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Cartagena Retreat 

september 2019

Thursday to Sunday (3 nights)

12 guests



We wanted to share with our first proposal for your retreat to beautiful Cartagena this summer.  We hope this helps continue the discussion and define the plan. 

Please take a look and let us know your initial reactions, questions, comments. We'd be happy to go over this or answer questions anytime. 


  • 12 guests in Cartagena

  • One house located in the old colonial part of town

  • Airport shuttles in Cartagena (12 roundtrip included)

  • Group Activities - The following are the ones we are suggesting, and currently included in estimate

    • History Bike Tour or Walking Tour 

    • Horse Carriage ride around colonial town

    • Island Hopping on private boat

    • Salsa Dance class in the house

    • Entry fee to trendiest salsa dance club in the city

  • Maid/cook service 

  • Breakfast

  • Drinks/mixers/Snacks for the house

  • One full time host, responsible to ensure things go as planned and smoothly

  • Concierge service before and during the trip - Assistance with suggestions and reservations at restaurants, bars, clubs, etc., as needed.

    • Consumption at restaurants and bars is not included in estimate.  If you would like to host some or all of the meals/drinks, we'd be happy to present proposals for that well. 



After taking a look at multiple options, we have found a perfect place for the retreat. A gorgeous colonial home, with large open spaces, multiple lounging areas, gardens, and large beautiful rooms. 

  • 15 bedrooms/ 16 baths

    • 9 rooms with queen bed

    • 2 rooms with double bed

    • 4 rooms with two single beds ​

  • Two pools

  • Rooftop and Gardens

  • Great location in Old Town.

  • Fully Staffed



We are planing for 3 nights, Thursday to Sunday, but can also plan for different days and different number of nights if desired.


Thursday - Arrivals

  • Private shuttles to the house

  • Welcome drinks at the house

  • Dinner reservation

  • Horse Carriage rides for an hour around Old Town after dinner. Pick up at restaurant. 



  • Early Morning - Bike or Walk tour : Exploring the beauty and history of Cartagena

  • Late Afternoon - Salsa dance Class at the house

  • Dinner Reservation

  • After Dinner Salsa dancing: Access to one of the hottest clubs in town, Havana

    • Bottle service not included, but it could be arranged if desired


  • All Day - Island hopping: Cruising around Rosario Islands. Stopping for swimming, snorkeling, and checking out beautiful beaches around the islands.  We will also have drinks, and freshly made juices and ceviche on the boat. 

    • We will stop at a couple of places where people can get their own lunch or we could organize a lunch at one of the stops, and included in the total cost. 

  • Dinner Reservation


  • Private transportation to the airport. 

Other options for activities


  • Market tour - Get a guided tour of the local "Mercado". Bazurto is a local market, raw, large, and full of local folklore and flavor. Definitely an experience.  This activity would be in the morning.

  • Cooking Class

  • Rum Tasting

  • Coffee Roasting Workshop and Tasting - Learn about coffee, roast your own, and taste some of the best.  This is near the house. 

  • Street food tasting/bar-rooftop hopping  (Mid Afternoon- Sunset)​

  • Chiva (Party bus) - Traditional Colombian Party bus. Open, and with life music on board. Some drinks included

  • Mud Volcano - Like 45 min from the city there is a "mud volcano", where you can bath. It is suppose to be good for your skin. It is not for everyone, but also a unique and fun experience.  This can be morning, or early afternoon. 

  • Anything else in mind? Let us know. We can make it happen. 

  • Check out our Cartagena guide for additional information 


We can offer the above plan  with everything listed in the summary for about $22,900.  It is Important to highlight this is an estimate. Final cost would depend on final number of nights, available accommodations, number of guests, selected activities, etc.  Nevertheless, this number provides a good idea of what the trip could cost. 

  • With the above property, we can add up to 3 more guests (one per room) for a cost of $500 each. This estimate accounts for one person per room. We could add for the same amount:

    • Up to 7 more people, for a total of 19 guests (one person per bed)

    • And even 11 additional guests in the double beds

  • We can schedule more or less activities, change the ones we listed, and even create news ones upon request 

  • We could also offer the same plan, in smaller houses (13 rooms max, smaller lounge areas, etc.) for about $3500 less.   

Possible Nest Steps 

  1. Collect Feedback and questions

  2. Confirm dates, and number of guests

  3. Select accommodation and activities

  4. Revise and finalize plan

  5. Collect 50% downpayment to confirm reservation.


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