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Nicolas' Party

Cartagena / Feb 14-17, 2020

20 - 40 guests

Que hubo pues? 


This is a high-level plan of what your weekend celebration could could potentially be like in Cartagena next year if you let me plan it for you. 

Please take a look and tell me what you think. I am happy to go over this on a call when you are available.



  • Hosted Weekend (3 nights)

  • Colonial House in El Centro Histórico with a pool and open spacious common spaces

    • 20 people staying at the house

    • 20 people in accommodations on their own.  I would provide recommendations and guidance as necessary

    • Maid/cook service (additional help as necessary)

    • Breakfast 

      • For the 20 staying at the house

    • Drinks/mixers/Snacks for the house

      • For everyone when hanging out at the house

      • Cost to be offset to pay for Boat drinks (By nick) 

      • Cost to be offset by people bringing bottle with them from the airport (Duty free)

  • Activities for 40 people

    • Walking Tour (bar and rooftop hopping and street food tasting)

    • Pool Party

    • Island Hopping on Catamaran (Cost of boat not included in price estimate)

      • Ceviche and fresh juices​ for ride 

    • POSSIBLY - Chiva - Party Bus  - I am listing this as optional.  I have reduced costs, ubt still left a bit to cover for at least half of it.  If you decide to do it, maybe you can ask people to chip in a little more ($10 per person) to be able to cover it.  But if you decide against it, we can use that cover things like the house, or maybe drinsk etc. 

  • Host - Me as a the master host and guide ;) 

  • Concierge service before and during the trip. 

Additional Services Upon request

  • Airport transportation

  • Other activities for Sunday Morning



At this moment, we have two options.  You might have seen them both on Airbnb.  Price is technically the same, but they owners as asking a bit more if it is in fact 20 people. 


On Airbnb the costs are up to 16 people, so they are asking about a bit more if in fact we have 20 people.  I am using a number in between for the estimate. the difference is not much, but I feel like I can try to negotiate with them, once I am working with the owner directly if necessary. 





  • Arrivals and welcome drinks at the house 

  • Explore town (Late afternoon - Around Sunset)

    • Walking tour, bar-rooftop hopping, and Street food tasting 

      • Included in price one guide and host, sampling of food and non alcoholic drinks along the way. ​

      • If something is left over, of assigned money, we can use that to buy a platter or apps at the last stop. Which should be a rooftop bar

  • Dinner

    • We can end at a rooftop where people can order food on their own

    • I can make reservations as requested for groups.


  • ISLAND HOPPING! around the Rosario Islands.

    • Cost of food for boat is TBD. As we discussed, Nick you would cover that cost. We will look into options later. 

    • I am happy to continue to coordinate things with the Catamaran team you have already contacted.  Things like drinks, lunch stop options, etc. 

  • Free Night

  • Dinner

    • People can grab food on their own. 

    • I can make reservations upon request. 

  • People can continue the party if desired. 

    • I could help organize/make reservations at different places if desired upon request


  • Free morning (Recovery morning)  

    • I can have a list of options for activities guests can reserve if they want (Mud Volcano, market tour, coffee workshop, etc.)

    • Others can take the morning to explore and shop on their own.  

  • Pool Party - Starting around 3PM.  It's your party. Let's celebrate 

    • Included in price DJ, and maybe live music to get things started. 

    • Drinks and finger food also included.  

  • Chiva - Party Bus  (Optional)

    • Drinks and entertainment onboard would be included

  • Dinner

    • I can make reservations for guests upon request


  • Departures - Private transportation to the airport. 

Other options for activities


  • Market tour - Get a guided tour of the local "Mercado". Bazurto is a local market, raw, large, and full of local folklore and flavor. Definitely an experience.  This activity would be in the morning.

  • Mud Volcano - Like 45 min from the city there is a "mud volcano", where you can bath. It is suppose to be good for your skin. It is not for everyone, but also an unique and fun experience.  This can be morning, or early afternoon. 

  • Cooking Class

  • History Bike Tour

  • Salsa Dancing Class 

  • Rum Tasting

  • Horse back riding  

  • Coffee Roasting Workshop and tasting - Learn about coffee, roast your own, and taste some of the best.  This is near the house. 

  • Anything else in mind? Let me know. I will make it happen. 

  • Check out our Cartagena guide for additional information 


For the program as described above, the cost would be:

  • $12000 total for 40 people

    • $10,600 to be paid by those in the house.

      • This is about ($540 x 20) 

      • This will include: 

        • Guided tour (sampling included)

        • Accommodation

        • Breakfast, snacks and drinks at house​

        • Pool Party (Music, finger food, drinks) 

        • Tambien puedes decirles que ayuda a cubrir gastos del catamaran, drinks, etc)

        • Half of Chiva Cost, or some extra for other costs ($200)

        • Concierge services if needed to help organize anything else.

    • $1400 to be paid by those not staying in the house.

      • This is about ($70 x 20 - about 210,000 pesos)

      • This will contribute to:

        • ​Guided tour (Sampling included)

        • Drinks at the house when they visit

        • Pool Party (Music, finger food, drinks) 

        • Tambien puedes decirles que ayuda a cubrir gastos del catamaran, drinks, etc)

        • Half of Chiva Cost, or some extra for other costs ($200)

        • Concierge services if needed to help organize anything else.

    • NOTE:  As an estimate, Maybe share for those staying in the house total is $550.  Just in case there are less than 20 at the house and we need to cover expenses.  Anything extra will help. 

    • NOTE:  You can also present the cost by room. Maybe there are people you know could/would pay more.  Also maybe you can decide to pay out of your pocket any differences in order to give a better price:

      • House One - 8 Rooms - ​$1325 per Room 

        • All rooms have one double and one singles bed (3 people per room) 

      • House Two - 9 Rooms - $1178 per room

        • 2 rooms with capacity for 2 people (One double Bed) - 

        • 3 rooms with capacity for 3 people (One double, one single)

        • 4 rooms for capacity for 4 people (Two Queen Beds)

    • I could create similar pages for you to show the guests. One page for those staying at the house, and one for those who will only participate in the activities. 

    • Final price would be revised based on total number of guests

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