pools, restaurants, bars, and apartment like rooms.  Shuttles to other beaches and village. 


  • Beach Day

  • Water Sports

  • Hiking, trails, 

  • Markets

  • Visit small towns/beaches

  • National Parks

  • ​Sailing

  • Yoga

  • Snorkel, Scuba Diving

  • Cultural Activities , Luau


As an estimate, the above itinerary would cost around $10,500



  1. Transportation

    1. Direct Flights:

      1. Denver to Honolulu

      2. Honolulu to Maui

      3. Maui to Denver 

    2. Private Airport Transfers

      1. Honolulu (Round Trip)

      2. Maui (Round Trip)

  2. Hotel/Accommodations for 2

    1. 5 nights in airbnb studio apartment in Waikiki

    2. 6 nights in 4 Start Hotel/Villas in Maui

  3. Concierge Services before the trip.

  4. Detailed Information Page for during the trip.

Other Options (Similar Pricing):

Oaxaca City - Oaxaca Beach Town 

  • One Stop Flights. Short internal flight

  • Small Boutique hotell, Villas

  • Activities

    • Oaxaca City : Old Town, Shopping, fine dinning/ great gastronomy, rich culture,Mayan ruins, hikes, Mezcal distilleries/bars, etc

    • Oaxaca Beach: Beach, surfing, kayaking, trails, cultural activities

Costa Rica

Tamarindo - Jaco

  • One Stop Flights. Short internal flight

  • Small hotel, Airbnb

  • Activities:​ Beach, surfing, hiking, volcano, coffee farms. kayaking, trails, waterfalls, national parks.

                                                     THANK YOU

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