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Argentina with ursula hosting
Jan 18 - Feb 15, 2023
May 20, 2022

Hello Walter, 

I present to you the first version of the plan for your trip to Argentina with Ursula Hosting.  This is a summary of activities and services we can provide, including hotels we can arrange for you. 

I have created this first draft based on your input, and I will continue to edit it and build it with your feedback. As we start to confirm things,  I will start to include details, links, and more information and photos. 

Please take a look and let me know what you think. 

Proposed Plan:


  • 14 Nights in Argentina (Not including cruise time)

    • 4 nights in Iguazu, Jan 18 - Jan 22

      • We looked at the Belmont Hotel rates, and assuming the room cost is around $3,000, we would like to offer an option located in the Argentina side that could give more for about the same or less

      • Hotel Loi Suites, ,is a 5-Star hotel built to embrace its surroundings.  We could get you one of the largest suites, with all the amenities and services of a hotel of its rating.   

      • Elegant, lush style. Located only 15 min away from the waterfalls. This hotel is immersed in the subtropical jungle of Iryapú.

      • We can also offer the 5-Star Grand Melia hotel, which which also has waterfall views rom the rooms. This option would be about an additional $1,000 to the final total. Room would be smaller, but it is also a grand option.   ​

    • 5 nights in Mendoza - Jan 22 - Jan 27

      • Jan 22 - 25 - Mendoza City

        • Huentala hotel is a good option. We can save some money with them, and other 4-star hotels in the city.  For now, we are using the online cost in Huentala for a double suite with the breakfast option included to estimate the total cost.  If interested in the package, we will compare options and adjust cost based on your decision.   

      • Jan 25 - 27 - Wine Country

        • I would recommend two nights in the wine country so you don't need to rush and can truly enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of the area. 

        • Entre Cielos is one of the best and only a couple others could compare. For now, we are using the online cost of a Superior Double Room for 2 nights, with the breakfast included to estimate the total cost.  If interested in the package, we will compare options and adjust cost based on your decision and number of nights.

        • We could also do 4 stars guest houses in the wine country with beautiful facilities and amenities for half the price if you would like to reduce cost more.

    • 5 nights in Buenos Aires (BA) : Jan 27 - Jan 28, and Feb 11 - Feb 15

      • ​​ ​Intercontinental: I recommend returning the 27th from Mendoza and spending one night in BA before the cruise.  Flying the same day seems a bitt risky.  Many factors can affect the flight.  

  • Flights - All with Aerolineas Argentinas - Economy Plus - One Checked bag included. 

    • BA - Iguazu  (1.75 hr - direct)

    • Iguazu - Mendoza ( 4hr - One Stop in BA)

    • Mendoza - BA (1.5 hr - direct)

  • Airport Transportation

    • Round trip shuttle in all destinations - Drivers will be waiting for you with a sign, and will come looking for you at your hotels before each flight.  

  • Breakfast  

    • Included in all locations

  • Activities/Experiences

    • Iguazu Falls

      • Wednesday, Jan  18th - Arrival: 

        • Free afternoon/Evening to rest from the long flight journey and settled into hotel.

      • Thursday, Jan 19th: 

        • Iguazu Falls Argentina Side (4-6 Hrs)

      • Friday, Jan 20th: 

        • Iguazu Falls Brazil Side (4-6 Hrs)

      • Saturday, Jan  21st: 

        • Day exploring other attractions of the area like the Aviary, the town, and the Itaipu Hydropower Dam (4-6 Hrs)

      • Sunday, Jan 22nd:

        • Travel day. 

  • Mendoza

    • Sunday, Jan 22nd - Arrival:

      • Free afternoon/Evening to rest from the long flight journey and settled into hotel.

    • Monday, Jan 23rd:

      • Winery Tour and tasting (4hrs). We would take you to some of the best "Bodegas" (Wineries) in the world (i.e. Trapiche) to taste some of the best wines we produce.  Transportation, entry and tasting fees, and lunch are included.  

    • Tuesday, Jan 24th: 

      • Aconcagua Trekking (4-6 hrs).  The highest peak in south America is a sight you need to see. A guide will take you on a trek that is easy to do and provides some of the best views of the stunning site. ​ Private, transportation, and guide included.

    • Wednesday, Jan 25th:

      • Winery Tour and tasting (4Hrs). We would take you to some of the best "Bodegas" (Wineries) in the world (i.e. Zuccardi) to taste some of the best wines we produce.  Transportation, entry and tasting fees, and lunch are included. 

    • Thursday, Jan 26th:

      • Free day to enjoy the wine country and its surroundings. ​

    • Friday, Jan 27th:

      • Travel Day.​


  • Buenos Aires

    • Friday, Jan 27th - Arrival

      • Free afternoon to relax and prepare for cruise.

      • Gay Night Experience (4 Hrs)  let us take you on a journey to show you some of the best gay friendly bars in the city (Including one rated as one of the best in the world), and to a show we know it will entertain you.  We hit about 3-4 places, and include 3 drinks per person, entry fee to the show, and make sure to show you where to keep the party going or that you make it home safely.  

        • We could also do this one on Feb 11th when you return. ​

    • Saturday, Jan 28th - Departure

      • Transfer to Cruise terminal

    • Saturday, Feb 11th - Arrival

      • If you are up for it we can take you on a private city tour of the North Side (Hrs).  Recoletta Area, Soho, Palermo, Japanese gardens, and even the Evita Peron Museum could be in the itinerary if you are interested. We would tailor this to your preference and desire. Private, and includes transportation and guide. ​

    • Sunday, Feb 12th:

      • City Tour (South Side) (4 Hrs).  The south side is where most of our history is. Let us show you our past and the beautiful neighborhoods where it continues to show.  We will include a stop at the famous antique market in San Telmo.  Private, and includes transportation and guide.

    • Monday, Feb 13th:

      • Tigre Sailing Experience (5 Hrs)  Have you heard of Tigre? It is our water canals district in the north. A unique and beautiful place. We will take you on a private sailing/cruising experience. We would include wine, apperitives, snacks, and more to make sure you relax, and enjoy the day. ​

    • Tuesday, Feb 14th:

      • Bike tour to the Ecological Reserve (2Hrs). Let's take advantage of your last day to show a different part of the city.    Near your hotel, we will take our time biking around and exploring the beautiful ecological reserve located in the heart of the city. This is a unique place that allows you to escape the city to enjoy the beauty of nature,  but with the best views of downtown.  Truly a unique and must do experience.​

    • Wednesday, Feb 15th - Departure:

      • Transfer to airport. We could also have an activity this day if you prefer.  ​​

  • Additional activities:  We 

  • Full concierge services -  Before and throughout the trip (reservations, suggestions, etc)

    • Additional Activities - Help with additional activities you might be interested in while in any of the destinations. Including suggestions for things to do during free time.   

    • Nights out/shows - Plan nights out, provide suggestions for bars and local night life, and more as requested. I will add names of gay  and gay friendly bars and clubs to the final plan. 

    • Lunch/Dinners -  Suggestions and reservations to some of the best restaurants in town, as desired. 

    • Transportation - I would help organize as needed.  


  1. Accommodations for 2

    • 4 nights in Iguazu - 5 star Hotel​

    • 3 nights in Mendoza City - 4 star Hotel

    • 2 nights in Mendoza Wine Country - 4 star winery hotel

  2. Activities for 2

    • Private tour of Iguazu Falls - Argentina Side​

    • Private tour of Iguazu Falls - Brazil Side

    • Private tour of City, Aviary, and Dam

    • 2 Wine Tasting Experiences at first class wineries (lunch included)

    • Private Aconcagua Trekking 

    • Gay Night Experience

    • 2 City Tours

    • Private Tiger Cruising Experience

    • Private Ecological Reserve Bike Tour

  3. Flights for 2

    • Buenos Aires to Iguazu​

    • Iguazu to Mendoza

    • Mendoza to Buenos Aires

  4. Airport/Cruise Port Transfers

    • Buenos Aires - 5 transfers​

    • Iguazu - 2 transfers

    • Mendoza - 2 transfers

  5. Concierge Services

The Cost

The estimated cost of this packages with everything outlined above included is:


  • $9,799 USD 


  • This estimate is total for both, not individual cost. 

  • As an estimate, as we confirmed hotels, flights, dates, and activities, the total can change. You will approve all changes.

  • We will continue to update the package as desired, and price would be updated accordingly.

  • Our packages do not include insurance. 

Let me know if there are any questions, comments, decisions.  


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