​Ursula Hosting, 2019

barcelona with ursula

12 guests

Thursday, May 21st to Sunday, May 31st  

(10 nights)

Hello darlings

I have created this high-level plan to kick off the planning of your extravaganza party in Barcelona. Here I hope you can find details necessary to get the conversation started with your guests on what to do,  where to stay and costs.  


I will continue to add information, based on your inputs.  Also,  as plans get defined, I will add all details you will need to plan for the trip!  

Take your time going through this and let me know if you have any questions. Remember I can add, remove, and overall edit anything here, until you are fully satisfied.  

Package Details - what's included

  • Accommodations for 10 nights,  12 people

    • 7 nights in Barcelona

    • 3 nights in Sitges

  • Activities

    • 3 in Barcelona

    • 1 in Sitges

  • Snacks and drinks in the house

    • Fruits, breads, and other snacks available in the house throughout the week, for guests to have and enjoy whenever they want.  NOTE: Breakfast would be hard to coordinate at these places, would increase budget too much, and based on my experience, it would not be as practical for a group this size because people are gonna want to party late and sleep in.  ​

      • We could make reservations once or twice if you want for the group to have brunch, etc.  each person can pay for that. 

    • For drinks, wine, vodka, and tequila with mixers available at the house. That way guests can have cocktails whenever they want! 

  • Concierge and hosting services before and during your trip.

    • Coordination of not only the activities we agreed on, but everything else you might need.  reservations, suggestions for additional activities, shows, transportation, etc. Anything you want.  

    • Private host personally making sure everything goes smooth, ​provide directions, and even serve as a guide whenever we don't have activities planned. This way the. bday boy can be a diva and doesn't need to worry about anything.   

    • Guidance - List of options for bars, restaurants, extra activities, etc. Guidance everyone can use as they please. 

Proposed Itinerary


  1. May 21st (Thursday)

    • Arrivals 

    • Reservation for group dinner

    • Suggestions for night life

  2. May 22nd (Friday) 

    • Walking tour of the city - Best  way to be introduced to the city and learn basic awareness for the next days in town! We can have different focuses, based on your preference:

      • City tour - main landmarks

      • Art walk - some of the main sites for art, artsy neighborhoods, etc

      • Secrets of Barcelona - A twist on the regular tour, this one focuses more on places not as known of the city, or history of certain neighborhoods, etc. Departing Monday mid afternoon​

  3. May 23rd (Saturday)

    • Free Day - I will have recommendations for places to explore, things to do

    • We can plan a fun dinner that night, and have options for night life of all types. 

  4. May 24th (Sunday) 

    • Sailing in the Mediterranean Sea - Fabulous day at sea. Get your speedos ready cause you will be on a private sail boat, living your best life. Drinks, and snacks included as we sail and enjoy the sun for few hours. 

  5. May  25th (Monday) 

    • Free Day - I will have recommendations for places to explore, things to do.

    • Reservation for group dinner

  6. May 26th (Tuesday) 

    • Wine Tour / Castle -  Just what you imagine. Your very own private tour of wineries, ending in . a beautiful little castle where you can taste wine  and enjoy tapas to go with it. Another fabulous day a great chance to wear your chic cute outfit!. This includes the owners as our guides,  private transportation, tastings and tapas... You are welcome ;) 

  7. May 27th (Wednesday )  ​

    • Free Day - Last change to explore the city,  see museums, do some shopping, etc. I will have recommendations for places to explore, things to do. 

    • Reservation for group dinner

  8. May 28th (Thursday) 

    • Travel day to Sitges! pack your bags and lets go to the gay beach town. Trip will be on train, less than an hour

    • We will get to the house, unpack, go grab lunch

    • Sitges Gay Tour - Let's have a local give us a  tour of the town, learn about its history, gay importance, and key landmarks. They will also give the group maps and tips for the best gay time! 

    • Beach and drinks after

  9. May 29th-May 30 (Friday and Saturday)

    • Beach, drinks, gay gay gay. Everyone go and have fun :)

  10. May 31st (Sunday)

  • Departures - I will help coordinate guests' departure times and transportation to leave that day. Everything needed to make sure things go smoothly that day.  

Other Popular Options:

  • Paella!! There are options to have a paella dinner,  pared with sangrias and wine. They can also . be a class. 

  • Bike tours in the city

  • Bar crawls

  • Food specific tours/cooking classes


Recommended accommodations based on location, number of rooms, and pricing.  They are all central, walking distance from city centers and areas of interest (gay centers), they all have enough rooms for at least 2 people per room, they all . look very comfortable, and come highly recommended.  


There were not many options for a group this size, but these two meet the initial criteria. 

Barcelona - Option One

  • Gorgeous apartment with 6 bedrooms, and  5.5 bathrooms

  • Centrally located. Close to gay areas, many  restaurants, cafes, bars, and landmarks.

Barcelona - Option Two

  • This is larger more elegant options. It is more expensive, but also come with more amenities, lounge areas, rooms, etc. 

  • This one is a house, 9 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, large living  room/play  room, terrace.  
  • It is located in one of the  nicest areas of the city, still very central although taxis/subway might be needed more often to avoid long walks.  


  • This is a large and very  comfortable home. Perfect for large groups, and just blocks from the toen . center. 

  • This place has 5 bedrooms, and 4.5 bathrooms. 

  • Sitges larger houses are located outside town, 10-15 minutes away in taxi so I believe this  option . is better as it is located centrally.   

    • If you want something more majestic, with private large pools, I have a couple of options. They  would be just outside city center and about $3300 more total. 

    • Another option would be to just stay in a hotel. There are some options where we can get multiple rooms, people could get the rooms themselves also. 
    • It is cheaper overall for everyone stay in a house,  but cost of package would look more economic we don't include this. Let me know if interested and I can look into that. 

Some Available Flight Options

From Chicago

  • Overall 

    • All flights are overnight

    • Wednesday departure required to arrive on. Thursday. 

  • Non-Stop Flights (8.5 to 10hrs)

    • Starting at $915 for roundtrip non-stop (Iberia /. British Airways / American)

      • 10:00 PM Departure time on Wednesday, May 20th

      • 3:30 PM Departure time on Sunday, May 31st

  • One Stop Flights (12-13hrs)

    • Best starting at $825 (Lufthansa, Swiss, Are Lingus) 

    • Multiple times

From Los Angeles

  • Overall 

    • All flights are overnight

    • Wednesday departure required to arrive on. Thursday. 

  • Non-Stop Flights (10hrs)

    • Starting at $1250 for roundtrip non-stop (Norwegian)

      • 8:30 PM Departure time on Wednesday, May 20th

      • 3:00 PM Departure time on Sunday, May 31st

  • One Stop Flights (14-19hrs)

    • Starting at $850 (Multiple) 

      • Multiple times

From San Francisco 

  • Overall 

    • All flights are overnight

    • Wednesday departure required to arrive on. Thursday. 

  • Non-Stop Flights

    • Available only outbound (May 20) for these dates

      • Starting at $1050 (Norwegian)

      • 3:30 PM Departure time on Wednesday, May 20

      • Multiple times for Return flight​

  • One Stop Flights (14 - 22 hrs)

  • Best starting at $770 (KLM, Swiss) - Multiple times (14-15 hrs  average)

  • Cheapest starting at $650 (Swiss, Air Canada, Lufthansa) -  14-26 hrs

From San Diego 

  • Overall 

    • All flights are overnight

    • Wednesday departure required to arrive on. Thursday. 

  • Non-Stop Flights

    • Not Available

  • One Stop Flights (14 - 26 hrs)

    • Best starting at $1200 (British Airways) - Multiple times (14-15 hrs  average)

    • Cheapest starting at $900 (Alaska Airline - LEVEL) -  19-26 hrs