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The traveling brotherhood 

Puerto Vallarta

nov 7-12 (Thursday to Tuesday)


I present to you the first version of a possible trip to Puerto Vallarta with Ursula Hosting.  It's time to get excited!  

This plan is for 5 nights, 10 people.  As dates and number of guests get confirmed, the total can change. 


First a little about Puerto Vallarta...


Puerto Vallarta is a coastal town on the west coast of Mexico, State of Jalisco.  Jalisco is a thriving state with famous cities like Puerto Vallarta, Guadalara, and Tequila! (Correct, where tequila comes from - 4hr drive). 


Puerto Vallarta has seen tremendous growth in the last years/decade and has become a world wide gay destination in the process. The city has a "modern side" where most resorts, large marina,  and hotels are located, closer to the airport, and an older side, more traditional where you can still see the colonial part of town. This is the most gay friendly part of town.  The area where most of the gay establishments are located is called Zona Romantica, and it is located in the south of El Centro.   

Most Hotels, nice houses, and villas with great views in the area are located around this zone, in the hills. I have found some options for accommodations there. Places close enough that you could walk, or at least take a short Uber/taxi ride; specially on the way back.   I have also found couple of options of places closer to the town, also beautiful, with less of impressive views but gorgeous and convenient.  Nevertheless, all options are close to both, the town and the beach. 


I can show you additional options if you are able to spend more money, or lower if you would like to save some as well. 

Another option is to stay at a gay resort in the Romantic zone, near the beach. Rooms are nice, and prices in between these options below. I just figured you rather a private place instead of 3 or 4 rooms in a hotel, but please let me know if that's not the case. 


Private Apartment in Hotel/Condo Building - 4 bdr/4.5 bth - $8,950

  • One of the newest properties in the area. Condos and vacation rentals. Building has multiple pools, bar, and 2 restaurants.  You can order room service or dine in restaurants.

  • 4 Bedrooms / 4.5 bathrooms

    • Master bedroom - One King size bed​

    • Other rooms - Two Queen beds 

  • Located about 15 minute walk (downhill) to the town and gay beach.  There is a small beach right next to the hotel.  Easy to walk down, and also easy to order Ubers or taxis specially when heading back since it is uphill.   

  • Breakfast not included, but prices are good at the restaurant and you can order room service.

  • I have stayed there my self. Service is good. Rooms and bathrooms are comfortable. 

Villa in the Heart of Old Town - 5 bdr/6 bath - $8,850

  • Beautiful villa in private condominium inside the town (small hill).  Multiple levels, balconies, and living rooms. Small Jacuzzi/no pool.  

  • 5 Bedrooms / 6 bathrooms

    • 3 Master bedrooms - All with King size bed​ and master bathrooms

    • Small Room - 2 single beds

    • Small Room - 4 single beds 

  • Located  less than two blocks from beach and main part of town.  

  • Maid is included.  She will clean once, and is available to make breakfast or group meals if requested.  You would just need to pay for food, extra time.

    • I can negotiate breakfast price with them, and include in final price if you like this property.

Entire Villas - Private Homes With Pool/Views​ - 5bdr/5bth -  $11,450

  • These are big houses, with large spaces, large pool, classically decorated.   They come with staff ready to pamper you. They will also cook up to two meals per day for the entire group. Family style (Cost of food not included). I am including both since although they offer similar amenities, they are quite different.

    • Same as previous, I can negotiate menu and price for at least breakfast and include it in th​e final cost.  You can plan the second meal as you desire with them. 

  • House One - 1 - 12 Photos

  • House Two -  13 - 25 Photos

  • Both houses have 5 Bedrooms / 5 bathrooms

    • All rooms have king size beds

  • Both houses are located vey close to the gay beach (Los Muertos) and a short walk to the town. 

​Suggested Itinerary


These are some of the activities I recommend. Take a look and let me know what you think, or if you have others in mind:


  • Arrivals

  • Check into the house - Drinks and pool

  • Dinner out in the town - bar hopping 


  • Morning - Physical activity and nature 

    • Hike - jungle, river, waterfalls, or ​

    • Hike - jungle, hidden beach , or 

    • Biking around Sierra Madre, or 

    • Stand paddle -  Morning time/snorkeling ( or around sunset/chance to see bioluminescent caves)   

  • Free Afternoon - Explore the town. Shopping. Pool. Beach  


  • Private Yacht !! - Have your own boat to explore near by beaches and islands. 


  • Gay Beach Club Day

    • 4 Cabanas (10 People) by the pool


  • Free Day. Recovery day, beach, pool, Explore colonial town. 


  • Departures



This plan is for 5 nights/6 days, 10 people.  As detailed above, this package includes: 


  • Airport pick up and drop off

    • Two shuttles. Up to 5 people each.  We can rearrange once we have confirmed numbers and flight details 

  • Accommodations for 5 nights

    • 5 nights in Puerto Vallarta - Multiple options. See options for prices.

  • Maid service - In some locations

  • Breakfast included - in some locations

  • Activities 

    • Outdoors physical activity

      • Hike - Jungle, river, waterfall

      • Let me know if the others sound more interesting to you. 

    • Private yacht and crew. 46 ft. 6 hours total

      • We can look into larger or smaller boats, more or less time. ​

    • Beach Club - 4 cabanas

      • We can remove cabanas, look into just chairs or remove completely and you decide the day off

  • Concierge services before and during your trip.  I will be your concierge before the trip, and assist during the trip virtually as necessary.  You could also have access to concierge assistance through the accommodation staff.

  • Drinks and snacks at the house.  

Like before, the type of accommodation and activities you choose will determine the final cost. Let me know what you think; questions, comments, special requests, etc. 


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