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buenos aires / mendoza

options with Ursula Hosting 


Thank you for the opportunity to tell you a little more about how we can support your trip in Argentina. 

This is very high level, but I hope it provides you a good idea of options, prices, etc. 


Please have in mind, that we tailor our offerings to our clients.  We can add, change, remove, combine... you get the idea.   If you see something you like, but the price is too high, or your budget allows for something better, please let me know. We can modify it, find another option or vendor, etc.   

This is a living document. We could continue to modify things, based on your preferences, until you are completely satisfied.  

First, I will show you a small plan/program I have created for you.  Take a look and tell me what you think.  Hopefully you will like everything I am proposing.  But if you don't, let me know and I can modify. 

This plan is to cover some activities in BA, airport transfers, trip to Mendoza, accommodations in Mendoza and activities in Mendoza:

  • Buenos Aires

    • Airport transfers​ 

      • Shuttle when arriving in BA

      • Shuttle when departing to Mendoza

      • Shuttle when Returning from Mendoza

      • Shuttle when departing back to the US

    • Activities  

      • History Walking Tour (Private - Up to three people) - In San Telmo (Colonial/Old Town).  Very informative and fun.  This one can be in the mornings. ​(Approx 3 hrs)

      • Gay Night out (Private - Two people) - Our local socialite is super welcoming and friendly. He will first introduce you to the culture with a drink, and then take you to check out fun bars in Palermo, where he will invite you couple of drinks and some local snacks to try.  Then he will take you to dinner (Argentinians dine late) to the best drag dinner show in town. This place is famous and usually has some surprises... (gogo boys).  In addition, you will get passes to two gay clubs, if you want to continue the party.  (7PM to ... ) 

      • Tango Dinner Show (Three people) -  Show in one of the most popular shows in the city. You would enjoy a three course meal, open wine, water, beers, and a fun sexy show.  Included transportation to the show as well. 

        • NOTE: This one is a good show. Big, popular. If you would like something more intimate and off the beaten path let me know. 

        • NOTE: For the estimate, I am using the most economic option. The offer better options (better seating, extras like classes before the show, etc) from anywhere between $37 to $150 more total.

      • Additional Options - We can offer you other options if you want to change or add to the list:

        • Cooking class​

        • Tango night

        • Bike ride through the city natural reserve park

        • Walking tours of the north part of the city 

        • Gay Tango Classes

        • Trip to El Tigre (Navigate through the canals) 

        • Trip to Colonia (Uruguay) 

        • and more... 

  • Mendoza

    • Flights

      • Flights to and from Mendoza for three people. 

      • Leaving early Thursday (to enjoy the whole day) and retuning Saturday mid afternoon (so you won't need to wake up too early and be able to enjoy the morning)

      • We can choose earlier schedules for Saturday., which might be also cheaper. 

    • Airport transfers​

      • Shuttle when arriving Mendoza

      • Shuttle when departing to Mendoza

    • Accommodation (Two Nights)

      • Stay at a beautiful small country style hotel (See photos below)

      • I recommend staying in Chacras. A charming and artsy town right outside the city (10m drive). You can walk the town, check out restaurants, cafes, wineries, and even some breweries.  You can easily catch a cab to go into the city if you want to check it out.

      • For the estimate I proposing a "cabaña". This is like an apartment with two rooms (queen and double bed), one bath. Available only in some options.  

        • NOTE: We can have also reserve two separate rooms (king bed) for just $60 more total. ​

    • Breakfast 

    • Activities 

      • Wine tasting day (about 8 hrs minimum) - UPDATED _ PLEASE SEE ITINERARY BELOW

      • We would like to take you to some of our favorite wineries, invite to try some traditional and delicious snacks on the way, and show the beauty of the region along the way.  This experience includes the transportation (small private car), driver, and guide/translator, insurance. You would only need to pay for your lunch, and the tastings you want to do (there are different types but prices are usually between $5 to $10) ​. This one would need to be on Friday.

        • NOTE: We can have a cheaper option, if you would rent your own car.  We would have our driver and translator meet you at the rental place, and help you with process. ​It's easy and quick. 

        • NOTE: We could have a more refined option as well, with a larger car of your choosing. 

      • Mountain Tour (Approx 4 hours) - ADDED

      • Thursday we could get you another activity, or you can explore Chacras or the city center on your own. 

      • Other Activity to consider would be:

        • Horseback riding with "asado" and wine dinner at the end ​

        • Day trip to visit landmarks in the Andes near the city

        • Hiking 

  • Concierge services - Our packages include full concierge services to personalize your trip throughout. 

    • Additional Activities - Help with additional activities you might be interested in while in Buenos Aires (suggestions, planning)

    • Nights out/shows - Planning for nights out, or suggestions for breweries, cocktail bars, local night life, and more upon request.

    • Lunch/Dinners -  Suggestions and reservations to some of the best restaurants in town, as desired. 

    • Transportation - I would help organize additional private transportation if needed.  Local mass transportation systems and services like Uber and local taxis are easy to use, but in case you want to pre-schedule. 

Please have in mind, the cost estimates are totals, not individual cost. They will be updated based on your choices.    

More info on Mendoza/Accommodation  

  • Mendoza area is beautiful.  The mountains (Andes), the wine, the people, the food, the wineries... the list goes on. I believe the best area to stay is Chacras de Coria.  This is about 10 min drive from Mendoza downtown. It is a beautiful town you can walk. Full with art galleries, coffee shops, restaurants, small wineries, and even beer breweries, with wineries a short walk or bike ride away. 

    • If you want to visit the center of Mendoza for dinner or a visit, it would be just a short car ride. Hotel staff could help you get a car, or you can also use Uber. 

  • For accommodation, I am recommending a good and comfortable hotel.  This one embraces the local landscape and offer all amenities, with open spaces, swimming pool, breakfast, and more.  

    • NOTE:  I can also look for something more simple, or more luxurious. 

  • For this estimate, I am including two nights in a Cabaña -  Breakfast included.

Itinerary in the upcoming days​

Wednesday, August 28

  • Tango Night (Madero)

    • 08:00 PM to 08:30PM - This is the time period the shuttle service ​will come get you.  Please be ready. They have your name and plan to ask for you at the front desk so you don't need to wait at the lobby if you prefer to wait in the room. 

    • 08:30 PM to 10:00 PM - Dinner 

    • 10:20 PM - Show begins 

    • Shuttles will be ready to take you back to the hotel after the show. 

Thursday, August 29 

  • Flight to Mendoza 

    • 05:25 AM - Driver will be at the hotel to drive you to the Aeroparque.  Airport within the city, 15 to 20 minutes away. ​

    • Please use information sent to check in online. 

    • Flight should be about 1hr and 40min

  • Mendoza

    • 08:40 AM - Expected arrival . The weather right now is lovely in Mendoza. 

    • Driver will be waiting for you to drive you to your hotel, Jardin de Piedras, in Chacras de Coria. About a 30 min drive

    • Once you are at the hotel, you could walk around the town, explore it for a bit and maybe grab lunch or late breakfast.  This is a small gorgeous town you can explore by foot. 

  • Mountain Tour

    • TIME TBD - Approx 2PM /4hrs- ​Daiana will be your guide while in Mendoza, She and the driver will come to get you and take you on this fun activity. This will be about an hour outside the city; far enough to start appreciating the beauty of the Andes around Mendoza. Your guide will make sure to show the beauty of the region, great places for photos, and share information of the area 

  • Free Evening


Friday, August 30

  • Wine Tasting Experience (Apprx 7 hours)
    • 09:30 AM - Our guide and driver will be ready to pick you and take around the wine route. A beautiful area of the Mendoza region​ where you can find some of the best bodegas and views of the wine country.  We will take you to see different types of bodegas (Large, family operated) where you can try different types of wine, as well as learn about the process of making wine, local traditions, the families, the history. 

    • I was able to get Daiana for your tour. She is simply amazing. Very knowledgable.  Together we put together an itinerary for you.  Taking into consideration your inputs, like Bodegas that have sweet wines so your mother can enjoy the tasting too.  

    • In addition to the tastings, we are showing other sites in the area and taking you to lunch to a secret restaurant in the Maipu area. This is a place only few know about. Small and intimate. The chef will be attending you personally and serving you local favorites.  You will leave happy, and full! 

    • I was able to workout the inclusion of the tastings and the lunch for you into the estimate without having to increase the total much (Please see below). You won't need to worry about spending too much money or paying for tastings or food anymore,  

      • We still recommend bringing cash to buy wine (as not everywhere takes credit card) and also for tips. 

    • Also, we have four bodegas on the itinerary, but you can work with Daiana if you would like to instead visit the wine museums, or go to the factory of olive oil I had mentioned. These would be changes to the plan if you desire. I will connect you with Daiana so you can discuss and plan accordingly. 

  • Free Evening

Saturday, August 31

  • Free Morning
  • Departure to Buenos Aires
    • 01:15 PM - Driver will be ready to pick you up and drop you off at the airport about an hour before the flight.
      • Please indicate if you would like a different time. ​
    • 02:55 PM - Flight to Buenos Aires
    • 04:30 PM - Expected Arrival. Driver will be ready to pick you up and take you to your hotel
      • Please confirm address of your accommodation for Saturday night.​
  • Night Out in Buenos Aires
    • 07:30 PM - Meet Brian, your host for the evening, at Plaza Vicente Lopez, in Recoleta.  He is going to take advantage of the good weather and invite you to try some mate with him while he do introductions and tell you a bit more about his city, Argentinian social tips, and more, from there you will venture into Palermo to explore a bit the bar scene in the city (Moms approved)

    • You will then head to dinner as mentioned to a drag dinner show,  This will be a lot of fun. Dinner is included.  They have performances by the drag queens, and also a stripper show.  It is all in good fun, and there are usually women in the audience who love the show.  But please be aware dancers can end up showing everything, and dancing along the tables. Argentina can be pretty liberal, we hope so is your mom.   After the show, you guys can play it by ear. Brian will be happy to guide you and show you around some more. 

      • ​Included in the plan: local host, dinner, some drinks at the bars, mate and alfajores (picnic), dinner, transportation (Subway), and ticket to gay club after.
    • Please let me know if you decide this is not for your mom and we need to make any changes. ​

Additional Options for Mendoza

  • Mendoza City Private Tour (Apprx 4 hrs)- Pick you up at the hotel and take you to some of the main areas of the city (Plazas, old town) and  city landmarks, while sharing with you about its history, fun facts, etc.  The tour would end in the best rooftop of the city where you can enjoy the view and a cocktail.  ($75)

    • This can be Thursday afternoon or Saturday morning ​

  • Montaña (Mountain) Private Tour (Apprx 4 hrs) -  Pick you up at the hotel and take you on a beautiful drive outside the city to see the beginning of the Andes, and important sites in the area.  This will be about an hour outside the city; far enough to start appreciating the beauty of the Andes around Mendoza. Your guide will make sure to show the beauty of the region, great places for photos, and share information of the area  ($90) ADDED

    • This can be Thursday afternoon or Saturday morning ​

  • You can also rent bikes and go wine tasting to small bodegas in the area around Chacras, check out breweries. Or simply spend time exploring this picturesque and artsy town.

  • You can also grab a car or Uber on your own and head to the center of the city.  It is cute, there is a paseo, and some stores. but it is a little hard to navigate on your own, or just walking since the main sites are located across the city.  

After adding the mountain tour, your mom to the Gay night plan, plus the tastings and lunch during the wine tour, we are now looking at an outstanding balance of $220  ( I did some magic)  

To have in mind: The cost before was at $2049​, and only $1947 after the 5% discount we give to the readers of the Nomadic Boys. 


Let me know if you would like to do any of the additional private tours, to update outstanding balance and send invoice.   


Let me know if you have any questions, comments, etc.  decisions. 

BELOW some photos from Buenos Aires, Mendoza, and Colonia, taken during our trips. Enjoy them! 


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