Buenos aires

6 nights - 2 guests

(Jan 2 - jan 8) 

Hello Again, 

I have prepared this high-level itinerary for you.  These are some options and activities I think you would enjoy in Buenos Aires. Take a look and let me know what you think.


PLEASE remember this is just suggestions at this point. I can remove, add, edit... you get the picture.   


  • 6 nights in Buenos Aires, for 2 people

    • 6 in Buenos Aires​

  • Accommodations - Not included 

  • National Flights - None at this point 

  • Transportation

    • Airport shuttles in Buenos Aires (From and to the Airport)

  • 4 activities / local experiences

    • History Tour in San Telmo (private) (2-3hrs)- It's important to learn history and culture. I have the perfect guide. Nico is knowledgable, and very friendly.  Super interesting guided experience in the old part of the city, San Telmo.  We could include members of Impulse if you want. 

    • Art Walk (2.5 hrs)- I have a super cool and knowledgable guide for this, She is simply fabulous.  Art expert who will take you on a fun walk through Palermo, the hip and artsy neighborhood in Buenos Aires.  The focus would be street art and local art galleries. 

    • Eco Bike Tour (3 hrs)-  This one is highly recommended. There is a full nature reserve in the city, with  tropical birds of many kinds, reptiles, and more. A place not many tourists get to visit and it is simply incredible and beautiful. We start in downtown, bike through Puerto Madero, and then the reserve.  Very completely different parts of the city, all next to each other.  We do this on bikes and guided.  We could make this an impulse event if you want. 

    • North Side Tour (Recoleta) (2-3 hrs)- Another great opportunity to explore the city and learn about its fascinating history.  You will get to see the famous Recoleta cemetery, where Evita rests.  This one I feel like it might not be as interesting for people living in the city, but it can be an option too if you want.

    • Tigre Boat day!! (6-7 hours) (Saturday recommended, 11am)- This one is highly recommended. This has been the highlight so far with other clients. Your own private speed boat with captain, drinks included.  You will get to sail through Tigre, the beautiful delta of the Parana River.  This place is beautiful and unique, plus you will be going during the summer, so perfect experience for speedos!  The captain will . take you . to some of the most interesting places, stop in areas f=perfect rest and swim if you want, stop for lunch and drinks.  Private transportation is included to the port.  ** This is usually too expensive and hard for locals to do, so it might be a good group activity with Impulse, but also very nice for just the two of you romantic :) .

    • NOTE: I am adding photos and videos for most of these below, take a look 

  • Host and concierge services - Partial 

    • Nights out/shows - I will help you with reservations and suggestions for shows and night life (tango shows, bars, clubs, etc) Use me daddy ;)

    • Lunch/Dinners -  I would suggest, and make reservations for meals as desired. I am happy to recommend some of my favorites and help you organize outings with the Impulse Team.  

    • Transportation - I would help organize as needed.  Once in Buenos Aires, local mass transportation  systems and services like Uber and Cabify and local taxis are easy to use as well, but I can also organize private for you as needed. 


Please note:

  • I would like to highlight this is an estimate based on the 5 activities I am recommending.  

  • This is the price for just the two of you.

  • If you wanted to make it an Impulse event let me know, I will look into prices for more people.  It would not be too much more in most cases, and in some cases there might be no increase on cost if we are talking about just a couple of people, etc.   

  • If you just want some of these, let me know and I will adjust price accordingly

  • We can also do some not private to save money if desired. You would just join groups we have already scheduled.  


Estimate cost: 

  • $995 Total for these 5 private activities. 


Let me know if there are any questions, comments, decisions.  I'll tailor this until you and your beu are completely satisfied.