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Brenda and Sissy do Havana

January 16-21, 2019

Hello Ladies, 

Again thank you for considering working with me to plan out such important celebration :)

Habana truly is one of my favorite destinations!! and can't wait to show it to you


So this is a very high level summary, just to show you what kind of trip I could put together, and  give you a sense of pricing, types of accommodations, activities, etc. 

If you like it, then I would work with you to tailor all details, secure the house you like before someone else does (busy season) and come up with activities you will enjoy. 


  • I am finding some good options, in different locations, and different prices. Here I am listing three examples of actual homes available for those dates right now.

Sample One - Old town 

  • This one is a large home in old town. Renovated but still with charm, tons of space, large terrace, and walking distance to many of the main locations in old town.

  • This one has more rooms than what we were looking for, but it is a great deal. Not only price, but also because it is hard to find large homes like this one, in this condition, in the old part of the city. There are 4 rooms with king or double bed, and 4 with two twins ( I need to confirm if the twins can be together to form a new king)

  • All bedrooms have an assigned bathroom, AC, small fridge, and TV

Option Two - Modern Home in Miramar 

  • This house is big, beautiful, modern, has all the amenities even some weights, 24/7 security, and even internet (which almost no house in Havana has). This house even has a pool and view of the ocean. 

  • You would ask what's wrong then? well nothing is wrong, but it is a bit further out. Still within the city but not walking distance to old town, and in a newer side of the city.  Still this is a very nice area, near to some new and hip cafes and restaurants, and super close to FAC (Which is the coolest place in town Thursday -Sunday) nights. An art center/club/concert venue/restaurants. All in one. We are definitely going here)

  • We would need to take cars to visit most of the attractions, but we can arrange that. and work some kind of deal. We might need two cars though, so I am guessing between $20 to $40 each way every time we want to go some where else in the city.

  • The most expensive option, but we would be getting a lot more than in the other homes. Not many houses like this one Havana. It might go soon.

  • 6 bedrooms, 6 baths

Option Three - Centro Havana 

  • This one is perhaps the most simple of the options (also the cheapest), but I know personally that is a good option. Very comfortable, good staff, and centrally located. Walking distance to old town, a lot of realness around it, near the famous malecon, etc.

  • This is a three level house. it has a large balcony, and nice terrace. All rooms have AC and bathroom.

  • 5 bedrooms, two living room areas, two dinning rooms areas. 

  • I personally know the lady who would take care of you, she is simply awesome. Great breakfast and service.

  • Good restaurants around the area, and short cab rides to Vedado.

Option Four - Old town Apartment 

  • Two level apartment in the heart of Old Town

  • 5 Bedrooms,  7 beds, 6 baths

  • Well Recommended

Option Five - Apartment in Centro Havana

  • One level apartment in Centro Havana with view of the ocean 

  • 5 Bedrooms, 5 beds, 5 baths

  • Large and comfortable. Beautiful views of the ocean,

​Sample of a possible Itinerary 


Day one

  • Airport Pick up​

  • Depending on arrival time, we could do Once Upon the Time.  Walk the streets of Old Habana with one of our favorite guides. Learn about history, best places to explore, and more.  Route can be influenced by any particular requests you might have. 

  • Night out. We can make reservations at restaurants, and plan night outs at clubs, or bars as desired

Day two

  • Pool during the day

  • Classic Riding. Enjoy the beauty of Habana onboard a beautiful convertible American Classic car late afternoon. This is experience is led by our favorite and most wanted guide (He is pretty hot too). He knows about history and fun facts.  He will take you to multiple points of interest and some of his favorites spots too.  We would need to cars, maybe three. But with multiple stops, so everyone would still get to hang out. 

  • Night out. A lot of options for things to do, places to see

Day Three 

  • Day Trip.  I recommend Viñales. A super cute town two hours from the city with an amazing topography and views. We can go horse back riding, see tobacco and coffee plantations, swim in a lake, etc.  Country side glamour ;)

  • Night out or stay in and enjoy the pool and view. 


Day Four

  • Beach Please (This is recommended for Sunday). A favorite of our clients. We arrange transportation to one of the most beautiful beaches near Habana.  and it's a gay beach. Only 40 minutes aways. We can rent chairs and umbrellas, order drinks and lunch, and have a good old gay time. 

Day Five 

  • Revolution Time.  You can't leave Havana without learning about the revolution that changed its history. We have the perfect guide to take you to the beautiful Museo de la Revolution, one of the most beautiful buildings in Havana.  This is a fun and entertaining way to learn about history. 

  • We can explore that area of the city and grab lunch after. Go shopping for souvenirs, etc. 

  • At night, same we can go out. Find a place for live music and drinks.  

Day Six

  • Departure.


Some Additional Options 

  • Day trips (Additional Value) 

    • to Varadero 

    • to Bahia de Cochinos

    • to Soroa - Terrazas

  • Hemingway Tour

  • Dinner with locals

  • Castle/fortress tour

  • We can coordinate other experiences is you share with us specific interests. 


In addition to accommodation and activities already listed, our packages include:


  • Airport transportation in an American Classic Car

  • Breakfast 

  • Concierge services before and during your trip. We know the city and can recommend and help with reservations at restaurants, shows, and other things to do. We can also help setting up transportation. All of this can be planned in advance and pay through us so you don't have to worry about bringing enough money to Cuba

  • I would be there so I would act as the local contact for all needs and logistics. 

  • Assistance exchanging money at the best rate possible

  • All required paper work to meet US restrictions on travel to Cuba

  • Guides for the city

  • One or two cell phones for us to use 

  • Internet is not free. We need WiFi cards to access it.  I would include one card per person. Each card would last an hour.  I would assist to get more if needed after. 

  • I would include couple bottles of rum, beers, and some wines to get us started, and would assist in getting more once those initial ones are used.

I can offer all of the above, 5 activities per person (if we are doing 5 nights, 10 people) for the following:


  1. Option One : $8000

  2. Option Two : $8500

  3. Option Three: $6500

  4. Option Four: $7325

  5. Option Five: $7450

Please Note:

  • These are estimates for 5 nights/6days, 10 people (Including me as the 10th person)

  • This estimate includes 5 activities per person. Price would change if we want more activities, less, and obviously if there are less people.  

  • We can adjust pricing based on the number of people if/once that changes

  • I can find more places. As mentioned this was just to get us started. 


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