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some options for you

Hello again, 

just a quick show of some options for you. Let me know what you think



Option Two is honestly the best option out there right now I think, plus I am getting a good offer on the boat.

  • Option Two with private boat to go island hopping - $690

  • Option Two and day pass at a resort (Private and beautiful place in islands but on their schedule. Return at 3 PM, lunch included) - $550

    • This price includes a nice resort option. We can go nicer or a bit cheaper. if interested, I can show you options. ​

  • Option Two with private car to drive you to Playa Blanca (More flexible schedule, you pay your own lunch and drinks) -  $460

    • Here, you would walk along the beach and pick where you would like to stay throughout the day. We provide the nice car and driver for you.  


  • Option Two has a room with a king size bed, for $50 more total

  • Option One would be $90 more total. 

  • Shuttle from Tayrona to Cartagena $62 total (10am pick up)

  • Fresh white fish ceviche, 2 Litters of water, and freshly made juices to drink (or for cocktails) to enjoy while island hopping $30

Types of resort available. They all include transportation and lunch.  Some also welcome drinks

(Click for brief description, total price) 

Some additional options for activities in case you are interested

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