​Ursula Hosting, 2019

argentina / 8 nights

(nov 16 - nov 24) 

Hello Again, 

I present to you two estimates for the trip to Argentina.  High level numbers meant to give you very possible cost scenarios. Numbers that allow you to consider budget options and can help us determine a total everyone would feel comfortable with.   


In other words, I hope seeing this numbers help you 1) confirm the group is doing the trip, 2) decide on number of nights (8 vs. 7) , and 3) determine a budget I can work with.

First, the estimated costs include:


  • 8 nights in Argentina for 6 people

    • 6 in Buenos Aires​

    • 2 in Mendoza

  • Accommodations - 4 bedrooms with private bathrooms, plus accommodation for your host (me) 

  • Flights round trip between Buenos Aires and Mendoza

  • Transportation

    • Airport shuttles in Buenos Aires (Up to two)

    • Airport transportation in Mendoza 

  • 5 activities / local experiences - things like Tango show night, walking tours, cultural experience, wine tasting, outdoor activity, day trips, etc. Once a budget is agreed upon I will show more detail on options. 

  • Drinks and snacks at the house

  • Full time host and concierge services before and throughout the trip (reservations, suggestions, etc)

    • Nights out/shows - I would plan nights out, provide suggestions for bars and local night life, and more as requested

    • Lunch/Dinners -  I would suggest, and make reservations for all meals as desired. 

    • Transportation - I would help organize as needed.  Once in Buenos Aires, local mass transportation  systems and services like Uber and local taxis are easy to use as well.

Second, I would like to highlight these estimates are totals (not individual cost) and reflect what I believe can be the minimum and maximum cost. This range reflects differences in housing options in Buenos Aires (size, location, decor, pool vs. no pool, etc) 

Finally, after taking a firs look at possible accommodation and activities, I can estimate we are looking at:

  • A maximum cost of $12,900 (or $269 per person/per night) if we choose a house in Buenos Aires like the one below. Large and very spacious; with a swimming pool and jacuzzi, modern and and located in trendy area of the city.

  • A minimum cost of $9700 (or $200 per person/per night) if we choose a house in Buenos Aires like the one below.  A more vintage style, spacious but smaller, no pool, located in the historic center of the city. Not as a trendy area but still very touristic and charming.

  • We could spend about $1300 (or $27 less per person/per night)  less if we don't do Mendoza, and stay in Buenos Aires the entire time .  Instead we would do more activities in Buenos Aires, and day trips to places like Colonia (Small colonial town in Uruguay - 1hr ferry ride away) or El Tigre (Venice like area full of canals, shops, restaurants, etc., located to the north of the city) ​

Let me know if there are any questions, comments, decisions.  Once we get everyone on board, I will continue to add details to the plan and options.   We'll tailor this until everyone is completely satisfied.